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An inside look into the world of basketball, from the view of the fans

An inside look into the world of basketball, from the view of the fans
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An inside look into the world of basketball, from the view of the fans






Toronto Sport Matters Podcast 40 - Part two with Adeel Sahibzada (assistant coach for Ryerson Rams)

In quarter 1 (Raps Roundup) the group discusses the recent success of the Raptors including the games against the Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets and New York Knicks. Here, Greg tells us why after his visit to New York City, the Toronto Raptors have developed an empire state of mind. We also talk about upcoming games against the Pacers and potential playoff matchups for the team. In quarter 2 (NBA News) we talk about the possibility of the Spurs missing the playoffs, the recent hot streak...


Toronto Sport Matters Podcast 39 - Adeel Sahibzada (assistant coach for the Ryerson Rams)

On this week's podcast, we discuss Raptors ball, including three impressive wins against the Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks and the Washington Wizards. We then look at the recent play of forwards Pascal Siakam and CJ Miles, as well as taking a look at the roller coaster season for Norman Powell. We then look at general NBA news including the stumbling Cleveland Cavaliers, the mid season additions for the 76ers, the emergence of the Trailblazers as a viable contender in the Western...


Toronto Sport Matters Podcast 38 - FIBA Qualifiers

In this week’s episode, the three man panel open’s up with a discussion about David Griffin’s Toronto Raptors comments, specifically related to the bench mob and the success of the Fred Vanvleet. We next conduct our Raptors roundup, including the late game no-calls against the Milwaukee Bucks and the blowout victories against the Pistons and Magic. We next turn our attention to news around the NBA, including the MVP front runners and the east-west playoff picture. Here we also dive into...


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 37

In this week's podcast, our four man panel discusses the events from All-Star weekend including Fergie's national anthem nightmare. We next complete a full rundown of Toronto Raptor's roster, giving individual grades for each Raptor up to this point in the season. We next complete a full rundown of the Toronto Raptors roster, giving individual grades for the team up to this point in the season. Brandan then introduces issues of sexual misconduct within the Dallas Mavericks organization and...


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 36

On this weeks episode, we start the discussion with the latest Raptors games against the Heat and Bulls, the best and worst playoffs matchup's and the struggles to close out games in the fourth quarter. We then go into the Raptors rotation during the playoffs, and if Dwayne Casey will shorten the bench minutes or be forced to play the Bench Mob. Looking around the NBA, we look at the new-look Cavaliers and how we think the new roster matches up against the Raps. We listen to Chris Bosh...


Toronto Sport Matters Podcast 35 - Jack Armstrong, PT 2

In this episode we air the second part of our interview with Jack Armstrong. During the interview, we pick his brain on the Toronto Raptors related topics, including the teams bench mob, Ibaka’s ‘temper’, and the looming trade deadline and what the Raptors should do. In the panel discussion portion of the podcast, the group talks about the Raptors past week, with a focus on our blowout win against the Boston Celtics and the improved play of Fred VanVleet. Moving to topics around the NBA we...


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 34 - Jack Armstrong, PT 1

On this week’s podcast we interview legendary Toronto Raptors commentator Jack ‘ the coach’ Armstrong. In the first portion of this two-part interview, we ask Jack to comment on the American media coverage of the Toronto Raptors franchise, and why such a successful NBA team consistently gets ignored by major media outlets. We then shift our focus to Jack’s coaching career, where he opens up about his experiences as a coach and how they have affected his basketball philosophy. We next move...


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 33

In this week’s podcast, the group discusses the Toronto Raptors recent success, including the selection of Kyle Lowery and Demar Derozen to the Eastern Conference All-Star team. We also ask which players got snubbed and how the new format will affect the game itself. We next turn our attention to news around the league with a specific focus on the Jason Kidd firing, the trade rumors circulating around the Cleveland Cavaliers, the controversy surrounding Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio...


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 32

In this weeks episode, we discuss the Toronto Raptors recent games against Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors. We also discuss the teams big win over the Detroit Pistons last night. We also divulge into subject matter pertaining to potential trade deadline targets for the raptors, the emergence of the Drake sponsored Welcome Home Toronto program, as well as why Dwayne Casey deserves coach of the year consideration. announcement. We next move to general NBA news, including the...


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 31

This week, we recap the last month of NBA action. We open the show discussing the recent success of theToronto Raptors, as well as how the team has fared without Kyle Lowry. We switch the conversation over to general NBA news, including the Leonard injury, Curry's shaky ankles and the return of Isaiah Thomas to the Cavs. We spend the latter half of the show evaluating mid season performance of all teams in the Eastern conference.


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 30

On podcast 30, our Raptors discussion starts off with the usage of CJ Miles; Grafen asking if he's maximizing his top potential. Next we look at the Ringers top 25 players this season and discuss the omission of both Derozan and Lowry. Our first topic in The Six focuses on discussing the best/worst free agent signings from the offseason at each position. We then look at the trade involving Okafor and who emerged as the winner from the trade. Next Greg gives his take on the Pelicans and the...


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 29

Raps Update - We discuss the Raptors recent success and why the American media has suddenly taken notice. In this segment we will also debate the Jonas Valančiūnas issue, as well as Dwane Casey's lineups. The Six - We turn our attention to the six most trending issues in the NBA: The Thunder's struggles, Big man trade rumours, the surging Cavaliers, technical foul mania, Steph Curry's injury and the quarter season awards. We end the podcast with a brief discussion on Drake's play-by-play...


Toronto Sport Matters Podcast 28

In this podcast we discus the recent rumours involving Marc Gasol going to the Toronto Raptors. Jovon and Brandan also talk about the improved play of the Indiana Pacers as well as the recent struggles of the Memphis Grizzlies. The guys will also touch base on the impressive start of the Philadelphia 76ers, the rise of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, the Markelle Fultz injury situation as well as the emergence of a new powerhouse in the eastern conference.


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 27

This week we look at the Raptors four game winning streak, the upcoming road trip, Demar's POW and how our style of play has changed since facing Boston. Next we talk about pretenders and contenders in both the East and Western Conferences, and the emergence of the Pistons - are they a legit threat, or will they fizzle out like the Magic. We look statistically into why the Clippers are so bad this year, and if they will rebound, especially after the injury of Beverley will force Austin...


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 26

On this week's episode we cover the last week in Raptor's land, including a win against Portland and a loss against Denver. Next we discuss surprise teams in the NBA, including the Magic and the Cavs. We also lay out the latest Eric Bledsoe trade buzz and discuss the best structural fits. Next we turn our attention to NBA unicorns including Ben Simmons, Giannis and Kristaps. Finally, we talk about rookie failures and successes thus far as well as the media's obsession with Lonzo Ball.


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 25

Analyzing the Toronto Raptors through four games. Assessment of the two losses against elite teams and debating how close we are to being a legit championship contender. Can we improve our 3 point shooting or should we fall back to ISO ball? How the emergence of our bigs off the bench creates a debate on Ibaka's contract. Also, how OG's play has influenced our thoughts on Norman Powell's contract extension. Looking at Earl Watson's early dismissal as head coach of the Suns, and debating...


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 24

In this podcast, we discuss the major story lines that have headlined the start of the NBA season. Broadcasting live during the first Raptors game, we predict how this season will go for Toronto as well as other NBA teams. We discuss the gruesome Gordon Hayward injury, the upside of the Philadelphia 76's and if the Houston Rockets are a real challenge to the Warriors. The group also debates the ceiling of the Greek Freak, discusses early fantasy ball prospects and introduces our new segment...


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 23

In our introductory podcost to the 2nd season of TSM we discuss: - Toronto Raptors projections - Major NBA moves - Contract Extensions - The evolution of the NBA - NBA resting policy - Young league talents - Our fantasy team!


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 22

Discussing the Kyrie Irving - IT trade and what potentially can happen with the hip injury going forward, Bruno Caboclo getting kicked off the Brazilian team, who will play for the Raptors at the 3 spot in the crunch minutes by the playoffs? And a breakdown of the Southwest Division


Toronto Basketball Matters Podcast 21

We breakdown the Pacific Division - Talk about our top 5 Canadian basketball players of all time - And finish with a discussion on the consensus top 5 picks in the 2018 NBA draft


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