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Trail Runner Nation is devoted to sharing knowledge and advice to the trail running community - from beginners to the pros! We offer tips and discussion regarding race nutrition, pacing strategy, mental focus and much more.






Stress + Rest = Growth - with the 3 Coaches

Ian Sharman, Joe Uhan and Matt Laye return to Trail Runner Nation to play the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down game covering these topics: Whoop Visit College of Idaho with Assistant Professor, Matt Laye Sharman Ultra - Endurance Coaching Uhan Performance

Duration: 01:15:23

UTMB: The Biggest 100 Miler in the World - Part 2

The Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc (UTMB) has become one of the world's most desired races. Why? This race series lasts from August 28th - September 3rd (2017) and offers many different race distances with breathtaking views. Majo Srnik is running UTMB for the first time and gets advice from 2014 4th-place finisher Jason Schlarb We talk about Mandatory Gear List

Duration: 01:22:03

UTMB: The Biggest 100 Miler in the World - Part 1

The Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc (UTMB) has become one of the world's most desired races. Why? This race series lasts from August 28th - September 3rd (2017) and offers many different race distances with breathtaking views. UTMB veteran and podium finishing Tim Toloffson and Sally McRae join The Nation to discuss this amazing race. Mandatory Gear List"Morning Shakeout"

Duration: 01:07:49

Trail Runners; TRIBE or Community?

It is hard for humans to survive on their own. They need a tribe. Challenges and pressures are hard on an individual in a group, but much greater for an individual in isolation. We talk about the ancient tribal human behaviors: loyalty, inter-reliance, cooperation - that flare up in communities during times of turmoil and suffering. What can we learn from our tribe? What can we do to help our tribe flourish. East Coast Executive Producer, Andy Jones-Wilkins and Brian Chontosh sit around...

Duration: 01:16:42

Can Dr. Cucuzzella run sub-3-hour Marathons for 30 Years?

What Dr. Mark is reading right now: "The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes us Happier, Healthier and More Creative" by Florence Williams Links to stuff we talked about: The Principles of Natural Running "The Sports Gene" "butter burning" drills and springs 30 years sub 3 pre race Mysterious Rerservoirs of Power at the 2017 Boston MarathoSteadyMD Check out a TrueForm treadmill VIDEO and how it can teach you good form Links to Dr. Cucuzzella's past podcasts: Run Faster & Farther with Less...

Duration: 01:13:32

Brave Athlete - Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion

Do you ever have thoughts and feelings you don't want? Sport and exercise psychologist, Dr. Simon Marshall and 3-time Xterra world champion, Lesley Paterson join The Nation to help us understand how the brain works and how we can train it to make our training, racing and personal life better. They co-authored the book, "Brave Athlete - Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion" You can learn more about their unique coaching paradigm HERE Simon coaches your brain and Lesley coaches...

Duration: 01:18:50

Dr. Phil Maffetone was RIGHT all along!

Dr. Phil Maffetone rejoins The Nation to talk about insulin resistance and the addictive properties of sugars. Read his article, "Overfat Pandemic" We also discuss the recent Nike sub 2-hour marathon event and Dr. Phil's "1:59: The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Is Within Reach-Here's How IT Will Go Down, and What it Can Teach All Runners about Training and Racing" Get the Maffetone App HERE Take the 2 Week Test Get a taste of Dr. Maffetone's best articles HERE Phil Maffetone's MUSIC

Duration: 01:17:45

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

Recently, Scott had a friend ask him in a text, "what kind of running shoes should I buy?" Wow! how do you answer that question with a short reply text? One of the subjects that can monopolize a LONG training run or a ultra race is about shoes. We all like to talk about them. We all have our opinions and preferences. And the stories.....we can recall races from years ago and vividly remember which shoe we ran in. Some of us die a little when a manufacture discontinues or modifies our...

Duration: 00:59:08

Post Race Wrap Up- 2017 Western States 100

AJW and Tim Twietmeyer join us on the track at Placer High School (finish of the Western States 100) to talk about how the last 30 hours played out. There were 369 well trained athletes that toed the line. All of these runners demand our respect and admiration; they are examples to us of goal setting, hard work, and courage. This year's race played out to be very unique and challenging. Also joining us is this year's 7th place finisher, Jacqueline Merrett, to discuss her first time...

Duration: 01:18:38

2017 Western States 100 Preview with Andy Jones-Wilkins

AJW joins us in Studio G two days prior to The Big Dance. Andy just came off his own 100-mile adventure, Bighorn 100, last week. We talk about skating on mud, Biblical rain storms, concussions, and "shared suffering". We then get into this years WS100; The Course this year Some amazing people & stories to watchtop Men and Women

Duration: 01:20:01

Preparing for Western States 100 with Stephanie Howe Violett

Dr. Stephanie Violett is a patient elite athlete that has learned a lot over the last year of recovering. 8 days prior to her third running of Western States 100, she joins The Nation to discuss how her simple rules of running and life have changed. "Fueling on the Fly" article Previous podcasts with Stephanie: Stephanie Howe Violett Shares Her Simple RulesStephanie Howe: Nutrition for losing weight vs. improving fitness You can find Stephanie and some of her YUMMY recipes here:...

Duration: 00:59:41

Majo Srnik from Zero to Ultra

Michelle Barton learns that Scott Warr is hiking the Sierras this week and suggests she take over the show. She invites her Luna teammate Majo Srnik on and we talk about running in Mexico, USA and Canada. We discuss barefoot running, his first ultra is a 24 hour race and more. Turns out Michelle can win races and produce a podcast. You can find Majo on Instagram at majocalgary This episode brought to you courtesy of Tailwind Nutrition and Ultrarunning Magazine. You can find them on our...

Duration: 01:24:26

TRN Audio Magazine - 4th Edition

Michelle Barton and Warren Pole join The Nation as guest writers for this new installment of the Audio Magazine. Here are some links to what we discussed: David Epstein, "Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?" 1904 Olympic Marathon "More Efficient Sleep" Is A Lack of Sleep Before a Race Really A Bad Thing?Running on No Sleep

Duration: 01:29:17

The Keto Reset with Brad Kearns and Zach Bitter

Top endurance athlete, author, podcaster and coach, Brad Kearns rejoins The Nation to talk about fueling and metabolism. Fat-adapted poster-child and coach, Zach Bitter co-hosts and gives us perspective from his experiences. The Primal Endurance book Primal Blueprint web site Link to Brad's previous podcast, "Going Primal"

Duration: 01:36:13

Becoming Stubborn with Devon Yanko and AJW

The word Stubborn has a negative connotation in many cases. In this podcast, Devon Yanko and Andy Jones-Wilkins dive deep into the philosophy of stubborn. Life in A Day, a film by Billy Yang featuring Devon Yanko If you are in the California North Bay, go try some "Cuisine Genius" made by Devon at M.H. Bread and Butter

Duration: 01:07:57

Racing vs. Surviving an Ultra with Andy Dubois

How many times have you killed the first half or two-thirds of a race, the wheels come off the bus, and then it is a question of survival for the last quarter? Andy Dubois, elite endurance athlete, rejoins The Nation to discuss how we can prepare and execute a race and increase our chances of racing others or ourselves the entire distance. Michelle Barton, joins to cohost and give perspective from her 80 wins. Here is the ARTICLE that we refer to during the podcast. Link to Andy's...

Duration: 01:30:53

Altra-Runners Meghan, Zach and Nicole

The Nation gathers at Gold Country Run and Sport to do a live podcast with Meghan Arbogast, Zach Bitter and Nicole Kalogeropoulus. All three run for Altra Running and will be toeing the line at the 2017 Western States 100. We talk with these athletes about their training, preparation, and philosophies of running 100 miles. Some of the topics include:

Duration: 01:20:23

Metabolic Flexibility with Christopher Kelly

Christopher Kelly, a professional endurance mountain biker, joins The Nation to explain how his dependance on sugar and carbohydrates began causing him some health issues including pre-diabetic blood sugar levels. After listening to his busy physicians he took control of his health and began learning everything he could. He then began a diet reset that evolved into a high fat and lower carbohydrate lifestyle. He compares his experience with our co=host, Zach Bitter and the benefits they...

Duration: 01:11:45

Sh#@ You Don't Do On The Trail

Tim Twietmeyer and Bob Crowley join The Nation to help the Noob with trail etiquette. Here is their list: Trail Etiquette Aid Station Etiquette

Duration: 00:59:53

Technical Talk with 3 Fast Coaches

Ian Sharman, Joe Uhan and Matt Laye return to Trail Runner Nation to discuss some interesting topics including: Visit College of Idaho with Assistant Professor, Matt Laye Sharman Ultra - Endurance Coaching Uhan Performance

Duration: 00:52:21

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