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Bare thoughts fly about in our brains daily so we thought we'd put them in a podcast init... :)

Bare thoughts fly about in our brains daily so we thought we'd put them in a podcast init... :)
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United Kingdom


Bare thoughts fly about in our brains daily so we thought we'd put them in a podcast init... :)






Episode 29 'We've Come To Far, We Need To Go Back' (Feat. Mike & CJ)

Instrumental: Hucci - Panic Chord SPAC Nation, Being politically correct, Do you miss being single ?, MP with porn on his computer, Rita Ora, Being married and cheating, Sexual misconduct/ abuse/consent, One night stands, Girls that are always complaining about man, Woman's intuition, Lending the opposite sex money & more. Enjoy..

Duration: 01:46:10

We'll Name This Playlist Later II

I do not own this content. Uploaded for educational use. Terrace Martin - Triangle Ship (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) A2 - 411 Jorja Smith - Fine Line Nic Hundrds - NASA Avelino - 1 In A Million Youngs Teflon - Designer Diva Smino - Wild Irish Roses Bonkaz - Notebook Khalil Deveanne - Finer Things Skrapz - Think Of You Mercston - All Now (Remix) (Feat. Ghetts, Wretch 32 & Scorcher) Ghetts - 80s Swag (Feat. Youngs Teflon) Avelino - Youniverse Luu Breeze - Long Island Ice T Knucks - Selfish Mura Masa...

Duration: 01:09:55

Episode 28 'Saint Dominic Celaire' (Feat. Jordan & Tito)

Song: Joey Badass - Pantie Raid The World In General. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:09:01

We'll Name This Playlist Later

I do not own this content. Uploaded for educational use. PGBR - 2MRW Wretch 32 - Power Rhapsody - A Rollercoaster Jam Called Love Musiq Soulchild - I’m Good Khalil Devonne - Time & Place Bonkaz & Etta Bond - Young Hearts A2 - Gold Ty Dolla Sign - So Am I (Feat. Damian Marley & Skrillex) DRAM - Outta Sight Avelino - Sky Is The Limit Donaeo - Bingo (Feat. Shakka & Ghetts) Hiatus Kaiyote - Fingerprints SiR - Queen 808iNK - Flexing VanJess - Through Enough (Feat. Goldlink) Mick Jenkins - A...

Duration: 01:00:24

Episode 27 'Cis-hetronormative'

Post grad life.. Mental health.. Solo 45... Is everyone crazy... Travelling... Books & More Enjoy...

Duration: 01:28:41

Episode 26 'Live Your Best Life' (Feat. Tito)

Masego - Navajo (Colours Show) Action Bronson - My Right Lung D'Angelo - Can't Hide Love Dizzee Rascal - Man Of The Hour Accepting Your Trashness.. Manchester.. Drugs.. University.. Michael Jackson.. Nigeria Etc..Enjoy!

Duration: 01:33:17

Episode 25 | 'Edgy People' (Feat. Alex, Darnell, Myah & Larrisa)

Intro/Outro: Swift - Ugly Faces (Feat. Loski) Songs: Yxng Bane - Diamond (Feat. K Trap) Tee Grizzly - Beef (Feat. Meek Mill) IAMMDDB. - Conjuring Anderson. Paak - Am I Wrong Feat. ScHoolboy Q Rendezvous at 2 - Fuck Me Feed Me Daniel Caesar - Take Me Away (Feat. Syd) Are Girls Confused?..Jumping in DM's... Pro-Black & Married To A White Person.. Body Counts... What You'd Tell Your Younger-Self... Natural Hair & Weave.. Vegan-ism... Should Being Gay Stop Being An Announcement... Michael...

Duration: 01:43:11

Episode 24 | 'I Don't Feel Sorry For Girls' (Feat. David, Ali & Darnell)

Intro/Outro - NEXXTHURSDAY - Sway (Feat. Quavo & Lil Yachty) Gucci Mane - Tone It Down (Feat. Chris Brown) Dave East - Phone Jumpin Tino Wayne - Gone Bad (Feat. Geko & One Acen) Lil Brother - Slow It Down Amine - Blinds Lateness In The Black Community, Arsenal/Arsene Wenger, SayPhilzki, Dominic Celaire, Online Bullying, Staring At Females In Public, Mayweather/McGregor, Pornography Accessibility, Identity Clashes, What Turns People Psycho, Few Different Scenarios Etc.. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:45:07

Episode 23 | The Reflective Episode + Music

A Reflective Episode. Songs: Jesse Boykins III – Fever Little Simz - Days Like This (Interlude) ft. Josh Arcé Kanye West – White Dress Damian Marley – Grown & Sexy (Feat. Stephen Marley) Ghetts – 80s Swag (Feat. Youngs Teflon) Azealia Banks – 1991 Loick Essien – Jelousy (Feat. Stefflon Don) Goldlink – On & On Adrien Marcel – Nolimit Chip – Amazing Minds (Feat. Giggs)

Duration: 00:54:38

Episode 22 | 'Lineups' (Feat. David + Keziah)

Moving to girls in social media or in person... Interracial & Interreligious dating... Going church but living a different movie... Premarital sex... Weaves & Make Up.. Being friends with people that are doing road etc.. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:51:30

Episode 21 | 'Bizzle's Fi Dead' (Feat. Jason & Wole)

Song: Calvin Harris - Prayers Up (feat. Travis Scott & A-Trak) Your past effecting your future dealings with people... Girls dealing with rejection.. Celebacy/Abstinence.. Fat shaming.. Online dating & Catfishes.. Keeping your relationship private.. R Kelly... Cunalingas etc.. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:22:34

Episode 19 (Feat. David & Micah)

Song: Migos - To Hotty Jhus' album.. Greenfeld Tower.. Potential Riots.. What's going on in world today.. "Gamebreaker"... Lying for pussoir?.. Calling a guy daddy during sex?.. Safaree & Meek Mill... Definition of racism.. Snapchat location addition.. Attachment to phones etc... Enjoy!

Duration: 01:42:34

Episode 18

A Few Top 3's... Long term relationships... Education curriculums... Fraud...Colonialism.... etc.. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:44:29

Episode 15 - The Return Of The Yellows

Song: Kai Jones - Wonder Trans-age man, trans-species, transracial.. The idea of a "carefree" man.. Is masculinity fragile.. Bootymaster 3000... Who eats ass?... Sugar Daddy's... Sex Toys.. Marriage... Girls who claim that a guy "used" them.. Kodak Black... Enjoy!

Duration: 01:38:09

Episode 14 (Feat. Amy & Tara)

French Boy Cheating Video, Is It Possible For Guys To Cheat Without The Intention Of Wanting To Hurt Their Girl, Showing Your Girl Off Online, Papoose & Remy Ma, Drake's Baby Mother , The "Ugly" Friend Situation, Polygamy, Girls Moving To Boys, Theresa May, Joe Budden & Lil Yachty, Ex Stories, When Yomi Got Assaulted By 3 Females, Festival Season and Shape Up's & Make Up.. Enjoy

Duration: 01:25:47

Episode 13 (Feat. Naomi & Michael)

One thing you wish you could take back...If you could change anything about the world what would it be.. Talented artists that aren't mainstream..Education curriculums..Years going by too quickly..Travelling..Tattoos...How responsible are celebrities as role models...Bobby brown : we gonna see a WW3... Enjoy!

Duration: 01:21:50

Episode 12 (Feat. Renee)

Spoilers on Get Out the film, Terrorist Attacks, Is Obesity The Persons Fault + Music .. Enjoy !

Duration: 01:57:11

Episode 11 (Feat. Kosa & Isabelle)

Best piece of advice you've ever got.. Do you ever talk to yourself.. Funniest person you know + why... Social media & narcissism... Feminism.. First date etiquette.. Is chivalry dead? & A few other topics.. Enjoy!

Duration: 02:34:03

Episode 10 (Feat. Chey & Jordan)

20/21 year olds chatting to 16 year olds... Phone sex... Good guys vs Bad Guys.. What do you look for in the opposite sex... People changing at uni.. Is South London as bad as everyone says it is?.. Gentrification.. If you had one super power what would it be and why?.. Most creative way you've moved to a female... Enjoy!

Duration: 01:29:41

Episode 9 (Feat. Ced, Tarbz & Stevo)

Have you ever been rushed.. Would you back your friend in madness.. Burning bridges.. Growing apart from people you've grown up with.. Thoughts on younger generations - is it more dangerous growing up now.. Bouncers/Discrimination.. First year memories... Girls who stop their friends chatting to boys.. Thoughts on Drake - More Life.. American response to Giggs.. Are you any less of a man if your beard don't connect.. When is it okay to fart in front of your partner.. When your parents call...

Duration: 01:33:39

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