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Born from the core crew of CLR (Central London Radio), with the addition of some very good new people, at it's peak Touchdown FM had some 49 DJ's (+MCs +Crew). From memory, and in no particular order, they were: Tony J, Decktician, Kenny K, Steve Nut Nut Munster, DSP, Blue Dread, DJ Space, DJ Sky, G (Ruff Crew), TC (Ruff Crew), Mixmaster Max (+MC Shire), Sly T (+MC Switch), DJ Chips (Lawrence Anthony), Paul M (+MC Rossi), The Doc, The Fuzz, Pebbles, Lee Junior, JCJ, Double G (Goldie), Storm, Kemistry (rip), DJ Trace, Deckjammer, Kevski, Mixmag, Pieman (rip), Baby G, DJ Hooligan (Ruff Crew), R-Type, Master Mad, DJ Spinner, Tony "Action" Anderson, Tony Tuf, Des Duffy, Little John, DJ Tuff, DJ FT, Mr X, The Joker, Dancemaster, Justice, The BearMixer, Faulty Dave, Sexy Rick, DJ Spirit, Silver Surfer, Dave Patterson, Huggy Bear, Jom. Feel free to remind me of any I may have omitted. Not forgetting the ever-present crew, Bubbles, Princess and Porridge (rip), DJ Geezaa.



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