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Mexican Independence Day Special!Guest DJ Junf Ga, host of tropical / world music show Radio Pocajú on Ibero FM in Mexico City from Sep 16, 2017

Mdou Moctar - "Amidini" - Sousoume Tamachek [GIGs: Sept 28 (Thurs) Lincoln Center Rubenstein Atrium, Broadway between 62nd and 63rd St and Thursday Oct 5th at Pioneer Works, 159 Pioneer St Bklyn (w/ Drunken Foreigner Band)] Group Doueh - "Jagwar Doueh" - Zayna Jumma [GIGs: Sept 29 (Fri) Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St: Group Doueh + Innov Gnawa and Oct 7 (Sat) WFMU’s Montgomery Hall, 43 Montgomery St., Jersey City NJ: Group Doueh + 75 Dolllar Bill. 8:30 pm.] Dicko Fils -...

Duration: 03:06:41

TSP Live From Issyra African Gallery, 300 Observer Highway in Hoboken NJ:Four Bands: NYC Gaita Club, Tuki Buki Trio, Akoko Nante, Maracatu NY. Free Admission! from Sep 9, 2017

NYC Gaita Club - "Live from Issrya Gallery, Hoboken" [El Bendito, Currura, La Morenita and other songs] Orchestre Laye Thiam - "Kokorico" - Orchestre Laye Thiam Tuki Buki Trio - "Live from Issrya Gallery, Hoboken" Dieuf-Dieul De Thiès - "Aling Na Djimbe" - Aw Sa Yone Vol. 1 Orchestre Baobab - "Foulo" - Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng Maracatu NY - "Live from Issrya Gallery, Hoboken" Guelewar - "Kelefasane" Akoko Nante Ensemble - "Live from Issrya Gallery, Hoboken"...

Duration: 03:08:46

Labor of Love with Katie Gentile: Australia and New Zealand Edition from Sep 2, 2017

Tjupurru - "Stompin' Ground" - Rough Guide to Australian Aboriginal Music Plagal Grind - "Midnight Blue Vision" - Various Artists: Expressway Pileup Cambodian Space Project - "Kangaroo Boy" - 2011 A Space Odyssey Look Blue Go Purple - "I Don't Want You Anyway" - This is This North Tanami Band - "Nyurruwiyi" - Various Artists: Caama 25 Year Anniversary Collection [Waripiri language, Australia Northern Territory] Cannanes - "I Woke Up" - A Love Affair With Nature Warumpi Band - "Animal...

Duration: 03:08:45

Waning Days from Aug 26, 2017

The Moonstones with Indrani Perera - "Sigiriya" - Various Artists: Sri Lanka : The Golden Era of Sinhalese & Tamil Folk​-​pop Music [From the Sooriya Records archives] The Sherbone Stars - "We Joe" - Nokuzola [South Africa, 1979] The Movers - "Movers on the Way" - Best of the Best Volume One Barro - "Mato o Nego" - Miocardio Curumin - "Boca de Groselha" - B O C A Juana Molina - "Boca de Groselha" - Halo Tongues in Trees - "Is Falling Flying" - Parallel Navatman Music Collective -...

Jen Shyu:Multilingual Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Improviser, Singer, Storyteller, Dancer, Visionary from Jun 24, 2017

Sin Sisamouth & Pan Ron - "Jengjean Tboung Pram" - Various Artists: Cambodian Bodega [Gary Sullivan's Bodega Pop Live (WFMU Drummer Stream) Premium CD] Ros Serey Sothea - "Old Pot Still Cooks Good Rice" - Various Artists: Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll Phairin Phonphibun - "Phak Ki Phu Chai" - Lam Klom Thung: Essential Phairin Phonphibun So Sopheak - "Oh! Sneah" - Various Artists: Morodok Volume 29 Banteay Ampil Band - "Don't Forget Khmer Blood" - Cambodian...

Duration: 03:07:50

Live From Barbes in Park Slope, Brooklyn from Apr 2, 2016

Neel Murgai and Sameer Gupta - "Live from Barbes (Raag Yaman)" Sofie Salonika - "Live from Barbes" Bulla en el Barrio - "Live from Barbes" Innov Gnawa - "Live from Barbes"

Duration: 03:07:53

Evan Rapport on Central Asian Jewish Music from Feb 27, 2016

Tim Maia - "A Festa Do Santo Reis" - Tim Maia Alma Tropicalia - "Irene" - Various Artists: The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Samba Kristi Stassinopoulou - "Whirlpool" - The Secrets of the Rocks Judy Dyble - "Make it Today" - Anthology Part 1 Rokia Traore - "Obike" - Ne So [GIG: March 23 (Wed) at the Highline Ballroom] Koo Nimo & Vishal Nagar - "I've Worked in Vain" - Koo Nimo & Vishal Nagar Joan Soriano - "Maria Elena ay Dios" - Me Decidi Ilyos Mallayev - "Taqini Uzzol" - At the Bazaar of...

Duration: 03:07:24

HONK NYC! video simulcast: See and hear the havoc wrought when 6 insane bra

Les Muses Tanguent - "Live at WFMU's Monty Hall October 16, 2014" Chaotic Noise Marching Corps - "Live at WFMU's Monty Hall October 16, 2014" Radio Kaizman - "Live at WFMU's Monty Hall October 16, 2014" Pakava It' - "Live at WFMU's Monty Hall October 16, 2014" Kenny Wolleson and the Himalayas Marching Band - "Live at WFMU's Monty Hall October 16, 2014" Environmental Encroachment - "Live at WFMU's Monty Hall October 16, 2014" Second Line Social Aid And Pleasure Society Brass Band - "African...

Duration: 03:08:32