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We’re Sleepy! Tournamental Takes a Little Break.

But don’t freak out! We’ll be back, hot and fresh, in 2017. So everybody just settle down, okay?

Duration: 00:01:12

Episode 123: “Halloween Edition! Skele-Tom-Selleck Tryna Come Kill You”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS: A group of tiny scary clowns. The bare Mitch project. Skele-Tom-Selleck. Ouija board. Polterscheiss. The Ghost Thrusters. A spooky carnival soothsayer. Centipede human. A chorus line of dancing skeletons. A fussy mom ghost. Feather Face. Did that suit of armor just move? Probably Captain Hook or something. Sinister Snake. Death on rollerblades. A babe in an ill-conceived sexy Bert costume. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS:

Duration: 00:43:41

Episode 113: “Road Trip Edition #2! Thelma and Luigi: The Original Suicide Squad”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS: Satan on a unicycle. Princess Peach. A group of twenty-somethings trying to find themselves. Tony Stork. Thelma and Luigi. Cole Trickle. Rain Man. Hasty Mrs Daytime. The Wild Hogs. California Brad. Hitchhiker Daryl. Bean There Done That. Daniel Simmons. Christine. Jack Kerouwang. Thelma and Louise.

Duration: 00:46:15

Episode 105: “Alan the Helpful Ogre”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS Mike Trout – Kodiak Bear. Sexy Big Bird. Kanye Hawking. Willy Scott. Centaur of Attention. Butter Toast. Alan the Helpful Ogre. Deaddrool. A soggy bowl of Vector. Poorly drawn Tournamental fan art. Michel Scott Bot. D-Bag Grandpa. Captain Americrab. George Gloomy. Teeny Genie. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: 1. Who would you rather have as your doctor doing the following medical emergency? 2. Who would you rather cosplay as for the rest of your life? 3....

Episode 103: “Mad Libs Edition! Smashing Words Together until Humor”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS: Lubed-up merman. Slippery hamster. Gropey Miss Daisy. Gun-slingy pastry-mobile. Contagious Jesus Christ. Ravey Jeffrey Dahmer. Omniscient Russ. Robotic 10 billion ping pong balls. Menopausal lady. Russian Pope-mobile. Recently divorced classic erection. Jason Bourne-trained TSA cavity searcher. Boner-inducing RC drone. Chinese Lara Croft. Saucy cyborg. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: Who would last longer fighting an endless supply of Al Queda sleeper...

Duration: 00:51:32

Episode 100: “Tyrannosaurus Pecs Redux… Also, Edgar Allan A Propos”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS: Horatio Sanz. A Sexy Fish. Frogger. Dick “Van” Dyke. The Actual Wolf of Wall Street. Spider “Man.” 1st Gen iPod. Monopoly Top Hat. Captain High Liner. Hitler Slug. Bert. Bobble-Head Michelle Obama. Sentient Tether Ball Pole. Nash’s Skunk Mom. Tyrannosaurus Pecs. Frankenstein: Painful Boner. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: Who would you rather run an organized crime syndicate with? Who would you rather switch bodies with for one month? Who would win in a fight on...

Episode 99: “See-Through-P-O and R-2-See-Through”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS: Justin Tru-Dunks. Ain’t No Sunshine Steven. The Pillsbury Taekwondo Boy. The Bottom Feeder. The Fresh Pinch of Bel Air. Fran Un-Drescher. Jay and Silent Orb. See-Through-P-O and R-2-See-Through. The Truth Sandwich. A hair sandwich. Alpo-ccino. Brandon’s timely heaps. A bowl of Cameron soup. Buns Ghetto! Bah-rack Obah-mah. Sweet, Precious Jibby. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: Who would you hire as your companies new . . .? Who would you rather [...]

Duration: 00:45:02

“Episode 98: The Little Engine That Couldn’t”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS Pro Bone-O. The Vermouth Fairy. Cranky Skanky. Torgo. The Yes We Can. A Very Lovely Bean. Payamas. Ms. Grundle. A Bro Circa 2005. Bald Ego. Hitler in a Jolly Jumper. Casey Jones. George RR Martin riding a recumbent bicycle nude. The Headless Russman. Painful Story Peter, THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: 1. Who would you rather have on your team during the following summer activity? 2. Who would you rather have as your “lads of adventure”? 3. Who would win in a...

Episode 97: “Game of Thrones: Labrienne of Tarth Pits”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS Hot Pie. Carry-on Lannister. Dire Wolf. Blondey Stone Pox. The Mountain of Youth. Leslie Jones and Peter Dinklage. Smaug, I guess. Labrienne of Tarth Pits. Brauny. Probably a Twat. Littlefinger’s finger. Laura Ingalls Wildling. Two or three Power Rangers Bad Guys. Bran Van 3000. The Last Habsburg Dragon. Davis Squidward. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: 1. Who would win the following “Game of Thrown?” 2. Who should lead the charge against the White Walkers? 3....

Episode 96: “Beef Twerky”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS Beef Twerky. Shithead. Captain Stoop Hound. 100 Sheets of blank sentient foolscap paper. This man is and island. Nth Nth. Snake, Speed x 4. The Wind Breaker. Captain Pig and the Rooster Twins. Saleman. Last Taco on Earth. The Humour Tumor. Supermon. Gregor Hating Zombie. Three Blind Mikes. Electrocute. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: 1. New Zealand question x 4! 2. Who would you rather eat lunch with and on? 3. Who would you rather eat as your last meal?

Episode 95: “Business Conference Episode: A Double of Whiskey and a Baseball Game”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS Dumb Question Danny. A F*cking Herd of Cats. Donald Trunk. Willy Wonka the Tonka Truck. Surly Sam the Audio Man. Chris Farley or David Spade. Monopoly Man the fugitive. Frail Fred. A $50 gift Certificate that Dave won in the raffle. A travelling salesman who is letting loose. Michael Scott. Dry Bones. Steve Austin from Accounting. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: 1. Who would give a better presentation on…? 2. Who would you rather f*ck off with? 3. Who would you...

Episode 94: “Nostalgiamental #2: Bananas in Pyjamas are coming down with SARS”

THIS WEEK’S CHARACTERS: Teddy Ruxpin. Quail Man. Bananas in Pyjamas coming down with SARS. Red from Rainbow Brite. Gumby. The baby from Dinosaurs. Weird Al’s fax machine. Matilda Polkaroo San Diego. 100 hamsters. Cat-Dog. Animal cracker elephant. Raffi. Cardboard Kelly Kapowski. Alex Mack. Rizzo. THIS WEEK’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: Whose Netflix reboot would you rather watch? Who would be the better front man for a pop-punk band? Who would you rather build a tree house with?[...]

Duration: 01:00:31

Episode 93: “Thing 1 and Thing 2 Bring the Smackdown”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS: A cop one day away from retirement. Chug-a-lug Charlie. Vanilla Ice. Sweet Tooth. Spiderman waist-deep in chocolate pudding. Jamie Oliver Twist. Criss Angel (Mindfreak). Genghis Khan-Do. Thomas Beatie. Pissing Calvin. The creative block. Jigglypuff. Thing 1 and Thing 2. Crispin’ Glover. Chris Nash lost in New Zealand. Carrie. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: Who would win in the following gimmicky wrestling match? Who would you rather kiss to turn back into a...

Duration: 00:52:37

Mic Test #2!

Sorry, kids – no ep this week. Instead, here’s another backstage peek at our levels-testing exercises. It may sound a little off-color, but trust us, we’re audio professionals here.

Episode 92: “Sacramental Episode: Goat!”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS Murile. Sacramento Sinned. A can of Diet Coke. The Virgin Marry Toast Crunch. Nathan the Naga. 77 Virgins. Supreme Galactic Leader Donald Trump. The Church of Ladder Jay Snakes. Ovda. Gouda Buddha. Lacky. Nancy. Angels in the Outfield. Galactus. Ganapati. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: 1. Who could better perform the following Biblical feat? 2. Who would you rather be co-god of the universe with? 3. Who would you rather admit to worshiping? 4. W [...]

Episode 91: “Pee Pee Laser… Also Twice-ems”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS: Your dad in the middle of a hard mid-life crisis. Cambidextrous. Twice-ems. Jessica Jones. Chocolate Wifi. The Comeback Kid. Monsanta. Mr. Big Wig. Stimmy Gurkle. Harrison Ford with vertigo on a rampage. Equine Swine. A real piece of work. John Lithgow with a twisted ankle. The Blimp Imp. Four and twenty blackbirds baked into a pie. Pee Pee Laser. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: 1.Who would be better in the following Johnny Depp Role? 2.Who would you rather have...

Episode 90: “Oscars Edition! The Revvin’ Ant Doesn’t Win.”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS: Chris the Rock Johnson. All of the black people who didn’t get nominated this year. The Revenant bear. A snowman and his wife. The revvin’ ant. Apollo Creed. Eatey Red Mane. Steve Jobs. Al Pacino. Jennifer Low-rent. The Short Big. A sentient Titanic full of na’vi. Meryl Streep with a feral streak. A DVD of Star Wars Episode 8. Samuel L. Jackson riding naked Randy Quaid dangling a copy of Independence Day in front of him. The flaming guitarist from Mad Max. THIS...

Duration: 00:50:35

Episode 89: “Bear Bones Barry Bonds Bearing Bearer Bonds”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS A Freemason Jar. Gollum with the One Ring to Rule the Mall. The Pollinator. Bear Bones Barry Bonds Bearing Bearer Bonds. The world’s tiniest improve troop. Burt Ward’s Robin. Thomas the Tank Top. Adam Latrine. The Hush Puppies. Daypack Chopra. Klaxar – The baby with a Civil War Era Pistol. A stuffed crust pizza. The Tappyoga. The Sneaky Cheese. Poor Patty Pyramid Head. THIS EPISODE’S BATTLE SCENARIOS: 1. A series of questions based on Wikipedia’s Random Article...

Episode 87: “An upper-middle-class slug named Susan”

THIS EPISODE’S CHARACTERS: Craig Slist. The Cokey Monster. Shakespeare with a paddle ball game. Dalsim. Lemony Stick-It. Nearly Headless Ned. Karate Miss Piggy. An unconventional trumpet. The seven Worfs. Jerkules. An upper-middle-class slug named Susan. Galadriel. Colonel Slungel. Labatt blue whale. Howard Stern’s Furby. Klondike Bar.
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