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Love, Games, and Annihilating the 90’s (ep. 39)

On this podcast Jonathan and Joel talk about the HUGE Black Panther weekend box office numbers. Plus we hear what Jonathan watched during his lost weekend with a toddler. They also announce the Oscar contest. The grand prize is 3 month MOVIE PASS! This is by far our best giveaway yet. This week’s trailers are diverse. There are two new theater releases: Game Night and Annihilation. And there are two new Netflix releases: Everything Sucks and Love Season 3. Strong opinions on all of these...


Black Panther Arrives & We Rank the Top Romantic-Comedies of All Time!

Hello and Welcome to Trailer Happy! On Today’s show, Jonathan & Joel discuss their personal lists of top 10 Romantic Comedies of all-time! They also dig into a Groundhog Day look-a-like movie, get depressed by the thought of death, and review the most anticipated movie of the year: Black Panther! Today’s show we review: 1. When We First Met 2. Nostalgia 3. Black Panther Please make sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram @Trailerhappypodcast.


The SUPER BOWL Episode complete with SOLO, MI6, Jurassic World 2, Westworld, Cloverfield, Skyscraper, Avengers and MORE!

A Super Sized SUPER BOWL Episode! On today’s show, Jonathan & Joel cover all the trailers that aired during the Big Game! We review: Solo: A Star Wars Story, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The 15:17 to Paris, A Quiet Place, Marvel’s The Avengers: Infinty War - Part 1, Skyscraper, The Cloverfield Paradox, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Castle Rock AND Westworld Season 2. Yea… it’s a HUGE episode! Don’t forget… PLEASE FOLLOW US ON Instagram at...


What’s the Greatest Sports Movie of all Time?? (Ep. 36)

Welcome to Trailer Happy Episode 36! On today’s show, Jonathan & Joel reveal their personal top 10 sports movies of all time and debate each other’s selections. The boys also review 4 new trialers for: HBO’s: Andre the Giant, Netflix’s: Altered Carbon, Braven, & Winchester. Please follow our new Instagram account: @trailerhappypodcast


New Name, New Contest! (Ep. 35)

This marks the first podcast under our new name: Trailer Happy! Joel and Jonathan are excited about the new start. On this episode they take some time to tell you about the what shows they are watching now (and which shows you might like.) They also talk about the Oscar nominations and announce a new contest (win a free Movie Pass!). And, of course, the talk trailers. This episode they cover The Maze Runner: Death Cure and Please Stand By. Please follow us on Twitter: @TrailerHappy


WCTR: Controversy! Scandal! Outrage! (Ep. 34)

We live in complicated times! The boys address some recent social media dialogue. They also tackle the current controversies surrounding the entertainment world with Mark Wahlberg, Aziz Ansari, Liam Neeson and James Franco. As usual Jonathan & Joel cover 3 trailers: 12 Strong, Forever My Girl, and Den of Theives! PLUS…. We reveal the new name of the Podcast!


WCTR: Winner, winner chicken dinner! (Ep. 33)

It’s episode 33 of Water Cooler Trailer Reviews (and maybe the last under that name). A winner of the Wes Anderson coffee table book is finally selected! Jonathan and Joel talk about the Golden Globes. And end up having a lively debate of the merits of Hollywoods award season and the people that win those awards. Of course we talk about trailers for upcoming releases. This week there are three interesting trailers to discuss: The Post, The Commuter and Hostiles. Follow us on Twitter:...


WCTR: A new year, a new podcast? (Ep. 32)

This is the self-evaluation episode. As Joel and Jonathan welcome in the New Year they talk about how the podcast should change, how it should stay the same and welcome some listener feedback. Is there a name change in the near future? Will they still talk about movie trailers in 2018? Plus Aaron Sorkin is back… and he’s sitting in the directors chair! We discuss Molly’s Game. Follow us on Twitter @WC_Trailers and Facebook @WCTrailers



SPOILER ALERT: STAR WARS REVIEW On this special episode, the boys give their opinions about the biggest, most exciting, most talked about movie of the year: Star Wars, The Last Jedi. This is a full feature review, so make sure to tune in as they break it down, argue about it, and then pull it all back together. Spoilers abound…


WCTR: 4 trailers, 3 disagreements, 2 artsy fartsies and 1 giant turd (Plus Die Hard is a Christmas Movie!) (Ep. 30)

The Holiday Episode! On today’s show, Jonathan & Joel discuss their top 7 Holiday/Christmas movies of all time, Joel gushes over real artist directors while Jonathan takes a nap, and the boys finally agree on some truly awful trailers that get referred to as turds! Also, don’t forget to enter our HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!!! Head over to our FB page and find the photo with the Wes Anderson book! Like = 1 entry Comment = 2 entries Share = 3 entries Trailers we review this episode are: Netflix:...


WCTR: A NEW Holiday Contest, Volcano Bombs & Dinosaurs, Jedi’s & a TON of Dog Puppets (Ep. 29)

NEW HOLIDAY CONTEST IS OPEN!!! LISTEN FOR DETAILS! On Today’s show the boys talk about NYC’s greatest Crime Boss, Joel finally gets to talk at lengh about his Dog Puppet movie… which makes Jonathan laugh… uncontrolably, they get into a huge argument over Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and they couldn’t help but touch on STAR WARS The Last Jedi! We review: Isle of Dogs, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Alita: Battle Angle and quick bonus reviews of Ready Player...


WCTR: Disaster and war, kidnapping and a stolen childhood, monster and a mute. (ep.28)

On this episode the boys talk about five of the most interesting movie trailers they’ve seen all year! There are superheros, billionairs, mysterious actors, figureskating and a fish-man. Plus Joel repeatedly calls Tommy Wiseau “Tony” and feels much shame. They talk about… Avengers: Infinity War The Disaster Artist I, Tonya All The Money In The World The Shape of Water Follow us on Twitter @WC_Trailers and Facebook @WCTrailers


WCTR: A contest winner, genetically enhanced animals, kings, queens and a swamp donkey (Ep. 27)

On this episode we are excited to announce our contest winner! Plus the boys talk about seven (SEVEN!) trailers this week. We dip our toe into foreign language series. Also, Joel says the word “garbage” 124 times when talking about one of this week’s trailers. We talk about “Rampage”, “Dark”, “The Crown Season 2″, “Gunpowder”, “Incredibles 2″, “Wonder Wheel” and “The Last Post.” Follow us on Twitter @WC_Trailers and Facebook @WCTrailers


WCTR: Talks with a stuntman, Bob Ross whacks-off, Xmas ghosts and squeaky toys (Ep. 26)

On today’s episode, Jonathan & Joel host special guest Mandy Chan (16 year vet of the marshal arts stuntman industry) who during his career has worked with everyone from Jackie Chan to acting in Bloodsport with Jean-Claude Van Damme. They talk about a spoof on Bob Ross done by a mutilated masked superhero, the origin of A Christmas Carol and how much fun a real life fake murder mystery game would be! The boys review 3 new trailers for Deadpool 2, Game Night and The Man Who Invented...


WCTR: FREE Movie tickets, Jim Carrey goes method, THOR & Louis C.K. (Ep. 25)

Welcome to the 25th Episode! On Today’s show, the boys give out the details of the big Giveaway contest (Hint: the prize is Free Movie tickets), Jonathan gives a review of Thor: Ragnarok, Joel cries over Louis C.K., Jonathan cries over Wonder, and we learn a little more about Jim Carrey going method! We review 4 trailers: Netflix’s - Mudbound, Netflix’s - Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, Wonder, and Roman J. Israel, Esq. Make sure to ENTER our Free Movie ticket giveaway: 3 ways to...


WCTR: Kevin Spacey, sex rooms and a murderous maid (Ep. 24)

This week the boys discuss the troubling times in Hollywood including the latest bombshell allegations agianst Kevin Spacey… We learn that Joel has a secret interest in S&M, Jonathan is more interest in how Mr. Grey makes his money, Missouri seems like a snooze fest, and they get transfixed over a sacred deer. And they talk about trailers for Fifty Shades Freed, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Alias Grace. PLEASE WRITE US A REVIEW!!! Follow us...


WCTR: 2 Lady Birds, a former US President and sad Steve Carell (Ep. 23)

This week Jonathan talks to Joel about how to better manage his time. They also discuss arguments that make them want to jump out of a movie vehical. And they place a bet that will result in a free movie for someone! And they talk about trailers for Lady Bird, My Friend Dahmer, Last Flag Flying and LBJ. Follow us on Twitter @WC_Trailers and Facebook @WCTrailers AND PLEASE WRITE US A REVIEW!!!


WCTR: Jigsaw, box office busts and Tom Brady reviews us! (Ep. 22)

On this episode Joel and Jonathan read some their fan reviews… including Tom Brady’s glowing review of WCTR! They’re also getting excited for Halloween and Stranger Things. Oh, and they also talk about trailers for Jigsaw, Suburbicon and Crash Pad. Follow us on Twitter: @WC_Trailers and Facebook: @WCTrailers


WCTR: Star Wars The Last Jedi with Special Guest Mark Devin (Ep. 21)

*Special Guest Episode* On today’s show, Jonathan & Joel are joined by legendary DP Mark Devin!! And the biggest guests deserve the biggest movie trailers to review… Star Wars The Last Jedi! Not only do we cover Star Wars, we also cover: Only the Brave, Jungle, Killing Gunther, and GeoStorm It’s an action packed episode! Find Mark Devin on Instagram: @famousmoose1


WCTR: Blade Runner 2049 Review

***SPOILER ALERT*** On today’s special episode, Jonathan & Joel give a full review of Blade Runner 2049! And yes… they talk about everything so if you have not seen the movie…. this episode contains SPOILERS! Let us know what you think!! Facebook: @WCTrailers Twitter: wc_trailers


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