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If you're tired of all of the Internet Marketing hype and just looking for straight forward advice from two no-nonsense seven figure online marketers, then Top Marketing Strategies is for you. Mike and Troy are known for their SEO background, but don't really fancy themselves as SEO guru's - in fact, they rather hate that term. Instead they prefer to think of themselves as online entrepreneurs and small business marketers first and foremost. You'll discover their approach to getting traffic from the search engines, paid traffic campaigns, conversions, general marketing, multi-channel marketing and anything else that will help you transform your online business. Most of all they both appreciate their lifestyle of running their business from a notebook anywhere in the world (Troy's family is Brazilian and he frequently travels back and forth) and the time it allows them to spend with their families. Mike and Troy bring you candid and straight forward advice about Internet Marketing, content marketing strategies and SEO (search engine optimization) - no "theory" allowed. Everything you hear comes straight from the pains of experience as this marketing duo practices what they preach in their own online business each and every day. If you're looking for "magic buttons" or "instant success" then this is NOT for you. But if you understand that building a business online takes some work and are prepared to join us along our journey, then you should feel right at home. Be careful who you listen to online today, because most giving advice have never done it themselves - scary, but true.






TMS024: Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales & Marketing: The Definitive Guide to W

80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide To Working Less and Making More – that pretty much says it all, right? Well check out the podcast to learn much more as Perry joins us for an hour of awesome conversation. Perry Marshall becomes the first person we have invited back on the show for a second time – yeah, he’s that good! Seriously, I think Perry has one of the most keen business mindsets in this saturated marketing niche. Many people mistakenly just think of Perry as “the...

Duration: 02:34:35

TMS023: Analyzing Your Competition with Max Teitelbaum

When it comes to starting a paid traffic campaign, nothing is more important than getting a solid start by doing quality research BEFORE you start spending money. WhatRunsWhere.com is just the tool to use and the co-creator, Max Teitelbaum joins us to discuss competitive analysis and much more. You know we enjoy going straight to the source and that is exactly what this weeks episode is all about. WhatRunsWhere.com is widely recognized as one of the best competitive analysis and ad...

Duration: 01:37:31

TMS022: Facebook Ad Secrets with Keith Kranc

When it comes to advertising today, there is nothing more targeted and powerful than Facebook. It has risen to the point of even surpassing Google advertising in effectiveness and if you’re not using it in your business, well, then you’re missing out. Like anything, however, there are some insider tactics with Facebook that work better than others. Knowing the right guy to talk to that has the history to know those insider tips and tricks makes all the difference. That is exactly why we...

Duration: 03:03:24

TMS021: Leveraging Solo Ads for Traffic, Leads and Sales with Daegan Smith

We all know that direct email to our own lists is one of the most powerful ways to generate sales – warm traffic rules! Well, the next best thing is taking your high converting offer to another related and targed email list. That’s exactly what is covered in this episode! Join us as we dive into solo ad marketing big time with a seven-figure business builder Daegan Smith – a guy that knows a thing or two about solo ad marketing (yeah, he built his entire business on it). Enjoy the podcast!...

TMS020: Perry Marshall Unleashes Adwords PPC Wisdom – Pay Attention

Does Google’s Adwords have you scared off? Well, we’ve got Perry Marshall to the rescue (cape and all)! Perry is the leading expert in Google Adwords and has been using it since it was first released. There simply is no one out there that has more experience with Adwords than Perry. The funny thing is, Perry is really candid about his relationship with Google and it probably will surprise you to hear what he has to say on the matter – it did us! PPC has long been the de facto standard when...

TMS019: Overlaying Your Ads On Your Competitor’s Sites with PPV (Gauher Cha

This week we wrap up our three part mini-series with Gauher Chaudhry and cover PPV (pay per view) traffic. This is one of the most targetable forms of paid traffic you’ll find and has many advantages that other forms of paid traffic don’t. For example, the ability to put popup ads right over the top of your competitor’s websites – now THAT is targeted. This is one of the best forms of paid traffic for many to start with because of how laser targeted it is and it is also Gauher’s “baby”....

TMS018: Non-Google PPC with Gauher Chaudhry

This week continues are three-part segment with Gauher Chaudhry in our paid traffic series. Last week Gauher talked all about PPT and it was a real eye-opener to many as it’s not a super well known form of paid traffic. This week Gauher dives into the bread and butter of his experience – pay per click or PPC traffic. But what we really like about Gauher is that his PPC experience is very exhaustive and complete. Most people think of PPC and *assume* you’re talking about Google Adwords. And...

TMS017: Gauher Chaudhry Reveals How to Get Super Cheap Traffic with PPT

We kick off a three part series on PPT, non-Google PPC and PPV with Gauher Chaudhry in this episode and it’s great one! We start out this week focusing on PPT and in the upcoming episodes with Gauher we’ll move into the other topics of non-Google PPC and PPV as well. PPT is another form of paid traffic that many people are not aware of yet it is super powerful and big volume. Not only that, but it’s a very easy traffic platform to learn on – maybe one of the easiest out there to get...

TMS016: Marketing Savant Neil Patel Shares His Marketing Lessons Learned

Every now and then the stars align and you get that great opportunity – this week is one of those weeks. We had the opportunity to interview one of the great young and talented marketers online today this week and it was a lot of fun for us and we know it will be for you as well. There just aren’t that many marketers online that have achieved what Neil Patel has achieved at such a young age. But what’s most inspiring about the interview is his approach. In fact, we absolutely love the word...

TMS015: Direct Media Buy Specialist Chad Hamzeh Reveals the Goods

Chad Hamzeh is one of the most talented young media buyers out there and we were thrilled to have him for this weeks episode. Media buying can bring some huge traffic and fast and Chad’s just the guy to get it done. After years of specializing in big media buys Chad has a very unique approach going direct that few have ever talked about. If you always wondered what the big guys do but don’t tell you, well, you’re about to find out in this very candid and detailed interview. Enjoy the...

TMS014: Big Traffic with Banners and Media Buys

This week we start our paid traffic series in detail by jumping right into the deep water with banner traffic, retargeting and media buys. This is where the big boys play. And, speaking of big boys, we’ve got a very special guest coming up in our next episode, so stay tuned. Despite what you may have heard, it’s really not that hard to get started with banner traffic – especially retargeting traffic. In this episode you’ll hear the good, the bad and the down right ugly when it comes to...

TMS013: Paid Traffic Series Kickoff

When we first launched the podcast in December, we spent the first few episodes talking about what works for organic traffic generation. If you missed those episodes, make sure and check them out – there were eleven episodes in all. This week, however, we want to kickoff a new series – on the corollary – our friend, paid traffic. So many people mistakenly think that paid traffic means just Google Adwords. But the truth is, there are sooooo many paid traffic options that it will make your...

TMS012: David Garland of TheRiseToTheTop.com Talks about Building Authority

This week we deviate from our model a bit and have some fun with an interview with my friend David Siteman Garland of TheRiseToTheTop.com. David has an excellent job of leveraging the authority of others to build up a huge audience and his own authority along the way. He’s a published author, runs a successful blog and YouTube Show and much more. I reached out to David to interview him when we launched ourBuilding Authority Sites productbecause of his unique perspective and approach to...

TMS011: Make Money Online With Product Review Sites

Probably the single most common question we get from people is “I want to get started with some passive income online part time to supplement my day job income, what’s the best way to get started?”. It’s a very common goal and objective, and once achieved, many are “hooked” on online marketing and begin the transition to a full time stay at home marketing career. We don’t preach the “easy button” approach as there simply is no magic solution to making money online, but creating quality...

TMS010: Small Business Video Marketing Blueprint

Video, video and more video! This podcast wraps up our series on the most effective strategies for digital marketing today. And, no, it’s not the last one because it’s the lowest priority. In fact, video may very well indeed be the HIGHEST priority of all of the strategies we’ve covered in the past few weeks. We do, however, take a very different approach to video in this podcast than most do. In fact, we basically ignore YouTube in this podcast and instead focus on an even HIGHER PRIORITY...

TMS009: Exact Match Domains as a Traffic Magnet

EMD’s are every marketer’s best friend – right? Say what? Never heard of an EMD? Well whether you’ve heard of them or are even an experienced marketer using EMD’s, this episode has got a ton of golden nuggets on how to leverage EMDs for all they’re worth and rake in more traffic, more leads and, most importantly, more sales. There are a lot of approaches to using EMDs – some are purely tactical and others quite strategic in nature. We discuss the various approaches as well as give you some...

TMS008: Social Marketing – nah, Let’s talk Social Engagement & Google Autho

Everyone’s a Social Marketing expert these days and about every other article written seems to be about the latest and greatest social marketing tactic d’jour. So what’s our take on all of this? Well, it will likely surprise you a bit… Not only do we not claim to be Social Marketing mavens, but we also choose to instead redirect the conversation entirely and discuss what we feel is more important in the social arena – social engagement. We even reveal some very “unsexy” but useful forms of...

TMS007: Linkbuilding Ain’t SEO – No Matter What You’ve Heard

Linkbuilding, link building and more LINK building – isnt’ that all that SEO is? Stop, rewind, take it back a few paces – we’ve got a very different perspective. The fact is that SEO is a lot more complex than simple linkbuilding, despite what you may have heard, and if that is what you’ve been fed then you’re eatin’ some poison fruit. In this episode – continuing our Top 10 Marketing Strategies of 2013 – you’ll get the straight scoop on linkbuilding as well as learn what we’re doing and...

TMS006: Boosting Your Site’s Speed, Performance and Security

The next installment in our Top 10 Effective Marketing Strategies for 2013 arrives today and it’s an “odd duck”. In fact, I doubt that most marketers would consider site performance and security to be a marketing strategy – but it is. Your site’s speed has a much bigger role in your marketing than you may think – and not just in how well it ranks within Google either. Don’t get fooled into only thinking about Google traffic – the most important thing to remember is to value your user’s...

TMS005: Leveraging Guest Posting for More Links, More Traffic & Building Re

Guest blog posting – isn’t that old school? Yes, it is – but it works and works well especially in this post-Panda era of SEO. Mike and talk about this and many other strategies for how to use guest blog posting and leverage it in your marketing strategy as we continue our series on the Top 10 Marketing Strategies Today. We talk about how and why guest posting has become so popular again in 2012 and is once again a very important marketing strategy. We’ll also talk about some of our...

Duration: 00:20:28

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