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Episode 16: Folie à Deux (Part 1)

Porscha says multiple nice things about the state of Florida, delivers a eulogy for beloved New Orleans mobile produce vendor Mr. Okra, and tells double twin tales -- all while knee-deep in rosé. Featuring the Han twins’ rivalry and the Gibbons sisters’ fatal pact. Theme: Deadly Duos/Crimes in Pairs (Part 1 of 2)


Episode 15: The Art of Fraudulent Forensics

Gregory Taylor spent 6,149 days (16.8 years) in prison for the 1991 murder of Jacquetta Thomas -- a conviction solidified by fraudulent testimony by North Carolina blood-splatter analyst Duane Deaver (the very same Deaver of “The Staircase” infamy.) He was innocent. Cameron Todd Willingham was convicted and executed for a house fire that claimed the lives of his three young daughters, but the forensic arson investigation was an exercise in mysticism, not science. Lisa rants extensively...


Episode 14: Slaughterhouse Sheilas

This episode has a little bit of everything: the joys of moist cake, the horrors of human stew, the freedom of fire, skin puns, forehead tattoos, and the woes of scrounging for alcohol. Both stories delve into intimate violence in different ways: Lisa follows Katherine Knight’s violent path to murder, dismemberment, and cannibalism while Porscha discusses Francine Hughes, who set her husband on fire to escape abuse. Theme: Free Space.


Episode 13: Egg Salad

Who killed Anne Barber Dunlap? Porscha and Lisa investigate confirmed and imagined timelines in the 1996 unsolved murder in Minnesota -- and probably make strong political foes while speculating on “There, Solved It!” (a brand new fishbowel addition). Was it her husband? Or…..was it her husband? Things unravel from there. Lisa dives into the rabbit hole of google search results for “disembowelment” -- prompting incredulity, fun facts about mayhem, and disputes on medical realities -- and...


Episode 12: My Cold, Dead, Misandrist Heart

Porscha and Lisa share stories that will soothe and stoke your cold, dead, misandrist hearts. First, professional poisoner Giulia Tofana makes a killing selling arsenic-laced cosmetics as a way for women to escape their arranged marriages in 17th century Italy. In the second story, controversial Pakistani model and social media activist Qandeel Baloch is murdered in an “honor killing” after exposing the true colors of a religious leader. Theme: The Patriarchy Made Me Do It. Visit our...


Episode 11: Lice & Slice at Marriott McEngland

The story of the Attila Ban double murder in a London hotel challenges all the assumptions you’ve never bothered to make about the seemingly finite uses of a box-spring mattress. Lisa talks riots, poppers, and an accidental mixture of kittens and candy. Up next, a detective commits to solving the murder-rape case of a mother and her two children by conducting an experiment on the migratory patterns of loose pubic hair in multi-person households. Porscha tells how pubic lice, pubic hair,...


Episode 10: Back-Scratching with Bathsheba

Things get horrifyingly surreal when the ladies discuss this week’s psychic and supernatural stories. Lisa details the psychotic “psychic” Sylvia Browne and Porscha tries to separate factual certainty from fictional crock in “The Conjuring.” (Bonus! Lisa adds another layer of dreadful drama by helping Porscha truly put her bad day into perspective.) Theme: Psychic and Supernatural.


Episode 9: We'll Never Leave This Friendship Alive

After confronting suspicions of intra-friendship arsenic poisoning, Porscha regales with Rihanna’s revenge refrain and Lisa bellows out a bayou bludgeoning ballad. PLUS: an update on the origins of the Otis La Page legend and a plea for help regarding childhood mystery books. Theme: Murder Ballads.


Episode 8: Slack-Jawed Yokels

It’s hard to muster up reverence for the court and its officers when they’re slack-jawed yokels, like Kansas’ Thomas-Jefferson-loving Dennis Hawver. And the consequences of a broken criminal justice system weigh heavily in the case of Kalief Browder, a juvenile imprisoned for three years (several in solitary confinement) without trial for a minor property crime that he didn’t commit. Theme: Incompetent Judges, Juries, and Lawyers.


Episode 7: Mercury Retrograde

Is Mercury retrograding responsible for life’s silly little misunderstandings? Conjecture abounds as Porscha and Lisa discuss their favorite ways of imbibing wine and these stories: a gunfight in London, a school field trip gone awry, a racquetball blood shower, something we’re calling “The Lansing Hand Job,” and the fate of the engine-less Gimli Glider. Hold on to your butts! Theme: Silly Misunderstandings.


Episode 6: Limb from Limb

Theatrics abound—for better or worse—as Lisa dissects the ransom letter from the JonBenet Ramsey murder scene. Porscha’s soapbox on the horrific kidnapping of Colleen Stan (The Girl in the Box) probes the patriarchy, the stigma of abuse, and BDSM dynamics. Theme: Ripped from the Headlines.


Episode 5: Grim Mess & Chess

Porscha and Lisa keep slaying (…not bodies) but get serially serious. Profiling the Los Angeles-based Grim Sleeper (and his controversial capture using a familial DNA dragnet) and Russia’s Chessboard Killer. At lighter moments, Porscha discusses her fascination with Doris Payne, and Lisa reveals the childhood catalyst of her macabre interests. Theme: Serial (and Possible Serial) Crimes.


Episode 4: Pseudocide

Has DNA earned its place as the gold standard of forensic evidence? How does a chimera-physician-rapist’s predatory behavior influence the discussion of lethal injection drug cocktails? Lisa ponders Dr. John Schneeberger after her own cocktails, while Porscha is unsympathetic to Joe Gliniewicz’s (crooked cop extraordinaire!) dereliction of duties and boldly staged suicide. Theme: Creative Ways to Disguise Your Suicide.


Episode 3: Boo's Clues

Lisa gets some colorful, ill-advised ink... kinda, "Forensic Files" comes through as always, Florida is still Florida, Porscha's got a thing for Judd Nelson, and (surprise!) men turn out to be a lot less skilled than they think. Featuring the stories of Katie Froeschle and the Billionaire Boys' Club. Theme: Dumb Evidence Left Behind Website: Facebook / Instagram: @toomacabreladies


Episode 2: Tripodcast

Lisa meanders through some unusual feelings about airplanes; Porscha explores a bootlegger's triumphs and woes; and the pair schemes to catch Keith Morrison's attention. (You know, the usual.) Featuring true crime stories of the Belgian parachute murder and Prohibition kingpin George Remus. Theme: Love Triangles.


Episode 1: Mo' Money, Mo' Roblems

Porscha and Lisa dig into the insurance fraud mystery surrounding Franklin "Frankie" Pullian, go 12 Angry Men on the Christopher Porco bloodbath, and discuss a little light disembowelment. You will not learn why Lisa's sister has a machete or the legal progression of the Pullian case, but you will learn the meanings of fishbowel and cat jail and how Porscha and Lisa plan on avoiding matricide in their futures. Theme: They Did It For The Money.