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17. Eating Disorders and Autoimmune Disease - Too Sick and Naked

This Episode: "My eating disorder recovery is about gentleness, self-love and compassion." Jessica Perlman bravely discusses her eating disorder with us, diving into how it manifests in her life, what triggers her, and what recovery looks and feels like. It's extra complex for Jessica— she also has autoimmune diseases, and one of the most well-known treatments for autoimmune disease is a hyper-restrictive diet. Diet restriction can destroy the mental health and physical health of a person...


15. Postpartum Thyroiditis Turned Hashimoto’s Disease - Too Sick and Naked

Hashimoto's Disease: Often confused with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease is an autoimmune thyroid disorder. That means you get the best sides of both worlds—*sense the sarcasm*. Symptoms include extreme fatigue, weight gain and hair loss (thyroid) as well as inflammation and joint pain (autoimmune). My guest this week, Laura Guzik-Cohn brings us her personal battle with Hashimoto's disease. Laura's symptoms began after giving birth to her son, an already lonely and exhausting time. We...


15. Kundalini Yoga and Healing from the Inside, Out - Too Sick and Naked

Aimee Bello's practice named ALTARED SPACE is located in Topanga Canyon, California although she teaches all over LA, as well as Vegas, Chicago and abroad. She is a Kundalini Yoga and meditation instructor, Master Reiki Crystal Healer and Teacher, and Past Life Regression and Intuitive Guide. After her 13 year marriage ended, Aimee made a courageous decision to follow her intuition and move across the country to start anew. While soul-searching for her own truth, Aimee fell in love with...


14. Why Women are so Sick, with Sini Anderson - Too Sick and Naked

Sini Anderson: A feminist filmmaker and activist, Sini was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2010 during production of her documentary, The Punk Singer. After watching her dear friend, Kathleen Hanna, battle Lyme disease and then—in a weird plot twist— battling it herself, Sini knew her next film was going to be about Lyme disease. Research commenced. Subjects were found. Interviews began. And then Sini realized that Lyme disease is a symptom of a much bigger problem: Women's health and the...


13. Life After Paralysis: The Good, the Bad and the Skydiving - Too Sick and Naked

What Happened: On an early December morning in 2001, Latisha S. was on the receiving end of a random act of violence. A bullet to her neck at a bus station in East Harlem, NY, left Latisha paralyzed from the waist down. With two young children at home she had quite the journey ahead of her. Seventeen years later with experiences varying from extreme depression to unbelievable triumphs, Latisha lets us in on how she lives her very best life. I hope you feel as inspired as I do after...


12. Lyme disease and Braving Nature to Heal - Too Sick and Naked

Kate Rentz: Kate Rentz is a director and photographer living in Los Angeles, CA. She's enthusiastic about the outdoors, culture, travel, art, and human connection. Kate was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2015 after suffering for 15+ years going undiagnosed. During those 15 years, Kate experienced extreme pain, insomnia, and brain fog which she complained about in countless doctor's offices. The diagnoses came back varying: Endometriosis, IBS, and the infamous, "it's all in your head." Kate...


11. Acupuncture, Cupping, and Herbs, with Michael Niss - Too Sick and Naked

East Asian Medicine (AKA Chinese Medicine): Acupuncture is growing in popularity in Western society—many insurance plans are even covering the treatments. While acupuncture is becoming more and more a part of our common vocabulary around health and wellness, I wondered how many people actually knew just what it was? It's just one facet of Traditional East Asian Medicine which combines needles, bodywork, nutrition, and herbs to treat an individual as a whole. Taking it one step further,...


10. Lipedema: The Diagnosis and the Treatments - Too Sick and Naked

Lipedema: Often misinterpreted as obesity, lipedema is a chronic and painful condition where fatty tissue excess builds up in the legs, hips and sometimes arms. Eleven percent of the female population is suffering from lipedema—an estimated 17 million Americans— and it is almost unknown in the medical community; A 2004 Stanford study showed that most medical students spend less than thirty minutes studying the entire lymphatic system. (I know, it's shocking.) It is unclear whether the...


9. How to Self- Advocate at the Doctor’s and Why it’s Crucial - Too Sick and Naked

"You are allowed to be demanding and annoying about your health" Self- Advocacy: This is a topic near and dear to my heart. Probably because it saved my life. I have always said that I am my own primary care-taker and everyone else is supplemental—including doctors. Someone I agree with once said, “the days of doctor knows best are OVER.” For the first episode of 2018, I chose to bring on Natasha Cecere a knowledgeable and fierce self-advocate. It’s the resolution time of year, many of you...


8. In Sickness and Health: How to Thrive Romantically - Too Sick and Naked

The Intimidating Combo of Romance and Illness: Ian and I met immediately after my Lyme diagnosis, but it was another six or seven months before I got really sick. Suddenly all of the adventurous stuff we had bonded over was no longer accessible to me. I remember panicking with my rapid decline: How could I keep up a relationship with seemingly nothing to offer? Who would want me? Surely Ian would leave me soon enough. I didn't have any of my old tricks to keep him around. But he didn’t...


7. How to Navigate a Cancer Diagnosis, with Elina Fuhrman - Too Sick and Naked

"Cancer changed my life for the best...for sure" -Elina Fuhrman An Intro to Elina Fuhrman: Elina was in the best shape of her life when she grabbed her breasts in a moment of comical whimsy and felt a suspicious lump. That instant her whole life changed course—ultimately for the better. After sinking into a deep depression and surrendering to her potential death, Elina "woke up" when a brave friend showed her some tough love ("Yeah, cancer, so, what're you gonna do about it?") Elina...


6. Low Immunity and How Essential Oils Help - Too Sick and Naked

The "Low" Immune System: There are many different versions of the low immune system story, none to be confused with autoimmune diseases (this is a completely separate topic). Today's particular story started while my guest was in utero. Before Targa Sahyoun came out of the womb, she received three full blood transfusions. (I know, right!?) Her mother had a blood disorder where her blood produced antibodies that were set to attack her fetus' red blood cells. With the blood transfusions,...


5. How to use Energy Healing to Get Well - Too Sick and Naked

Energy Healing Have you wondered just what energy healing is? All of this "woo-woo" stuff gaining traction in 2017? (Especially here in Los Angeles.) Learn about shamanism, reiki, and other weird but magical things in this episode from two unlikely women. Emily Wallace "Once I committed to my emotional, mental, spiritual health that's when I started to thrive" -Emily Wallace Emily is a NYC based Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner and Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher. After many years of...


4.How Trauma Affects us and How to Heal - Too Sick and Naked

Trauma: Most of us have it. From childhood trauma to sexual trauma, these experiences get locked in our bodies and affect our immune systems and inflammation responses. The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study was performed at Kaiser over a four-year period in the 90's. The study concluded that childhood trauma resulted in serious medical consequences. Our bodies react to stress as children: Hormones are secreted, neurotransmitters are activated, inflammatory proteins flood the blood...


3. Lyme Disease: How to Self-Care with a Demanding Job - Too Sick and Naked

Lyme disease: Halley Feiffer ignored her symptoms until they were drastically affecting her lifestyle. It was backstage in the middle of a performance, when she realized that she couldn't rely on booking effortless jobs and she needed to go to the doctor. Through treating Lyme and strategically monitoring her self-care, today Halley manages a jam-packed schedule and demanding atmospheres. Find out how in this episode! More about Halley: Halley Feiffer is a bi-coastal actress and writer....


Budd Chiari: How to Live Well with this Rare Liver Disease - Too Sick and Naked

Budd Chiari: Nick Smoke's life was overwhelmingly altered the day he found out he had a rare and life-threatening liver disease called Budd Chiari. At 24 years old, he was a working actor with a flourishing career and no reason to be seriously worried about his health —he didn't drink or smoke, he took good care of himself, and had already come through a lot in life; It seemed like he could finally relax. The next couple years of his life tested him physically, emotionally, and mentally...


1. Lyme Disease: How to Get Properly Tested and Other Healing Gems - Too Sick and Naked

After two decades of harsh and debilitating symptoms, Jill Skibba finally got the Lyme testing she had been begging doctors for all along. The test came back lit up like a Christmas tree: Positive and then some. Find out what test was taken to get the reliable results, what Jill did/does to get better, and her amazing advice to fellow Lyme disease sufferers. Jill Skibba is an aesthetician and microblading expert residing in Los Angeles. You can find her on Instagram @jill_skibba and you...