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3 friends chat about the goings on in geek news. Movies, television, video games and comics are on all on the table in a free flow discussion by fans for fans.

3 friends chat about the goings on in geek news. Movies, television, video games and comics are on all on the table in a free flow discussion by fans for fans.
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3 friends chat about the goings on in geek news. Movies, television, video games and comics are on all on the table in a free flow discussion by fans for fans.




ToB Games - Mario Odyssey

Julian, Daniel and Jeremy are back with another instalment of ToB Games! Dan just bought a Nintendo Switch with Mario Odyssey and he has the low down on Mario's latest adventure. The guys also discuss the surprise addition of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Injustice 2 roster and Julian gives his impressions of South Park: Fractured But Whole.

Duration: 00:52:03

ToB Interlude - Justice League

It finally happened. The Justice League has been brought to life in glorious live-action. It's a movie that DC fans have dreamed about for years, and even though it had a tumultuous production, it's arrival remains a moment worth celebrating. But is it any good? Julian, Daniel and Jeremy sit down to unpack every detail and give their take on DC's biggest movie yet.

Duration: 01:24:16

ToB Interlude - Justice League Action Commentary

Justice League premieres in theatres tonight at midnight! For the first time ever we'll get to see DC's most iconic heroes on screen together in live-action. What a time to be alive! Caught up in the excitement the ToB Crew decided to try something new to celebrate this momentous occasion; a commentary track! Julian and Daniel provide commentary for two episodes of Justice League Action; the relatively new, and surprisingly awesome, animated show on Cartoon Network. Who's ready to nerd out...

Duration: 00:35:51

Episode 105 - Disney Buying Fox?

What a crazy couple of weeks! Not only was it revealed that Disney was in talks to buy 21st Century Fox but it was also announced that Rian Johnson would be heading up a whole new Star Wars trilogy, Brian Michael Bendis is moving to DC Comics and that Amazon is making a Lord of the Rings television series! That's a lot to unpack, luckily the ToB Crew is here to break it all down for you.

Duration: 01:19:40

ToB Games - Paris Games Week

Welcome back to ToB Games! The news of EA's shocking "pivot" of Visceral's Star Wars game came only a day after recording the last episode, so although it's a little late, the guys kick off the show breaking down every detail. Afterwards, Julian, Daniel and Jeremy discuss the plethora of trailers from Sony's Paris Games Week presser, plus all the buzz surrounding Mario Odyssey's release. All this and so much more on this week's episode of ToB Games!

Duration: 01:43:47

ToB Interlude - Thor Ragnarok

It's main event time! Ragnarok has come and the ToB Crew is here to talk all things Asgardian. With director Taika Waititi taking the helm Thor: Ragnarok leans heavily into the comedy, making it a light and breezy romp through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but is that a good thing for a movie with "Ragnarok" in the title? Julian and Daniel explore that very question and more as they discuss Marvel's latest blockbuster.

Duration: 01:03:25

Episode 104 - Stranger Things 2

Happy Halloween ToB fans! Julian, Daniel and Jeremy are back to discuss the latest in film and TV news on this spooktacular episode. The guys discuss Shazam! casting news, Fincher turning down Star Wars Episode IX, Netflix tidbits, some fun Halloween themed stories and everything is wrapped up with a spoiler-free review of Stranger Things 2. All this and so much more on a frightful episode of the Tower of Terror Podcast!

Duration: 01:40:13

ToB Games - Mortal Kombat 25th Anniversary

Say hello to ToB Games! A new, video game focused, Tower of Babble Podcast. Julian Meush, Daniel D'Souza and Jeremy Kozier focus on the latest from the video game world with a variety of game related discussions. This week Dan reviews Middle Earth: Shadow of War, the guys break down the release of the Super Nintendo Classic and then discuss the 25 anniversary of one of gaming's most storied franchises: Mortal Kombat.

Duration: 00:29:58

Episode 103 - Blade Runner 2049

After taking a week off for Canadian Thanksgiving the ToB Crew returns to unpack the latest in geek news. The big story this week being the release and subsequent box office flop of Blade Runner 2049. Julian and Jeremy discuss why it might not have resonated with main stream audiences and give a spoiler free review. The guys also discuss the new Star Wars: Episode VII The Last Jedi trailer, Adam West's last Batman performance and break down a few stories from New York Comic Con. All this...

Duration: 02:05:16

ToB Interlude - Summer Movie Results

Julian and Daniel discuss the results from this years Summer Movie Wager. Along the way the guys chat about the ups and downs of this years summer movie lineup. Why did Wonder Woman do so well? You won't believe how terrible Transformers 5 was! How great was Spider-Man: Homecoming?! It's an all movies discussion on this week's Tower of Babble Podcast!

Duration: 01:13:06

Episode 102 - Handmaid's Emmy

Julian, Daniel and Jeremy are back to discuss the latest in geek news. The most pressing stories being the firing of Colin Trevorrow from Star Wars Episode IX and his immediate replacement by JJ Abrams, the results from this years Emmy Awards and Batman: The Animated Series celebrating it's 25th anniversary. The guys also discuss the Star Trek: Discovery premiere, Linda Hamilton's return to the Terminator franchise, the latest on True Detective season 3 and much more on this week's Tower...

Duration: 01:48:49

ToB Interlude - GoldenEye 007 Retrospective

The 20th anniversary of the N64 classic GoldenEye 007 recently passed so Julian, Daniel and Jeremy sat down to look back at what made the game so special, examine the lineage of James Bond in video games and imagine what a modern take on a Bond game might look like. The guys also discuss Daniel Craig returning to the role for Bond 25 and whether they made a mistake bringing him back.

Duration: 00:44:13

ToB Interlude - Marvel's The Defenders

We've been waiting years for all of Marvel's Netflix characters to team-up in The Defenders. The promise originally made with the launch of Daredevil in 2015. Along the way we've been introduced to Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and of course Iron Fist. It hasn't always been the great TV but overall it's pretty cool to see these beloved characters brought to life on the screen. Well the 8 episode culmination of all those hours of TV is finally here and Julian, Daniel and Jeremy take a break from...

Duration: 00:16:19

ToB Interlude - SDCC 2017 DC Panel Reaction

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing and just as the guys were wrapping up recording the latest ToB Podcast, the DC panel from Hall H was also coming to an end. With it came a few major news bits about the Flash film as well as a new 4 minute trailer for Justice League. Julian, Daniel and Jeremy give a first blush reaction to it all. Look for more SDCC coverage from the ToB Podcast soon!

Duration: 00:13:56