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S:2 | Ep. 040 - (Feat. CF)

For S:2 Episode 40 Famine & Mello welcome Jersey City’s own, viper records artist CF(@cf201), Where they go over growing up in Jersey City, NJ, what the 90’s era was like, His memory of 9/11 and what he experienced, His rap style and how it’s helped him progress as an artist, how he met immortal technique and eventually led to going on tours with him, What it felt like signing to “Viper Records” immortal techniques label, He also drops a sick freestyle after the central spotlight. Tune in...

Duration: 02:17:12

S:2 | Ep. 039 - (Feat. Michael Medium)

Season 2 | Ep. 039 Is Out Now! Featuring DJ Michael Medium Link In Bio For S2 : Episode 39 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) sit down with New Jerseys own, DJ/ Producer Michael Medium (@michaelmedium) where they go over what it was like growing up in Newark, Union and North Brunswick, NJ. What his influences were growing up, his decision to take a chance on a drastic career he actually wanted, his current role in Hot97 and Sirius and how it’s helped him shape his future goals. He...

Duration: 02:24:51

S:2 | Ep. 038 - (Feat. TCP Family) Halloween Special

For S2 : Episode 38 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the guys behind the scenes who work hard to bring you The Tony Central Podcast. KB (@ihoop_kb) , Chris R. (@chro.ig), Rahian (@rahianrodriguez), Ru Bladez (@Ru.Bladez) and Juan Gordo (@juannot1) round up the show where they discuss various daily topics including the state of the NBA and lebrons legacy, Who would each person choose to work with if they had a chance, dead or alive, Their...

Duration: 02:17:54

S:2 | Ep. 037 - (Feat. Fury & GP Beat Bangerz)

For S:2 Episode 37 - Famine & Mello Welcome Music Artist - Fury (@Franchise_fury720) & Music Producer - GP Beat Bangerz (@GPbeatbangerz___) they discuss Fury and the path his career has taken since his involvement in creating “block royal”. The record “Jersey City anthem” as well as his work with Screw, Joell Ortiz, and Akon. When asked if Fury considers there to be a disconnect between the “old” generation and new, his response, “Yes and i feel that the disconnect comes from ignorance…”...

Duration: 01:42:26

S:2 | Ep. 036 - (Feat. J. Littles)

For S:2 Episode 36 Famine & Mello welcome Hudson County’s own, J.Littles (@JDotlittles) They talk about how he developed the name, what music caused him to start creating for himself, His grind city family, The progression from his first album to his first short film, 90’s hip hop junkie and when he started contributing, What he feels is the age people should consider a change, He goes over the concept behind his album. 7 day cleanse and how it felt working with Joell Ortiz, his plans to...

Duration: 02:21:38

S:2 | Ep. 035 - (Feat. Da Rugged Remnant)

For S:2 Episode 35 Famine & Mello welcome Union City, NJ’s - Grungy Boguez (@grungyboguez) x Newark, NJ’s - Swinn Da Example (@swinn_da_example). They talk about how they met and started collaborating, Grungy Boguez transition from an MC to a full time producer, And all of his previous aliases, Swinn and Grungy give us a breakdown of what hip hop is to them, Whether or not hip hop should have sub genres, the 5 original elements of hip hop, Finding the music that inspires you even if it’s...

Duration: 02:46:21

S:2 | Ep. 034 - (Feat. Rolling Stone P)

For S:2 Episode 34 Famine & Mello welcome Newark, New Jersey’s own Rolling Stone P (@rollingstonep). They discuss his name, and how it went from his real name to “pure”, His identity as an artist, Influences in music growing up, Growing up in “Brick City”, Why he fell out of love with music, His transition to his true self “Rolling Stone P” and his debut record with the name “Little Do They Know”, getting recognized by MAL & Joe Budden for the record, His Bodak Yellow remix and the success...

Duration: 01:27:39

S:2 | Ep. 033 - (Feat. Kenji)

For S:2 Episode .033 Famine & Mello welcome Union City, NJ artist Kenji (@kenji_fp where they go over Growing up on central ave in Union city, where his name originated from And his very diverse background, His introduction to trap music and his progression to becoming a “Trapper”, his definition of “trap” music and whether it should be a sub genre within hip hop, He discusses his “Hu$tle County” concept and Fleepack (, He clears up controversy regarding a design he...

Duration: 01:40:25

S:2 | Ep. 032 - (Feat. TeeWhy)

For S:2 Episode .032 Famine & Mello welcome TeeWhy (@teewhyinfamous) Where they go over what influenced him into making music, How he ended coming up with the name “TeeWhy”, what prompted him to first join the Battle Rap circuit, The result of his first battle and why, Finding the right balance between battle rap and song making, The danger of being labeled strictly a battle rapper, Whether or not he feels there’s an age limit in rap, His battle with Serious Jones and his take on what we...

Duration: 02:06:30

S:2 | Ep. 031 - (Feat. Ren Thomas)

For S:2 | Episode .031 Famine & Mello have a sit down with VH1's "Signed" finalist and music artist Ren Thomas (@renthomasmusic) where they go over his experience on the show, what it was like hearing feedback from the likes of DJ Khaled, Rick Ross & Lenny S, He explains the controversial "pause" moment during his performance in the season finale, his "I Been Nice" slogan and brand, His philly following and support, How he got into the battle circuit, his relationship with the legendary...

Duration: 02:23:30

S:2 | Ep. 030 - (Feat. Kid The Wiz)

For Season 2 Episode .030 Famine (@IAmFamine) & Mello (@KloudyMello) welcome Producer/Dancer, Kid the Wiz (@kidthewiz). They go over his musical influences growing up, his appearance on Americas got talent and how that came about, how that opened doors for his transition to the MTV show "Wild 'n Out" , his almost missed chance to join the show, his progression as a producer, his remix of the Evelyn King hit "love come down" and it's success, how his name developed into what it is now, and...

Duration: 01:47:21

S:2 | Ep. 029 - (Feat. Josh Sings)

For Season 2 Episode .029 Famine (@IAmFamine) & Mello (@KloudyMello) welcome Singer/Songwriter Josh Sings (@JoshSings_1) they go over the decision to pursue a singing career, his timeless taste in music, how he feels being an "old soul" Helps when it comes to creating his own music, his single "cupids death" and the surprising inspiration behind it, his love for songwriting and singing, his upcoming project, and how to access his current and full catalog, his idea of a great R&B group, his...

Duration: 01:58:57

S:2 | Ep. 028 - (Feat. uBe Jay)

For Season 2 Episode .028 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) welcome Entrepreneur "uBe" Jay (@ubetanktops), they go over his transition from a street hustle to a legitimate one and his entrepreneurial drive, How he took a prison term and decided to use the time to formulate a business, How he came up with the idea for the uBe tank tops brand, and how he knew this was his calling. His desire to work with other cep's and share his knowledge, He goes over the importance of...

Duration: 02:25:30

S:2 | Ep. 027 - (Feat. Sonny Shoot Waves)

For Episode S:2 | EP.027 Famine & Mello welcome Photographer Sonny Shoots Waves (@sonnyshootswaves) This is a much anticipated episode as Sonny gives us his perspective on the conflict between "Old Heads" and the new generation, We find out what caused his transition from a music career to photography, His history with Mello, His favorite artists right now and his "Hudson County" top 6. Sonny also talks about his dealings with the MTV show G's to gents, Working For WWE and his desire to...

Duration: 02:33:14

S:2 | Ep. 026 - (Feat. Anonamis)

For Season 2 Episode .026 Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) welcome Anonamis (@_anonamis_mr_nobody) where they go over his love for the Essence of hip hop, Where he feels the local talent lacks in support from the local market. Who he felt was partially responsible for "Changing The Game". His work in Europe and his following overseas. His collaborations and recent projects like global invasion, Why he supports the podcast as a platform and more, He's also put under the "central...

Duration: 02:17:56

S:2 | Ep. 025 - (Feat. Mickey Factz)

Tony Central Podcast resumes with the Season 2 Premier. Episode .025 features special guest music artist, Bronx own Mickey Factz (@mickey.factz). During the episode, Famine and Mello discuss, His perspective on today's hip hop vs the past, His rap battle vs daylyt, when he realized he could make a living off music, What it was like working with companies like Honda, What he's currently working on and getting ready to release, Mickey participates in the official segment "Central Spotlight"...

Duration: 02:19:30

Season One Playlist

As we prepare for Season 2 premier (August 2) of the Tony Central Podcast, This week we wanted to do something special for our guests and listeners…Tony Central & @djkennymaneuver Present The Mixtape : "Season 1 Playlist" A collection of music from TCP Season 1 guests mixed by @djkennymaneuver Thank you all for giving us such high quality music to share with the world. Season 2 Returns 8/2 One Love!

Duration: 01:01:06

Ep. 024 - (Feat. Mesa)

For Episode 024 (Season 1 Finale) Famine (@iamfamine) & Mello (@kloudymello) interview Guest Artist - Mesa. During the show they go over, Why he considers himself the king of West New York, His collar with albeeal, Oun P & Fred the godson, who his favorite rapper was growing up and how he was influenced into the game, His current project and expected release, his Hudson county top 3, What he considers his "Holy Trinity" when it comes to the sacred art of cooking traditional Cuban cuisine,...

Duration: 02:27:37

Ep. 023 - (Feat. King Problem)

For Episode 023, Famine (@iamfamine) and Co-Host Mello (@KloudyMello) sit down with music artist King Problem (@king_problem) from No Fair Onez Ent. During the show, they discuss the reason behind his name, who he feels is in the top 5 in Hudson county and where he feels he stands, his current catalog and how it's allowed him to remain independent, how he got the southern sound despite being from the north east, his current deal, his recording studio, charity work and more.....Please be...

Duration: 02:16:29

Ep. 023 - (Feat. King Problem)

For Episode 023, Famine (@iamfamine) and Co-Host Mello (@KloudyMello) sit down with music artist King Problem (@king_problem) from No Fair Onez Ent. During the show, they discuss the reason behind his name, who he feels is in the top 5 in Hudson county and where he feels he stands, his current catalog and how it's allowed him to remain independent, How he got the southern sound despite being from the north east, his current deal, his recording studio, charity work and more.....Please be...

Duration: 02:16:30

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