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35. Thriving After Testicular Cancer with Mr. Ballsy - Healing Out Loud with Jackie Shea

Testicular Cancer and Mr. Ballsy: In 2009, Thomas Cantley (@mrballsy was diagnosed with stage III testicular cancer at 26 years old. With no insurance, he found himself in the Bellevue ER after ignoring months of warning signs. Cantley jumped into action quickly and decided to film his journey. Today, whether by pushing a giant testicle across two countries or writing a cancer comic book, he's busy spreading awareness and hope to tens of thousands in a string of...


34. Breast Cancer • Sex and (Self) Love After a Double Mastectomy with Amy Marcs - Healing Out Loud with Jackie Shea

Amy Marcs, Sex and (Self) Love after a Double Mastectomy: In 2009, Amy received a breast cancer diagnosis and intuitively knew that a double mastectomy was her best option—no easy decision for "a petite Jewish girl with great boobs." (No easy decision for anyone, ever). Marcs loved her breasts—her journey through the grieving process is heartbreaking, touching, inspiring and hilarious. It's a grieving process that many sick people can relate to as all of us lose a part of our identities we...


33. Amy B. Scher • Lyme disease • This is How I Save My Life (When No One Else Can) - Healing Out Loud with Jackie Shea

Amy B. Scher, "This Is How I Save My Life" After seven years of boundless symptoms, innumerable diagnoses, and all the treatments you can imagine, the root of Amy's trouble was discovered: Lyme disease. Amy B. Scher ( had gotten accustomed to a life in-between wellness and illness, rarely fully in either world. When traveling to India for an experimental stem cell treatment was suggested to her, she knew she had to go—not necessarily because she knew it would work, but...


32. Feng Shui for Health and Wellness Optimization with Ashley Cantley - Healing Out Loud with Jackie Shea

Feng Shui for Health: Ashley Cantley was drawn to this ancient Chinese practice when faced with healing from a toxic relationship. Similarly, I only started putting attention on my living space when I was sick and doing some healing of my own. Most people who have a current #lifegoal of "heal from illness" are in bed, and, in that case, shouldn't the bedroom feel like a sanctuary? I believe that my living space is a reflection of how I am in the world, and I committed to making my whole...


31. Stella De Mont • Listening to Your Own Miraculous Body’s Wisdom and Guidance - Healing Out Loud with Jackie Shea

Stella: Eleven episodes of pneumonia affected Stella between the ages of one and twelve. Yes, ELEVEN different episodes. Always bouncing back, she was never seen as sickly by herself or her fellows. At 19, after a bad sunburn, she woke up to a sudden fever, pain in every joint, and, shortly after the onset, was told that she would likely be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. It was at that point that her real research and search for integrative healing began, but it wasn't until...


30. Maya Dusenbery, Author of Doing Harm: The Truth about How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick - Healing Out Loud with Jackie Shea

Doing Harm: After her Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis, feminist writer and author of Doing Harm, Maya Dusenbery, intuitively dove into the topic of women's health—not so much the uterus and the ovaries but a more realistic and extensive look at women's health. Why are women treated differently in the ER and the doctor's office? How did medicine become a wealthy, white, male profession? How does the old diagnosis of hysteria still play a role in medicine today? Maya answers these questions...


29. Lyme disease and Using Meditation to Heal—Healing Out Loud Podcast - Too Sick and Naked

Shona Curley's Lyme Journey: Shona is one of the seemingly lucky ones: She found the tick and pulled it out. But, even that didn't stop chronic lyme disease symptoms from appearing, and, surprisingly, it also didn't streamline her diagnosis. There's no doubt that, in Northern California where Lyme disease is prevalent, Shona should have been quickly diagnosed based on her symptoms and the tick, but doctors denied the possibility of a Lyme infection for over two years. A barrage of...


28. Everything You Need to Know about Vaginal Steaming with Steamy Chick Founder Keli Garza - Too Sick and Naked

Vaginal Steaming 101: How many of you are shaking your heads in amusement? How many of you are doing that but also VERY curious? And how many of you are just like, this sounds weird but I am excited! After so many years dealing with periods that are so heavy I'm left chronically anemic, I had an entirely open mind when I first heard about vaginal steaming. Five months ago, a friend responded to a Facebook post I had written (Ladies! Any and all advice to slow the flow??) emphatically...


27. The Struggles (and Triumphs) of Unexplained Infertility - Too Sick and Naked

Riva Lombardi and Unexplained Infertility: You'll hear a baby gurgling (occasionally screaming) on and off through this episode— this story of unexplained infertility ends in the birth of a beautiful little girl. In fact, eight-week-old Birdie was given just a 10% chance. But, she's here and she's loud and she's healthy. Birdie came after five years of struggle—miscarriages,heartache, devastation, hope—on the third IVF cycle. In this episode, we discuss Riva's journey with her husband, how...


26. The Importance of Finding Your Tribe, Taking Sacred Pauses, Ditching Sugar, and Other Lessons - Too Sick and Naked

Jessica Corey: Jessica lived an entirely healthy life until 2009 when she came down with what appeared to be a UTI, but was later determined interstitial cystitis. In 2011, Jessica got pregnant and all of her symptoms magically disappeared until her acutely traumatic birth left her in the hospital for five days, fighting for her life. Since then, Jessica Corey has seen countless doctors and done hours and hours of research all to discover Hashimoto's thyroiditis and chronic EBV. All that...


25. The Future of Medicine, with Ira Pastor CEO of Bioquark - Too Sick and Naked

Bioquark: Bioquark is a regenerative healthcare company focused on developing proprietary natural biopharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products, targeting the regeneration and repair of complex human organs and tissues. Ira Pastor, CEO of Bioquark, is also a 30+ year veteran of the traditional pharmaceutical industry. He left pharmaceuticals to start Bioquark due to the fact that, in spite of generating close to $1 trillion annually, his former industry was incapable of generating...


24. Treating Graves’ Disease, with Dominique Toney - Too Sick and Naked

Graves' Disease The autoimmune version of hyperthyroidism, Graves' disease affects mostly women and many people go misdiagnosed. For Dominique, a stressful event in her junior year of college marked the beginning of Graves' symptoms—she was plagued by heat intolerance, weight loss, insomnia, tremors, and anxiety. Because Graves' is often genetic and Dominique's mother also suffered from the disease, it was fairly easy to get a diagnosis. But that was just the beginning of the journey. In...


23. Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at 29 Years Old - Too Sick and Naked

Lauren Kennedy At 29 years old, Lauren Kennedy was thriving. She had finally found some peace and healing after her boyfriend’s suicide five years earlier, and she was living an abundant, hopeful life filled with activity. When she started experiencing spotting between periods, a friend suggested she go to the doctor just to be safe. She never imagined she would have ovarian cancer as a young woman. The next many months were unexpectedly grueling, from the discovery of the tumors to...


22. How to Quit Drinking Alcohol and Sleep Better, with James Swanwick - Too Sick and Naked

James Swanwick: This man has accomplished so much in his life, I'm not even going to try to list it all! Forbes magazine voted James as one of the top 25 networking experts—he has interviewed many celebrities, hosted The James Swanwick Show podcast, and been a SportsCenter anchor on ESPN. Today, he is dedicated to health— mental, emotional and physical health. He is the creator of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge where he assists social drinkers in quitting drinking, and the creator of...


21. What it’s Like to Parent a Child with Autism - Too Sick and Naked

Autism: In honor of Autism Awareness Month, I had Katayoun Marciano on to speak about her experience parenting her beautiful, non-verbal, 17 year-old autistic son, Marcello. Autism is a bio-neurological development disability that usually appears within the first stages of life. How autism presents differs greatly from patient to patient— the spectrum is wide (to put it mildly). Little else is known about autism—the most controversial and mysterious piece being the cause—making it an...


20. How to Diagnosis and Treat Endometriosis - Too Sick and Naked

Treating Endometriosis: Endometriosis is a condition where tissue (similar to the lining of the uterus) forms outside of the uterus inducing inflammation and scar tissue. This tissue is can also grow on ovaries, the bladder, and the bowel. And did you know that endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women? With numbers like that why is there so little discussion of the disease? Why did I (a middle class girl from NYC) have no idea what endometriosis was until I began my health journey at 26 years...


19. Root Causes and Cures for Autoimmunity - Too Sick and Naked

Sascha Alexander: Sascha has one of those all-too-common stories: Her symptoms began at eight years old and diagnoses only began trickling in 12 years later. Migraines, sinus infections, and chronic yeast infections were just some of her complaints. Like many of us, she was over-treated with antibiotics and, quickly, her health started to unravel. With the onset of her period came a host of new symptoms which later led to a Hashimoto's diagnosis. However, getting Hashimoto's under control...


18. Narcolepsy and Cataplexy, with Annie Howard - Too Sick and Naked

Narcolepsy with Cataplexy Generally, narcolepsy comes about between the ages of 10-25, presenting with symptoms like excessive daytime sleepiness, cataplexy, sleep disruption, sleep paralysis and hallucinations. It takes most people an average of seven doctors and ten years to get the correct diagnosis. What exactly triggers narcolepsy is unknown and being studied. Cataplexy presents as the weakening of muscles when you feel strong emotions and is often a sign of narcolepsy but does NOT...


17. Eating Disorders and Autoimmune Disease - Too Sick and Naked

This Episode: "My eating disorder recovery is about gentleness, self-love and compassion." Jessica Perlman bravely discusses her eating disorder with us, diving into how it manifests in her life, what triggers her, and what recovery looks and feels like. It's extra complex for Jessica— she also has autoimmune diseases, and one of the most well-known treatments for autoimmune disease is a hyper-restrictive diet. Diet restriction can destroy the mental health and physical health of a person...


15. Postpartum Thyroiditis Turned Hashimoto’s Disease - Too Sick and Naked

Hashimoto's Disease: Often confused with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease is an autoimmune thyroid disorder. That means you get the best sides of both worlds—*sense the sarcasm*. Symptoms include extreme fatigue, weight gain and hair loss (thyroid) as well as inflammation and joint pain (autoimmune). My guest this week, Laura Guzik-Cohn brings us her personal battle with Hashimoto's disease. Laura's symptoms began after giving birth to her son, an already lonely and exhausting time. We...