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Episode 09: Steve Francis Dramatic Reading & NFL Trade News

Back to school at good ole Lee College. A dramatic reading of Steve Francis' Players' Tribune Article, race for the one seed in the Western Conference, NFL trades and why Shaq Griffin is a ball hawk.


Episode 08: Marcus Peters Traded, NFL Interfering with P.I. and Gun Control

Barrel Fire Shot Takes proved that Saquon Barkely is the worst RB to come out of the NFL Draft in years, the Astros will not have a winning season, Jameis Winston is set to have a bounce back year and McDonald's Szechuan sauce isn't even better than ketchup. We also devolved into an argumentative political discussion regarding gun control. Seriously.


Episode 07: Maverick Misconduct, Kawhi Leonard's Future and Shortening Baseball

After embracing another sloppy "Barrel Fire Shot Take", Juggalo Trey and I give our thoughts on the disturbing situation ripping through the Dallas Mavericks organization. We speculate on Kawhi Leonard's future with the Spurs and gauge what effects fewer mound visits will have on baseball. Wash it all down with Trey's NASCAR in 90.


Episode 06: Segment Idol, Stereotype Olympics and Gronk-omedy

The NFL offseason is officially here and we're tasked with being somewhat creative. Segment Idol puts on the path to find our soon to be hallmark segments. Our favorite? "Barrel Fire Shot Take". Juggalo Trey tries to prank call Hooters. Stereotype Olympics is the offensive, in-depth olympic analysis you get from three guys who haven't watched a second of the 2018 Winter Olympics. We finish off without pulling out with Showtime's "Unsportsmanlike Comedy with Rob Gronkowski". It's exactly...


Episode 05: Super Bowl LII & NBA Trade Deadline

Juggalo Trey was captured as sex slave. We were forced to do the show without him. Selfish prick. We finally give our thoughts on a thrilling Super Bowl. Malcolm Butler smoked weed with Rick Ross. Josh McDaniels jilted the Colts. LeBron James said "Fuck my fake friends. Where my real friends at?"


The Most Insane Radio Commercial I've Ever Heard

Literally the most ridiculous, but potentially brilliant radio commercial I've ever heard. Marketing is competitive. You continuously have to be thinking out of the box. I guess something and as shocking and horrific as this may actually work


Episode 04: XFL Draft & Rule Book. Super Bowl LII Preview, Prank Phone Call

THTHTCTH takes a long hard look in the mirror after getting our first negative review. We prank call a Minneapolis Home Depot to make ourselves feel better. We also pitch offensive XFL team names, devise life threatening rules and draft our own teams of misfits and convicts. A quick Super Bowl LII preview awaits for those who have the balls to stick stick it out till the very end. And of course, our favorite chaser: Trey's NASCAR in 90.


Episode 03: 2018 NFL Conference Championships

I dare you to listen to this whole episode. It can't be done. Not even by me. And I'm in it. Still trying to find the right way to open up the show and how to say the name. Breakdowns of both the AFC and NFC Championship games. Preview of Foles v. Brady.


The Rings Of Foxborough

And who are you, the sweatshirt said That I must bow so low? Only a goat in a giant coat That's all the truth I know In a giant coat or obnoxious beanie A goat still has horns And mine are long and strong, my lord As long and strong as yours And so he played, and so he won That lord of Foxborough, And now his rings, they fill his hand With not a heart to fill Yes, now the rings, they fill his hand But not a heart to fill And who are you, the sweatshirt said That I must bow so low? Only a...


Episode 02: 2018 NFL Divisional Round

We revisit a wild NFL Divisional Weekend while Juggalo Trey recovers from an early morning romantic rendezvous. Plenty of gratuitous beeps and table pounding throughout the program. *PLUS* Trey's NASCAR in NINETY makes it's world debut. Put the kids to bed before firing this one up.


Episode 01: The 2018 CFB National Championship

The never anticipated podcast is finally here. The inaugural episode. Unrivaled analysis of the first three quarters of the National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia. Plus, a brief history of Robert E. Lee


Bill O'Brien "Passes the Buck", Rockets Win 11th Straight

After seizing and convulsing uncontrollably on the field, Texans quarterback Tom Savage was allowed back on the field despite exhibiting clear-cut signs of a concussion. Head Coach Bill O'Brien wants you to know that he's "just a coach" and has no say in those types of decisions. The Houston Rockets won their 11th straight game and are undefeated with Chris Paul on the floor. They'll square off with Western Conference rival San Antonio on Friday night. The Spurs are in third place without...


Bayou Ball Movements: Good News - Bad News In Texans Loss To Titans

In the soiled hobo trench coat that is the Texans season, there are some silver linings. We debut a new segment to uncover these diamonds in the rough: Good News - Bad News.


Three Reasons Why the Texans Lost to the Ravens Other Than Tom Savage

The reasons the Texans suck continue to mount as the weeks go by. I offer three NOT including human-earthworm hybrid Tom Savage.


Bayou Ball Movements: Even When The Texans Win, They Lose

On Andre Johnson Day, the Texans won for the first time since Oct. 15, when rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson led them to a victory over Cleveland. Rookie D'Onta Foreman ran 10 times for 65 yards, including two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. On his 34-yard touchdown run, Foreman suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon that will require season-ending surgery. For it to happen on a touchdown run that effectively put the game away for the Texans encapsulates how 2017 has gone for this team.


Bayou Ball Movements: Welcome to LA #Savaged

The Texans were demoralized in the City of Angels 33-17 at the hands of Zach Morris look-alike Jared Goff, his 31-year old boy band counterpart Sean McVay, and the ghost of Wade Phillips.


Bayou Ball Movements: The Astros are World Series Champions!

Astros win Game 7 for their first World Series title in franchise history! Relive the dominant and decisive game here.


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