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Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 46 - S3E08 - "Crisis on Earth-X" Crossover

Hey you! Yeah, you! Have you RSVP’d yet? I hear Barry and Iris’s wedding is literally to die for! It will be the event of the year, and believe me, you do not want to miss it! Synopsis Oliver, Sara, Stein, Jax and Alex have been imprisoned on Earth-X and appear to be waiting for their execution. Luckily, another prisoner has an escape and while our heroes are being lead to their slaughter, Citizen Cold has other plans. He rescues our heroes and his partner from Lance’s evil gestapo...

Duration: 02:35:12

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 45 - S3E07 - "Welcome to the Jungle"

Welcome to the jungle at the height of the Vietnam War. It’s time for Operation Toughlove which could change the course of history. Synopsis With their Captain sidelined by Eleanor Darhk, the team trains and tries to decide their next course of action. Stein delays telling Jax he cannot solve the Firestorm uncoupling problem and tries to wake Sara. He tells the Legends Sara has not woken up and they all decide she would want them to continue fixing anachronisms. Jax randomly picks...

Duration: 01:31:48

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 44 - S3E06 - "Helen Hunt"

Helen of Troy steals the limelight from brilliant inventor/actress Hedy Lamarr, inadvertently starting a war among the Hollywood studios. Who’s mad about who now? Synopsis Hollywoodland 1937. The Golden Age of the movie business. Helen of Troy dropping men left and right, and causing a war despite being in a different time and place. Back on the Waverider, Nate is in desperate need of a shower, but eventually discovers Helen as the anachronism. Unfortunately, not before Ray...

Duration: 01:34:50

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 43 - S3E05 - "Return of the Mack"

Return of the Darhk… Come on… Return of the Darhk… Here I am! Not exactly a sparkly vampire, but hey, we’ll take it. Synopsis Rip has traveled to the time of Jack the Ripper for the sole purpose of doing his best Sherlock Holmes impression. Or just to chase an evil god who exists throughout time. Meanwhile, back on the Waverider, Nate pulled an all nighter to work out the pattern of the anachronism map. As it turns out, the map’s pattern is the golden ratio and forms a spiral...

Duration: 01:35:27

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 42 - S3E04 - "Phone Home"

Is anyone else suddenly craving Reese’s Pieces? The Dominator Queen returns to rescue her time displaced baby who has befriended a young Ray Palmer. Synopsis Ray, Ray… ever the optimist. After an anachronistic baby Dominator appears in 1988 Ivy Town, Ray’s eight-year-old self befriends it. Unfortunately for him, he has bigger things to worry about than bullies--he is murdered by the NSA on Halloween! A very familiar looking government agent, Agent Smith, chases young Ray and orders...

Duration: 01:44:20

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 41 - S3E03 - "Zari"

Seattle 2042. Our not so distant future has outlawed religion and metahumans, trading freedom for the safety of a police state patrolled by ARGUS. The Legends are introduced to Zari, a hacker, who inherited one of the Anansi totems from Zambesi. Synopsis The Legends intercept Gary’s distress call after he witnesses Kuasa kill two ARGUS guards transporting a prisoner. Kuasa is after their prisoner, Zari Tomaz, who possesses the Anansi totem which controls the wind. The Legends...

Duration: 01:37:40

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 40 - S3E02 - "Freakshow"

Lions and sabertooths and Vixens, oh my! The Legends join PT Barnum’s Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan & Hippodrome, causing a minor anachronism to turn it up to 11! But of course, the Legends have tackled immortals and evil speedsters, so really, what can’t they handle? Synopsis Ray has been hard at work (I mean, really, what else is there to do at Up Swipes?) perfecting his Shrink Ray technology. He also reverse engineered the technology from the Time Bureau and created...

Duration: 01:28:29

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 39 - S3E01 - "Aruba-Con"

Veni. Vidi. Vici Caesar and the Time Bureau! We back baby! Synopsis We picked up right where we left off, in LA with dinosaurs, Big Ben and all sorts of anachronisms running around. We are quickly joined by the “newly” formed Time Bureau that Rip founded five years prior. He disbands our team and we jump six months to the “present” timeline. Sara, Ray and Nate are unhappy in the various jobs they have taken now that they are no longer traveling through time. Mick, on the other hand, is...

Duration: 01:41:17

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 38 - S3E00 - Preseason Kickoff

Welcome back Legendaires! Flash and Harley here for our review of season 2 and predictions for season 3. There has been TONS of news and lots of chatter at cons over the summer. News Premiere date is October 10th, 2017. Legends will keep the 9 PM time slot following The Flash on Tuesday nights. Arrow has moved to Thursday nights, also at 9 PM. Season 3 Synopsis After the defeat of Eobard Thawne and his equally nefarious Legion of Doom, the Legends face a new threat created by their...

Duration: 01:03:05

DCTV Live Fan Panel Discussion 2017

Join the Flash during his live fan panel discussion on ALL the DCTV shows at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! Harely Quinn and Cammie join him for the Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow segments over Skype video, while Flash takes on Supergirl, Gotham and The Flash on his own! We take a look at each show's progression through the current season up to the end of April, talk about the characters, likes and dislikes, and theorize about where the shows are going towards their respective...

Duration: 01:51:28

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 37 - Quotes of Season 2

We bring you a special bonus episode dedicated to the winning quotes of Season 2. Join Flash, Harley and a special guest as they relive the amazing quotes from this season. Head on over to the Facebook group to cast your vote! Contact Information If you want to join in the discussion, you can submit feedback via email to Please submit all feedback by 8 PM eastern on Fridays following the live show. You can also join the Facebook group at...

Duration: 00:26:46

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 36 - Feedback for S2E17 "Aruba"

Extra special episode dedicated to feedback for the Season 2 finale, Aruba. This has been a great season and what a ride it has been! We hit the ground running and there was no looking back, well, except for this episode where the Legends went back in time to change the course of reality. It was touch and go for a while, but the Legends pulled through in the end to save the day and secure their places in history. Season 2 was just a ton of fun and each episode was stronger than the last....

Duration: 01:12:55

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 35 - S2E17 "Aruba"

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya, Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go… back to 1916 and run into our past selves causing a paradox and perhaps destroying time itself! Synopsis Seriously though, we could be on the beach, drinking mai tai’s with girls in bikinis. Anyway, Rip discovered he was miniaturized in Star Labs and made a break for the nearest open window to rendezvous with the rest of the team. Rory laughs at mini Rip and shakes the...

Duration: 02:04:27

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 34 - S2E16 "Doomworld"

My name is Eobard Thawne. I used the Spear of Destiny to rewrite reality and imprison the Legends in their own personal hell. Now I must destroy the Spear and their hopes of altering this brave, new world. Synopsis I've made Damien Darhk the mayor and rid Star City of all the vigilante filth trying to save it. Merlin is as pesky as ever even with his family restored to the timeline. Of course, I run Star Labs after I eliminated Central City's Flash epidemic. Snart and Rory are back...

Duration: 02:02:47

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 33 - S2E15 "Fellowship of the Spear"

One spear to rule them all, one spear to find them, one spear to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Synopsis Rip Hunter reveals the Legion of Doom has been hiding out of time at the Vanishing Point. The Legends return, seeking the final two pieces of the Spear. On reconnaissance duty, the Atom keeps an eye on Thawne while staying out of sight this time. Jax and Rip find pieces of the Spear hidden in an obelisk that Firestorm quickly transmutes into jelly beans (yum!). Rory...

Duration: 01:45:48

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 32 - S2E14 "Moonshot"

Eobard Thawne takes on Jack Swigert’s identity and hitches a ride to the moon on the Apollo 13 mission. The Legends track down Commander Steel to convince him to turn over his piece of the Spear for safekeeping. Synopsis Rip Hunter leaves Henry Heywood in 1965 with the final piece of the Spear of Destiny. He disappears into the crowd as Rip Hunter leads the Legends to the exact spot where he left him, but Commander Steel has already disappeared. The Legends return to the ship and deduce...

Duration: 01:33:49

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 31 - S2E13 "Land of the Lost"

The Waverider falls through the time stream and lands in the Cretaceous Period after evil Rip Hunter utters the override command and forces Gideon to obey him once again. Spaniel. Broad. Tricycle. Synopsis The Legends have deduced who has the final piece of the Spear but not when he might be hidden. Gideon searches for the piece using the medallion but cannot process data fast enough to find the location before Rip uses her to escape from the brig. He takes the medallion, initiates the...

Duration: 01:34:46

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 30 - S2E12 "Camelot/3000"

The Spear of Destiny has been secreted away in the Year 3000 and in King Arthur’s Court. Dr. Midnight and Star Girl return to Legends as safekeepers of the Spear. Synopsis In an unlucky turn of events, Rip Hunter, now turned evil and working with the Legion of Doom, originally hid all four pieces of the Spear of Destiny. He travels to the year 3000 where Dr. Midnight is living with a piece of the Spear hidden inside his own body. After Rip cuts it out of him and borrows some nifty mind...

Duration: 01:52:03

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 29 - S2E11 "Turncoat"

Rip Hunter has joined forces with the Legion of Doom and kills George Washington to lure our band of misfits to 1776. The Legends have no choice but to respond to the obvious trap that Rip has set for them, otherwise, the United States will cease to exist. Who knew time travel could be so much fun? Our team attempts to save George Washington the night before Rip Hunter kills him, however, Rip is more prepared. He knows exactly which point in time they will try to rescue Washington and...

Duration: 01:47:40

Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 28 - S2E10 "Legion of Doom"

My name is Damien Darhk and this week, you'll be joining the Legion of Doom as we torture Rip Hunter and concoct a plan to trap a speedster in a bank vault. But first, we travel back to 2016 and recruit a dejected Malcolm Merlyn to our cause. Eobard Thawne has set Merlyn and Darhk to the task of torturing the location of the rest of the Spear of Destiny from Rip Hunter, who annoyingly insists his name is Phil. When Merlyn failed to reveal the truth with hypnosis, Darhk discovered his...

Duration: 04:54:30

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