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Find the latest Canadian running podcasts here!

Find the latest Canadian running podcasts here!
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Find the latest Canadian running podcasts here!




The Terminal Mile-Week 77-The New Faces Of Marathoning ft. Trevor Hofbauer and Melanie Myrand

Very full show this week, with a ton of marathoning talent. A few weeks ago at the Canadian Marathon Championships, graciously hosted by the Scotia Toronto Waterfront Marathon, a few runners introduced themselves to a wider audience, making their marks by running very very well. On this week’s show we have two of those runners, we chat candidly with Canadian Marathon Champion, Trevor Hofbauer, about his debut, but first Melanie Myrand talks about her break out race, and winning a national...

Duration: 00:42:55

The Terminal Mile-Epi. 76- Underdogs ft. LydsayTessier and Aaron Cooper

In this sport, it seems that inspiration can be found nearly anywhere you look...from watching Ed Whitlock spend the last decades of his life outrun time itself, to witnessing Moh Ahmed tear up the track ...competing at the highest level after beginning life in the turbulent Somalia. I would say that the Canadian Marathon Championships this past weekend were no different: Trevor Hofbauer making a heroic 2:18 debut for 1rst after leaving his Alberta life behind to quite literally chase a...

Duration: 00:36:42

The Terminal Mile-Ep.75-Alex Hutchinson's New Home & Less Than A Week To STWM

Good information, it seems, is a rare and valuable commodity. For every nugget of quality information, there is 5 equally awful pieces of advice floating in point, that last statistic. While that can probably measured as a general statement, the same is true within the running community. Everyday we are inundated with questionable studies and off the mark articles telling you how getting faster is one clickbait article away. Luckily for us, there’s guys like Alex Hutchinson...

Duration: 00:53:09

The Terminal Mile-Epi 74-Geoff Martinson, Cleo Boyd and Rob Watson Returns

This week on the Terminal Mile, it’s all eyes on the road the road. We have a trifecta of premier pavement pounders in Geoff Martinson, world championship 1500m semi-finalist turned Eastside 10k killer, Rob Watson, Canada’s favourite marathoner is back in more ways than one, and Cleo Boyd, the UVA distance runner from the 613 is back and ready to make a name for herself.

Duration: 00:54:18

The Terminal Mile-Epi 73- The Boy (And Girl) Of Summer With Jess O'Connell And Cam Levins

And just like that, we seem to have moved on from summer to fall running. Yes, now is the time to turn in those track spikes for cross spikes, or maybe to transition your shorter distance racing flats for a bit heavier racing flats…if you’re like me, that’s not a bad thing, it’s just a change of season. With that turn in mind, this week we caught up with both a boy, and girl of summer; Cam Levins took this summer to really make a statement, announcing his return after a rough couple of...

Duration: 00:38:27

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Epi. 72-The Pete Watson Show And Canadian 5k Road Champs

This week we chat with former Londoner and UVA Cross Country/Track Coach Pete Watson before his team takes on the NCAA and Athletics Canada’s Off Track Manager John Lofranco joins us to chat about the Yorkville 5k/Canadian Road 5km Champs!

Duration: 00:43:26

The Terminal Mile-Believe It Or Not We're Not Home-Back In September

The Terminal Mile-Believe It Or Not We're Not Home-Back In September by The Terminal Mile

Duration: 00:00:42

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Ep. 71-Mountain Running And World Champs (Matt Setlack &Jeff Costen)

Note: This was recorded before we knew about a few high profile drop outs in London. August is for Championship running...and not just in London England. Last weekend was the world mountain running champs in Premana, Italy, an event that we were well represented at, we catch up with top Canadian finisher Matt Setlack. As well, we speak with Jeff Costen, our in house run pundit, who dishes on what to expect at the world champs and beyond.

Duration: 00:39:39

Trackie Radio-The TerminalMile-Epi.70- The 800 With Brandon McBride and Robert Heppenstall

The eight hundo, the half mile, the two lapper, what ever you call it, most of us can agree that the 800 is both one of the most exciting races to watch, and one of the most brutal to race. Not quite a sprint, not quite distance, it takes a special kind to master this race. On this week’s show we feature 2 Canadians who have shown great promise and proficiency in the event:Robert Hepenstall, the multi time all american Hamiltonian, and Brandon McBride, the pride of Windsor and a man who is...

Duration: 00:44:21

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Epi. 69-#ACTF2017

What a wild week it has been. The 2017 Canadian Track and Field Championships are all wrapped up for another year, after days of top level action in Ottawa brought to you by the Ottawa Lions and Athletics Canada. I was lucky enough to take a few days in, enjoy the action, listen to some great stories, and package it all up into this file you're currently listening to. This episode doesn’t quite follow the regular format of long form interviews, in fact if I had to describe it, I’d say it’s...

Duration: 00:50:22

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Epi. 68-Jaimie Phelan's Phenominal Phifteen

The University Of Michigan has attracted it’s fair share of our 1,500m talent over the years, with names like Sullivan, Brannen and Sifuentes, but as of the 2017 NCAA Championships, I think we can add Phelan to that list as well. Jaimie Phelan, hailing from the K-W-C, found her groove this season, first winning the 1,500 at Big 10s by just over half a second, and just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, at NCAAs she moved from last to first in the final 400, pouring...

Duration: 00:25:28

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Epi. 67- Inferno, Meagher and Blackney

As far as domestic track racing, we seem to be right in the thick of it. As I record this, I have an eye on the Vic City Elite meet, this Saturday we have the Aileen Meagher, this Sunday 1,500m night in London and the Speed River Inferno next Wednesday. Keeping in line with that, this week we chat with people from 2 of those events...the NTL will be kicking off at the Aileen Meagher this Saturday in Halifax, we have Johnathan Peverill from the Sunday Long Run Podcast to go over how to...

Duration: 00:54:49

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Epi.66- The Art Of The Meet

The track and field meet, the foundation block for what the sport is. Ask any trackie and they’ll probably tell tons of great stories of PBs on track of many different surface types. On this week’s episode we celebrate the track meet with 2 different types of the last half of the show, we’ll chat with Steve Weiler, race director of the Runners Choice London DIstance Series, a group of twilight meets that include the reknowned 1500m night, first though, Rachel Francois talks...

Duration: 00:31:27

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Epi. 64-The Road Warriors Ft. John Mason & Lisa Brooking

I think that some of my favorite foot racing, is road racing. The whole idea of the best of the best and the guy who is out grinding 5 nights a week, just trying to get better, sharing the same’s a great thing. This past week saw 2 of the country's premier road races, the Scotia Half in Montreal and the Vancouver Sun Run. On this week’s episode we catch up with runners from each, Lisa Brooking ran in the sun run, as well as in Kampala repping the maple leaf at the World XC...

Duration: 00:31:49

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Epi. 63-The Marathon According To Rachel Hannah and Blair Morgan

The marathon can be a tricky race to run. It’s a race of patience, hitting that perfect pace, not too fast, but also, not too slow, it’s a race of perseverance, being able to run through distances and discomfort that have been known to digest even the most experienced, and it's a race of preparation, logging endless miles, honing your nutrition plan, and becoming familiar with every known scenario. From its mythical beginnings, runners have found their motivations to run this feat of...

Duration: 00:36:34

Trackie Radio-Epi. 62-Rory Linkletter And Canadian Track Champs (w Scott MacDonald)

You can tell outdoor season is here; the next month is chock full of speedy races south of the border and already we’re talking about who will rep the maple leaf in London at this year’s World Champs. On this week’s show we talk with Scott MacDonald, the technical lead at Athletics Canada about the announcement of this year’s track and field champs happening in Ottawa in July, and rising star, Rory Linkletter, fresh off a busy March that saw him at the World Cross Champs, NACAC Cross and...

Duration: 00:36:13

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Ep.61-A Nod To Ed Whitlock And A Conversation With Rejean Chiasson

“Don’t Limit Yourself”-Ed Whitlock Running a race, and in essence, all competition is all about defying expectations, pushing yourself to a place that was previously thought to be impossible. Whenever anyone can pull it off successfully, it is a thing to be marvelled at, and is surely inspirational to all who witness. That can be said of almost every time that Ed Whitlock toed the line. Ed, who sadly passed away last week seemingly re-wrote the 70+ masters record book, and on this week's...

Duration: 00:36:58

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Epi. 60-(Indoor)Championship Season

After an eventful indoor track and field season, it’s time to say goodbye to the short track for another year. Rather than mourning it’s passing though, we can send it off in style with both the USports and NCAA holding Championship meets this weekend. On this week’s show we sit down with Tim Huebsch from Canadian Running magazine to run down what to expect at the USports champs at the Edmonton butterdome, and Ottawa’s own Adam Palamar will be repping the Syracuse Orangemen in the mile...

Duration: 00:45:18

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Epi. 59-Canadian XC Abroad

Here in Canada it is often the Fall season that we associate with cross country, with the winter being reserved for indoor track. And while the reasoning behind this seems fairly sound, in a lot of the world, they see this time of year as being perfect for cross country. There are 2 big cross meets coming up are, the Pan-Am Cup, March 4th in Florida, and the IAAF Cross Country World Champs meet, March 26 in Uganda. Canada is sending teams to both, with the runners qualifying at last year's...

Duration: 00:45:38

Trackie Radio-The Terminal Mile-Epi. 58-The Return Of Jessica Furlan

In a key moment from the 6th Rocky Movie, Rocky Balboa, the title character, the italian stallion, was having a serious chat with his son when he dropped this often quoted piece. “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth.” That scene came...

Duration: 00:42:05

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