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The TransAdvocate podcast is news, essays, and talk about issues affecting the transgender, intersex, and genderqueer community.

The TransAdvocate podcast is news, essays, and talk about issues affecting the transgender, intersex, and genderqueer community.
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The TransAdvocate podcast is news, essays, and talk about issues affecting the transgender, intersex, and genderqueer community.






Community, Transition, & Standards of Realness

The podcast crew reviews national and local politics and discusses some of the nuances of community and transition. Also featured: the first installment of Gwen Smith’s Gender Nation and bonus material.

Duration: 00:59:59

Politics, TransAdvocate Hip Hop, & WAD

The TransAdvocate crew records live in Houston's Montrose. Today's topics include the stupidity of the Trump administration, an awesome hip-hop track MIC did for the TransAdvocate, and we talk about World AIDS Day coming up on December 1. On the pod: Cristan Williams, Robin Mack, and Alexis Melvin

Duration: 00:58:45

Unboxing Trans History & Right Wing Rapists

We have the largest trans archive still in the community's hands and we share with you some of the recent acquisitions from the last couple of weeks. This invariably wraps back around to current political narratives about trans people and we notice that anti-trans politicians seem to have a few skellies in their own closets! More info: Support us:...

Duration: 01:04:27

A Study in Trans Advocacy

Making politics work for the trans community, even in the South. - How the a Texas trans community fought off dozens of "Bathroom Bills" - How a Texas trans community produced the biggest queer political event in one of the largest cities + Hear one of the most powerful Texas REPUBLICAN politicians come out in support for trans equality + Hear from America's first our trans judge PLUS: - Review of what's going on in Houston's trans community - How you can get help - How you can get...

Duration: 01:04:44

On The Make It A Slur Campaigns: Are Misogynist, Homophobe & TERF Slurs?

Into the nexus of the ‘gay alt-right feminist’ movement: Original Article: Support TA:

Duration: 00:25:33

Resist & Rebuild: Getting it Done!

We’re always hearing how we’re supposed to “RESIST.” What can that look like when you live in the Deep South in Trump’s America or when your community just faced a historic natural disaster? Find out how trans people living in Texas manage to do it. Support the TransAdvocate at our Patreon: Support the Trans Disaster Relief Fund: Volunteer with the Trans Disaster Relief Fund, Trans Unity Banquet, Trans Archive, or Pride Celebrations:...

Duration: 00:47:00

Intersex Awareness Day

The TransAdvocate crew discusses Intersex Awareness Day with TFA Board member and pioneering Intersex activist, Koomah. Landing page for today's podcast:

Duration: 00:51:53

When Disaster Hits Our Community

The TransAdvocate podcast crew discusses the trans response to natural disasters, plus a review of upcoming events. On the Pod: Cristan Williams, Robin Mack, and Alexis Melvin

Duration: 00:39:38

An Australian Media Corporation Takes a Punch at Trans Youth, Using the ‘60 Minutes’ Brand

An Australian Media Corporation Takes a Punch at Trans Youth, Using the ‘60 Minutes’ Brand By Kelley Winters, Ph.D. On September 10, the Australian media giant, Nine Entertainment, aired a long-anticipated news report “about what can go wrong when doctors misdiagnose a child as transgender.” The story headlined their Australian version of the American CBS program, “60 Minutes,” describing a teen youth, Patrick Mitchell, who had socially and hormonally transitioned from male to female, and...

Duration: 00:10:34

We’ve been here before: child molesters & the political right

This was the era of Anita Bryant’s crusade against lesbians and gays. “As a mother,” Bryant said, “I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children.” This was the predominant belief; this notion that gays and lesbians need to “recruit” people to grow in numbers, and therefore are grooming children. It was very effective, as it tapped into primal fears that one’s own sons and daughters could be in peril from a menace that the parents...

Duration: 00:10:35

Owning Endosex Privilege

Owning Endosex Privilege and Supporting the Intersex Community WPATH, Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM), and Sex Variant Bodies Author: Margo Schulter is a pioneering trans Lesbian feminist and moderator of the Conversations Project‘s community group. Narrator: Koomah is an intersex educator, co-founder of Houston’s intersex group, moderator of the Conversations Project community group, and board member of TFA, the TransAdvocate’s parent organization. Audio Editors: Rani Baker & Cristan...

Duration: 01:00:18

The New York Magazine Lies To Parents About Trans Children

Kelly Winters reads a version of her TransAdvocate Essay, reviewing the significant lie "desistance" advocates push when tricking people people into believing that most gender dysphoric grow out of being trans. TransAdvocate Essays: The New York Magazine Lies To Parents About Trans Children | If you like TransAdvocate Essays, please support us at https:/ ------------ Music used with permission by and: Tears of Niobe by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright...

Duration: 00:08:47

Having a TDOR in Houston after the defeat of #HERO

Houston Trans Day of Remembrance after the defeat of HERO and an uptick in anti-trans Houston assaults. "Dirt Rhodes" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Duration: 00:15:55

Attempted Election Fraud

Attempted Election Fraud by TransAdvocate

Duration: 00:00:47

Transgender activist shames bigot in public

Transgender activist shames bigot in public by TransAdvocate

Duration: 00:13:57

Voter Fraud at the Pech Street County Building

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance passed on May 28, 2014. The ordinance protects a number of classes, including LGBT people. Those opposed to equality have take up the false narrative that equality = men hanging out in the women's restroom, the same argument used against the Equal Rights Act from the 1970s. To overturn an ordinance, activists must follow Texas law: "Qualified Voter" [Sec. 277.0021] Reference to "qualified voter"...

Duration: 00:45:54

Religious Bigots: Intersections of Trans, Racial and Feminist issues

This TA Podcast examines the way bigotry wrapped in religion creates oppression that intersects trans, racial and feminist issues. Covered is Arizona's religious 'right to discriminate' bill, the religious right's attempt to have gender defined via biblical means in Texas and the way these same bigots attack body autonomy.

Duration: 00:30:44

Texas Sheriff Adrian Garcia Speaking at 2008 Trans DOR

Texas Sheriff Adrian Garcia Speaking at 2008 Trans DOR by TransAdvocate

Duration: 00:03:51

Did bias led to prosecution of bullied Hercules trans student?

On December 4, 2013 Jennifer Lopez, an investigative reporter interviewed a "detective" who about the case against a Hercules High School student who had fought back against her school tormentor

Duration: 00:10:10

Fool me once: Toronto Star doubles down on their anti-trans hoax

According to the anonymous internet persona, the YMCA has no secure changing rooms. Moreover, the anonymous email claimed that people who've not begun transition can hang out in the women's changing area by merely claiming to be trans. Both of those claims are false.

Duration: 00:07:46

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