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Tool Talk with Eddie Paul

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Tool Talk with Rich the Cop and John Rimpau

Eddie and a couple of old friends (John and Rich the Cop) talk about some funny facts that came about during a few of the past builds for film projects. Some of these stories have never been told before and one of them involved a large animal of the rodent family that got lose in his shop terrorizing them all and the tools involved in the elimination of that menace.

Duration: 00:34:30

Tool Talk with Army Maguire

Richard "Army" Maguire has been a professional animal trainer for most of his adult life. He presently teachesmartial arts and fitness. He is the owner of Ageless Strength Productionsand has a website that was launched to promote the ancient traditions ofexercise around the world.He can be reached through his website

Duration: 00:37:08

Tool Talk with Lesley Cooke of Tru-Line

Like father like daughter or vice versa? When Lesley Cooke took the wheel at her dad's company a legacy continued! Aside from great products and service Lesley is one car cookie that never crumbles. An avid enthusiaast and racer Lesley is just one fun conversation after another and when you check out what she's driving is is most assuredly NOT her fathers Oldsmobile!

Duration: 00:39:53

Tool Talk Finding a Job

You can learn a skill but not a personality. What people are looking for in employees these days. Learn confidence and real life success tips on how to get that job you want.

Duration: 00:26:45

Tool Talk With South Bay Custom's Michael Schreiber

South Bay Customs is an American Motorcycle shop, Art Gallery and Live Music Venue all rolled into one. They are located in El Segundo's Smokey Hallow district, in the heart of LA's famed South Bay. They specialize in designing and building hand crafted motorcycles as well as producing live music events and art shows throughout the year. "Motors / Art / Music"... it's not only their motto, it's what they do.

Duration: 00:35:18

Tool Talk with Bob Barns

For Tool Talk's 11th show, Eddie interviews Bob Barns from Verne's chrome plating. Verne's is local Southbay chrome shop that has been delivering show quality chrome for over 40 years.

Duration: 00:42:19

Tool Talk with guest Eddie Paul

Eddie Paul is the Host of Eddie Paul’s Tool Talk and when he interviews his next guest: Eddie Paul, he finds that he cannot get his guest to give up the microphone, so he lets him ramble on and on. But I think you will find this interview to be motivational and insightful and show you how anyone can accomplish more than the average person in the same amount of time, by just taking the word “Can’t” as a challenge to do something and not an obstacle to stop you from accomplishing something.

Duration: 00:23:01

Tool Talk w Kevin Pasko

Eddie talks to Kevin Pasko of Crop Circle.CropCircle is Design Consultancy focusing on digital work flows resulting in yesterday turnarounds while improving Precision and Style. CropCircle is a Collective of Design Professionals with an uncommon grasp on manufacturing. They strive to deliver production experiences that clients did not think they could afford.http://www.cropcircleportal.com

Duration: 00:24:00

Tool Talk with David Marder

David Marder was the Transportation coordinator/production supervisor for The Fast and the Furiousand 2 Fast 2 Furiousas well as may other movies such as xXx. He has worked in the film business over 40 years. Mostly on blockbuster automotive projects. Dave also brought Eddie Paul one of his first movie projects and helped get him into the film business. And they are still friends.

Duration: 00:24:24

Tool Talk with Ron Covell

Ron has spent much of his career working on street rods and custom motorcycles. His cars have won America's Most Beautiful Roadster awards at the Grand National Roadster Show twice, and he has done work on several other cars to win this coveted award, as well as many other awards at car shows across the country. His work on cars and motorcycles has been featured in countless magazine articles, in this country and abroad. Convinced that other people had an interest in...

Duration: 00:24:44

Tool Talk with Bernard Juchli from Jay Leno's Big Dog garage

Bernard Juchli is General Manager of Jay Leno's BIG DOG Garage and as such is charged with keeping the garage running smoothly. He supervises all the employees, and makes sure that Jay's car are repaired and maintained properly. He fabricates a lot of parts, especially for the pre-war cars when there are no new parts available. This is usually accomplished through reverse engineering or by designing a new part.He has a complete machine shop at his disposal to accomplish

Duration: 00:27:51

Tool Talk with MADercycles Mark Dugalley

Mark Dugalley of MADercycles : Who is MADercycles Take a look around. Open a magazine. How many builders do you see pushing the limits of different? How many bikes do you look at that make your jaw drop, literally?If you are looking for a Wide tired, chromed out, skulls and flames trailer queen, then we can point you out to 29 other shops who can help you out. If you want to snap necks so hard you will have to keep your lawyers business card on hand at all times, then you’ve come to the...

Duration: 00:26:14

Tool Talk Vrrrrooooms with RoadsterCycle

Eddie Welcomes Jack Fleming and a look into RoadsterCycle.

Duration: 00:26:04