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Two Sods and a Sap. TFP 023

This week, the guys touch on Winnipeg Taxi and it's continued effort in being the biggest shit. Bren is mostly a whiny sap and Mac tries to talk about some things he likes to contrast. Be sure to hit up our Twitter thing @TomfooleryPOD

Duration: 01:28:18

The future of the DCCU rides on Henry Cavill's upper lip. TFP 022

The Trifecta of Try-little comedy is back with broad sweeps of EA, Battlefront 2, Microtransactions and Adrien starts talking about some Game of Thrones mobile game he's playing. Justice League is hot off the docket for what's big in inter nerd fighting culture! We give our thoughts on the film and the double director issue. Will Zack Snyder ever stop getting fans poop all over him? Will DCCU survive this onslaught of "it's not as good as Marvel"? Does Henry Cavill's CGI upper lip feel like...

Duration: 01:25:26

Thor Ragnarok: Everyone give Taika Waititi your funbucks! TFP 021

The guys group up to talk about Hollywood somehow being simultaneously the best thing and the worst thing. Kevin Spacey molests his way into the conversation. Bren talks about something in Winnipeg he dislikes (surprise, right?). ProZD was right about Marvel Villans ( Thor: Ragnarok appears to be the new hottest money maker for marvel... until the next one. Finally, for posterity's sake, Bren was right about the pronunciation of Hela...

Duration: 01:30:08

Fire Axes and the Fate of the Free World. Ep 020

This week, the guys hypothesize about arming the various Canadian civil services with nothing but throwable fire axes. Eventually, the fate of the world comes into question when The Rock 2020 is brought up. This episode was recorded using new Fire Axe Microphone technology.

Duration: 01:20:07

Blade Runner 2049: ... more like Blade Crawler.

We touch on subjects like physical money becoming an old world concept, our thoughts on the ramifications of death by auto-erotic asphyxiation, and the new Blade runner sequel.

Duration: 01:22:46

Kingsman review: Into the Aether Ep. 18

This week we discuss more reviews this time about the new kingsman movie and the great elton john appearencetune in and hit up the facebook and twitter>

Duration: 01:09:35

IT! Review: Pennywise runs a train on frame rate. Ep. 17

This week mac and i cover the it movie and bren bitches about what grinds his gears and more hope you enjoy make sure to hit up our facebook and our twitter.

Duration: 01:30:52

Thrones Finale: Queue Sif's theme music Ep.16

This week we cover the season finale of game of thrones as well as some talking of our last two weeks and such tune in and enjoy make sure to check out our facebook and our twitter

Duration: 01:37:57

Thrones Theories: Tormund's orgy & Bran F*#%$ the timeline. Ep. 15

this week we discuss some borderlands some sports to fit in with the rest of the world and get into theories and more game of thrones dont worry we are almost done with the season hope you enjoy dont forget to hit up the twitter @TomfooleryPOD

Duration: 01:44:28

Tomfoolery: back in town. Ep 14

Hey guys sorry for the big break but we are back again this time discussing a stupid lawsuit that was read in an article as well as some of the things that happened in the states however for your warning after around the first 50 minutes it becomes a strict game of thrones discussion listener be warned also hit up our twitter @TomfooleryPOD

Duration: 01:59:34

Tomfoolery: WAR...of Apes Thrones and Destiny 2 Ep. 13

This week we are back after taking a week off to discuss war fr the planet of the apes destiny 2 beta as well as the first 2 episodes of game of thrones and our reactions and feelings make sure to tune in and let us know how you felt on out twitter @TomfoolerPOD

Duration: 01:42:07

Tomfoolery: Spider-man came home! Ep. 12

This week we had some guests stop by our friends Jordan and Jared we talk spider-man some games like monster hunter and more tune in.

Duration: 01:27:31

Baby Driver, The Last Knight of The Game Of Thrones

this week we had abit to cover for you guys in prep for spiderman we covered Baby Driver, Transformers The Last Knight and the beloved Game Of Thrones in prep for season 7 around the corner tune in for a good time.

Duration: 01:40:20

Tomfoolery: Abstaining from the Impending Race War Ep. 10

Mac, Bren and Adrien back at it again this week we hit our first double digit episode number 10 we had some shout outs some really random discussions and our views on the impending race war make sure to catch the whole thing and hit up our twitter. @TomfooleryPOD

Duration: 01:22:59

Tomfoolery: Lil Dicky got us talking. Ep 9

This weeks podcast we talk about Macs trip to Seattle, Adrien brings up his stoner thoughts about Lil Dicky and Bren gets to share some of his thoughts on E3 and more dont forget to send your ideas to the twitter @TomfooleryPOD

Duration: 01:25:13

Tomfoolery: Wonder Woman Step in the right direction? Ep 8

This week we discuss the new wonder Woman movie and our feedback as well as topic including feminism, construction crooks and more

Duration: 01:36:56

Tomfoolery: Inadequacy of the male member Ep. 7

Bren, Mac And adrien are back again with more random topics starts off with the male member and just goes all the way to hot wheels dont wanna miss this weeks tomfoolery. Hit us up on twitter @TomfooleryPOD

Duration: 01:13:37

Tomfoolery: "Woosh Woosh David Tenant may lead to murder Woosh Woosh" Ep: 6

this weeks tomfoolery we cover some movies like split and unbreakable but we also discuss game of thrones and as the title states we discuss david tenant and someones distaste for him and we all know how fandoms get about their actors tune in to see the heated topic. dont forget to hit up our twitter @TomfooleryPOD

Duration: 01:08:00

Tomfoolery: Gaurdians made us sick Ep: 5

Mac, Bren and I are back this week we discuss how gaurdians of the galaxy made us sick, we discuss how the mummy movie was reason for murder and more tune in.

Duration: 01:40:55

Tomfoolery: Tomfoolery Forever Ep 4

This is the fourth episode of the tomfoolery podcast catch up with mac bren and adrien We discuss the new fast furious movie and other topics ranging from myths to mental illness enjoy the listen. Dont forget to hit us up on the twitter @tomfooleryPOD

Duration: 01:25:00

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