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The Tough Girl Podcast is all about inspiring and motivating YOU! I will be interviewing inspirational women from around the world, who’ve faced and overcome difficult challenges and situations, they will share their story, their knowledge and provide advice and essential tips for you to overcome your own personal challenges.






Sarah Williams - Thru hiking the Appalachian Trail (2,190 miles) in 100 days!

On the 3rd June I started my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, 2,190 miles in 100 days. This was a dream I had last year, and if you've been following my daily podcast you'll know the challenges I've faced to get to the start line. During this podcast I’m being interviewed by my awesome sister, Caroline Wellingham. We discuss in detail the challenge, what it was like every day, how I dealt with the high points & low points, what I loved, what I learned and why I won’t be doing the trail...

Duration: 01:26:28

Caroline Elliott - French Search and Rescue - Mountain rescue with avalanche dog 'Fjord'

Caroline has spent over 10 years working in ski patrol rescue and most recently as a SAR (Search and Rescue) dog handler. She is passionate about ski touring and generally being outside in nature. She enjoys sharing her professional experience with others, helping to train adults and youngsters in snow awareness so they can go out and enjoy the mountains to the full. During this podcast we will learn more about Caroline and how her love for skiing grew and what path she choose to get to...

Duration: 00:40:31

Sam Taylor - trying 100 sports and fitness classes in a year and now helping women to find their Get Up and Go in their community!

At 35, Sam Taylor struggled to leave the sofa in the evenings and prioritised a wine over a walk. Working full time and running around after three children, she was facing a sedentary future. And then she decided to try something different. One hundred different things in a year, in fact. As a self-confessed gymphobe, with a fear of heights and a questionable pelvic floor, she experienced challenges within challenges as she set about trying 100 different sports and fitness classes in a...

Duration: 00:53:27

Laura Maisey - In September 2016, she ran from Rome to London, a journey of 1,249 miles.

Show notes Andrew P. SykesAnna McNuff!Project AwesomeLove Her WildEtch RockHuffington Post Blog/Website New- twitter handle!!- @Maisey24 My Links! ✩ Twitter - ✩ Instagram - ✩ Blog/Website - ✩ FaceBook - ✩ TRIBE - ✩ Tumblr -...

Duration: 00:48:45

Catherine Edsell - Expedition Leader for 20 years

Professionally; Catherine has worked on the beaches of Costa Rica protecting leatherback sea turtles and their nests, and as a jungle guide in the Corcovado rainforest… She held the position of Forest Operations manager for Operation Wallacea, running jungle training courses, and organising logistics for extremely remote scientific biodiversity studies in the forests, mountains and coral islands of Buton, Kabaena, and Wakatobi national park, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia... She has...

Duration: 01:01:21

Pip Hare - Professional ocean racing sailor who was part of the all female team who won the 3 Peaks Yacht Race in 2016

Tough Girl - Pip Hare - Professional ocean racing sailor who was part of the all female team who won the 3 Peaks Yacht Race in 2016 Pip Hare is a professional ocean racing sailor, with a wealth of experience over the past 16 years in the marine industry, clocking up over 120,000 miles across the worlds’ oceans, including the Pacific, the Atlantic and as far south as Patagonia. With steely determination and a high ambition, Pip achieved has taken part in a major short handed Ocean Racing...

Duration: 00:56:56

Suzy Favour Hamilton - Olympian x3, NYT Best Selling Author - “Fast Girl – A Life Spent Running From Madness”, & Mental Health Advocate

Suzy was the US Junior Record Holder at 1500m and won 3 National Junior Titles in High School. Competing professionally, Suzy won seven USA National titles, set two American Records, was a three-time Olympian, ran her specialty 1500m under 4:00 five times and at the time was the second fastest American Woman in history. In 2000, Suzy was the fastest woman in the world, but came last in her race at the Sydney Olympics. Triggered by feelings of inadequacy, Suzy slipped further into...

Duration: 01:05:11

Nayla Tawa - Producer. Director. Adventurer. Humanitarian.

Return to Kyrgyzstan is focused on raising awareness about the local community and a Kyrgyz man named Hayat Tarikov who is dramatically changing Kyrgyz children’s lives through skiing. It also tells the compelling story of Nayla’s own return back to Kyrgyzstan 4 years after a catastrophic accident there left her on the brink of death. She organises adventure travel trips with a focus on filming stories of interest in far corners of the world. Nayla was born in the French Alps to an...

Duration: 01:14:23

Naomi Kutin - The strongest girl in the world. Naomi “Supergirl” can lift 3x her body weight and holds multiple world records in powerlifting!

At just 15 years old, Naomi Kutin has already established herself in the world of powerlifting gaining her first world record at nine. While powerlifting may not seem the typical sport of choice for a young girl, Naomi has grown up with it. Naomi’s father is an accomplished powerlifter himself and now, after watching Naomi’s success, her younger brother Ari has also taken up the sport, making it a family affair. Being an Orthodox Jew, Naomi sometimes encounters difficulties with her...

Duration: 00:36:15

Tina Muir - is a 2:36 marathoner and GB runner who has not had a period for 9 years.

Tina Muir is a 2:36 marathoner and Great Britain runner who recently shocked the running world by taking a hiatus to focus on starting a family and overcoming amenorrhea. Tina created the Running for Real Community to foster a healthy mindset around running. This is a space where runners can explore, embrace, and get better from setbacks through inspiring podcasts, videos, and blog posts, and most importantly, sharing thoughts and experiences. Behind every personal best, there are plenty...

Duration: 00:55:57

Shu Pillinger - 1st British woman to complete RAAM Solo in 2015 after broken clavicle in 2014.

Achievements 2013 - Ladies British National Champion at Double Ironman! 2015 - RAAM - 12 days 9 hours and 12 mins to become the first British Women to do so and the 37th women ever! Show notes ENDUROMAN Social Media Twitter - @shupillinger Website - Feeling inspired week after week? You can do 3 easy things to help me continue to grow the podcast! iTunesiTunes#ToughGirlPodcast Your support helps me continue to grow the podcast and do inspiring things...

Duration: 00:58:02

Tashi and Nungshi Malik - 1st siblings and twins to climb the 7 Summits and reach the North and South Poles and complete the Explorers Grand Slam.

Despite roots in one of India’s most conservative rural Haryana state notorious for its skewed sex ratio in favour of boys, Nungshi and Tashi Malik, by 23 years old had achieved several global gender iconic milestones. They are the world’s first siblings and twins as well as youngest persons and the first South Asians to complete the ‘Adventurers Grand Slam’ (scaling highest peaks in all continents including Everest, and skiing to North and South Poles). Guinness World Records has already...

Duration: 00:57:38

Guin Batten, a former professional rower who won an Olympic silver medal in Sydney in 2000

Guin was introduced to rowing by her sister at 19 whilst at Southampton University. In her early years Guin excelled in a variety of school sports, playing county hockey and athletics. During this podcast we learn more about the set backs that Guin faced trying to follower her dream, from being told she would never make it as a rower, to being so broke she was sleeping on changing room floors. This is a story of courage and conviction and how by work hard, using everything you have you...

Duration: 01:02:32

Kim Constantinesco - Editor-in-Chief of @Purpose2Play, Big mountain snowboarder, Stunt Woman who is addicted to storytelling & living boldly

Kim broke her neck while doing a backflip on her snowboard. After making a complete recovery, she reinserted adventure back into her life with things like competing in big mountain snowboarding and even going to school to learn how to become a stunt woman. She is the Editor-in-Chief of, a U.S. based digital publication that tells the positive and inspiring stories in sports. She routinely explores how and why athletes are able to overcome great physical and mental...

Duration: 00:42:21

Laura Bingham is an English adventurer best known for completing a cross-continent cycle of South America in July 2016.

Show notes “follow your dreams” Social Media Twitter @laurabingham Instagram @laurabingham Feeling inspired week after week? You can do 3 easy things to help me continue to grow the podcast! iTunesiTunes#ToughGirlPodcast Your support helps me continue to grow the podcast and do inspiring things in this space! Already done all 3? You’re a rockstar! Thank you! Want to do more? Please become a Patron and donate a small fixed amount every month to help fund the runnings costs.

Duration: 00:52:19

Ness Knight - Accidental adventurer & explorer, whose cycled solo + unsupported 2000 miles across the USA, & first female in history to swim the length of the Thames River!

EXPEDITIONS: •First female to stand up paddleboard 1000 miles (Missouri river, USA) •Cycled solo + unsupported 2000 miles across the USA •First female in history to swim the length of the Thames River (UK) •400 mile run – 15 marathons back-to-back (London to Land’s End, UK) •Namib Desert solo fatbike expedition (2016) •Upcoming: Record attempt – first female to row the Pacific Ocean solo and non-stop Show notes Roz Savage Tough Girl PodcastYour body language shapes who you areThe...

Duration: 01:12:34

Elspeth Beard - in 1982 at age 22 Elspeth set off on a solo motorbike trip around the world! Taking 2.5 years, covering a distance of 48,000 miles!

In 1982 at age 22 Elspeth set off on a solo motorbike trip around the world. The journey took her 2.5 years and she covered a distance of 48,000 miles taking in the sites of North America, Australasia, Asia & Europe. This was all done in the age before mobile phones and internet. During her travels Elspeth rode through post-revolutionary Iran during the war with Iraq. She survived life threatening illnesses and numerous accidents. She witnessed civil uprisings that delayed her journey...

Duration: 00:55:32

PART 4! 7 Women - 7 Challenges

7 Women - 7 Challenges PART 4 At the start of 2017 after feedback from the Tough Girl Tribe. I started 7 Women - 7 Challenges. Throughout the year I will be interviewing 7 women as we follow them on their journey of going after their own personal challenges. We will learn what really has to happen for people to achieve their goals, we will hear about their frustrations, disappointments, set backs, as well as their successes and achievements. It is real stories, from real women, living...

Duration: 03:41:31

Bex Band - The Ordinary Adventurer who has walked 1,000 km across Israel, as well as being the first person to Kick Scoot the 240km London Loop trail!

After 6 years of living a 9-5 lifestyle, she had had enough. She was fed up of being stressed and overworked and had a mountain of baggage to contend with. She was burnt out, didn’t sleep well, was over-thinking all the time and had bouts of depression. She didn’t feel healthy. So, she decided to make a change. She quit her job, signed up to do a few challenges and… she is! Adventuring, travelling and living her absolute dream life. Since leaving her job she has completed the 240km...

Duration: 00:53:04

Phoebe Smith - extreme sleeping outdoors adventurer who thrives on heading off to the wildest locations she can find to sleep in the strangest places she can seek out!

Phoebe Smith is an adventurer, author, editor, presenter, speaker and filmmaker. By day she is award-winning editor of Wanderlust Travel Magazine, travel writer and presenter, by night she’s an extreme sleeping outdoors adventurer who thrives on heading off to the wildest locations she can find to sleep in the strangest places she can seek out. She was the first person to sleep at all the extreme points of mainland Britain – including the centremost point – which she did solo, on...

Duration: 00:50:52

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