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11 Secrets of Successful Trade Show Attendees

No matter whether you’re an exhibitor or a show organizer, there are often times when you may also be walking the show floor as an attendee. Do you know how to make the most of that role? Here are a few strategic tips for before, during, and after the show that will make you more […]


How Five Print Guys Took Over a Trade Show

Making a huge splash at a trade show isn’t limited to the biggest exhibits or the biggest budgets. International Paper (IP) proved that when they became the talk of the Adobe MAX show by creating a family of Print Guys who came to life with the help of augmented reality. Today’s guest expert is Emilee […]


Why Having Fun Matters

If you’re a follower of Trade Show Insights – or you’ve attended any of my workshops – you’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of rewarding your team. Celebrating your wins not only results in happier teammates and reduced stress, but it also helps to build a feeling of community and camaraderie among your […]


Time to Take Action!

Admit it … how many times have you attended conference sessions or webinars excited about all the great ideas, but yet you haven’t implemented any of the things you learned? I get it! I’ve got notebooks full of notes – many of which I’ve never looked at since the workshop. Prefer to listen to this […]


Reframing for 2018

As 2017 winds down, you’ll likely begin focusing on what to do to kick off the new year and set yourself and your team up for success. But too often, that means big things in January that dwindle as the year goes on. Don’t let this happen to you! It is possible to create an […]


How to Create a Post-show Lead Nurturing System

Just because the trade show has ended doesn’t mean your job is done. Actually, that’s when the relationship with all those newly-gathered leads truly begins. Contrary to what many exhibitors assume, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to build that relationship. Guest expert Sandy Martini shares insights on: What lead nurturing is and […]


Offer Value, Not Gimmicks

It’s a sad fact of our modern culture that many things with little to no value receive a high percentage of attention, particularly in the popular media. But just because reality TV and do-nothing celebrities take over our national spotlight, that’s no reason to let gimmicks take over your exhibit marketing plan. Here are four […]


6 Reasons You’re Not Successful at Trade Shows

It’s a hard truth: most exhibitors aren’t as successful as they could be. Do they realize they’re setting themselves up to fail? Probably not. The irony is that almost every single exhibitor could easily improve their results by ditching one or more of the following bad habits and strategies. Hopefully you don’t see yourself in […]


Why is Change so Painful?

It seems last month’s post on Reinventing the Trade Show Floor touched a few nerves. First, there were a handful of unsubscribes from my monthly ezine. Then there were some heated comments in social media. It’s always amazing how pointing out the obvious can get people so fired up. You’ve got to wonder where the […]


Reinventing the Trade Show Floor: What’s Next?

It’s a fact of this rapidly-advancing era we live in: Consistently reinvent, or get run over. We see it happening all the time with major, often decades-old companies who fail to keep up, then soon wither and disappear. Yet in the trade show world, it seems that lesson generally goes unheeded. Sure, a few award-winning […]


Location, Location, Location

It happens leading up to nearly every trade show — exhibitors get all stressed out over the location of their booth. Many believe that your location on the floor is a make-or-break situation and that there are only so many ‘perfect’ spots available. But in reality there is no perfect spot. Even the long-held strategy […]


Attendee Promotion is Everyone’s Job

When I was a beginning exhibitor, I’ll never forget how I learned the importance of attendee promotions at one particular show. It was a local event which was open to the public, but took place over Mother’s Day weekend so it faced a lot of competing events around the city. On top of that, it […]


Who’s Your Persona?

This week’s ExpoChat was all about creating and using attendee personas, and while we had a lively discussion (see transcript here), there was a very valid point raised at the end: “Why aren’t more people participating in this chat?” Good question! I think the answer might be that until this week’s ExpoChat, many people in […]


Detroit’s Cobo Center Makes Going Green a Priority

Since today is all about the ‘wearing of the green,’ it only seems appropriate to share the story of how one convention center is going green every day. The idea for this episode was sparked during a recent edition of ExpoChat about sustainability in the world of trade shows. I was very impressed with the […]


5 Ways to Keep Your Leads from Slipping Away

There’s a long-standing statistic shared in the trade show world that 80 percent of leads are never followed up. While some may doubt the accuracy of that number, I must say it seems pretty on-track with what I’ve experienced as an attendee. And even though I understand how this happens — leads tend to get […]


What is the Key Strategy of Champions?

This coming weekend, two teams will meet to determine America’s football champion. And while each team brings different specialties and strengths to the field, there’s one thing that’s certain: all the players have spent countless hours perfecting their skills. Prefer to listen to this article? Just click on the play button at the bottom of […]


Maximizing Sponsorships

Many exhibitors think that sponsorships are only for the big guys – you know, those companies who already have large island booths and big budgets. Actually sponsorships are often available in all price ranges, allowing even exhibitors with a 10×10′ space to gain some added exposure, brand awareness, and increased booth traffic. Prefer to listen […]


Great Expectations: A Tale of Two Experiences

If you’ve signed up for any customer rewards programs, you’ve probably received some birthday deal e-mails. Earlier this month, I set out to claim a few of the ones I’d received and stopped by two stores, experiencing night-and-day results … and numerous lessons for exhibitors. Prefer to listen to this article? Just click on the […]


Characters You Meet in the Trade Show Zone

You’re entering another dimension … where normal, reasonable behavior can vanish in an instant. The following examples are not an illusion or figment of someone’s imagination. These exhibitors really do exist. In fact, you’ve quite likely seen them … in the Trade Show Zone. To listen to this episode, just click on the play button […]


What Every Exhibitor (and Show Manager) Needs to Know About Branding

Contrary to popular belief, your brand is not your logo. It goes far beyond that, and if you’re not careful you might be misrepresenting it in your exhibits. So we’ve invited Ben Baker back on the podcast to talk about how your brand needs to tell your unique story, whether you’re an exhibitor or the […]


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