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Episode 132: Klingon Kraziness

For over 50 years, they’ve been Star Trek’s biggest bads -- and thanks to Star Trek Discovery, the Klingons are back in a big way. Transporter Room 3, Episode 132 Subscribe. This week we have a very special interview with the once and future Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, Gowron... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 131: Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Post-Mort

Star Trek: Discovery recently ended its first season. And it's the best first season of any Trek series since the original one. Why? We're gonna tell you in this week's episode of TR3. Transporter Room 3, Episode 131 Subscribe. Helping us recap the season is Matt Fowler, our pal, TV critic, and... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 130: Discovery Star Mary Chieffo (L’Rell!) Beams In

What a night for Star Trek fans! First you got the Season 1 finale of Star Trek: Discovery. Then you got Transporter Room 3’s review of it. And now we have a very special bonus episode featuring none other than Mary Chieffo herself -- a.k.a., L’Rell! Transporter Room 3, Episode... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 129: Star Trek: Discovery’s S1 Finale Ends on a Very Cool ‘Holy S#!t’ Note

So, that happened! Transporter Room 3, Episode 129 Subscribe. A lot of things went down in Star Trek Discovery's first season finale -- from Tilly getting high to Pike's Enterprise showing up (!) -- and we have lots of questions. And we’ve got a full breakdown of what worked, and what didn't,... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 128: Discovery Pulls a ‘Genesis Device Begins,’ Plus More Character Twists!

The Klingon war is back on in the newest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “The War Without, The War Within,” and we have lots of opinions about it. Transporter Room 3, Episode 128 Subscribe. It’s the second-to-last episode of the season, and there is much to discuss. Like, what’s up with... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 127: Lorca's Revenge!

Man! We are back to talk about episode 13 of Star Trek: Discovery, “What’s Past Is Prologue,” where… well, stuff happened involving Lorca. Crazy stuff! Transporter Room 3, Episode 127 Subscribe: The Lorca himself, Jason Isaacs, beams into TR3 to... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 126: Discovery Takes Burnham on the Worst Dinner Date Ever

Another episode of TR3, another trip to the Mirror Universe. Transporter Room 3, Episode 126 Subscribe: "Vaulting Ambition" pits Michael against her former-captain-turned-murder-fueled-Emperor, reveals how Tyler and Voq were spliced together in the... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 125: A Tale of Two Tylers

Happy 125th episode to us! And thanks for helping us get here. And what a great Star Trek: Discovery segment to discuss for our big 1-2-5, too! Transporter Room 3, Episode 125 Subscribe: As we celebrate this momentous TR3 occasion, we've got a... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 124: Discovery (and Jonathan Frakes) Are Back (And Lorca Punches a Wall With His Face)

The first Star Trek: Discovery episode of 2018 is here, and so is the latest installment of Transporter Room 3 (you're welcome). And that includes a special visit to TR3 from Jonathan Frakes himself! Transporter Room 3, Episode 124 Subscribe:... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 123: So Is Tarantino's Star Trek Happening or What?!

Star Trek: Discovery made big waves in 2017, and we are ending the year with an even bigger one: Tarantino is planning an R-rated Trek movie. But how accurate (or likely) is this report...? And is that a good thing or bad? Transporter Room 3, Episode... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 122: The Captain Lorca Theory That Will Blow Your Mind

And that’s a wrap on the first half of Star Trek: Discovery Season 1! This week’s episode, "Into the Forest I Go," marked the conclusion of “Chapter One” of the first year, and it was a doozy. From Klingon battles to 133 spore-jumps to Captain Lorca pulling some very Captain Lorca moves, the... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 121: The Only Thing Saru Has to Fear Is Fear Itself

Star Trek: Discovery continues to prove that it has the best first season of Trek since The Original Series with its latest episode. Transporter Room 3, Episode 121 Subscribe: This week, Saru goes fear-free for the first time ever -- on a planet ... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 120: Star Trek: Discovery Goes All Groundhog Day on Us

Harry Mudd pulls a "Cause and Effect" on the most recent episode of Star Trek: Discovery, "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad,” and Burnham learns about this thing you Earth humans call… love! Transporter Room 3, Episode 120 Subscribe: We break... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 119: That Time Troi Almost Murder-Deathed Picard (With Special Guest Rainn Wilson)

MacDuff is dead! Long live MacDuff! Transporter Room 3, Episode 119 Subscribe: Data chokes out Picard, and whatever a MacDuff is invades the Enterprise -- it's just another day at Transporter Room 3 as we go back to our Season 6 mission to review... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 118: When Vulcans Go Boom

When Sarek finds himself in heaps of trouble thanks to a “logic extremist” with a bone to pick against the Papa Vulcan, Burnham heads out on a mission of mercy deep into her adoptive father’s mind. Transporter Room 3, Episode 118 Subscribe: The... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 117: Check Out Star Trek: Discovery, Dropping Some Eff Bombs

Pop quiz: A Klingon enters your cell with two fists and a skull-seeking boot. You can either take the pain, or choose your cellmate to receive it for you. What do you do? What. Do. You. Do? Transporter Room 3, Episode 117 Subscribe: Well, if you're... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 116: Star Trek: Discovery's Kicking Tardigrade A$$ So Far

This week, we're breaking down all the big things that happened in the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery -- and it's a lot. Transporter Room 3, Episode 116 Subscribe: From spore drives to Klingons snacking on Michelle Yeoh, "The Butcher's... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 115: Star Trek: Discovery Has Folks Turned All Inside Out

…Especially the crew of a certain starship! Get it? Get it…? O.K., not just those poor bastards from this week’s episode, but the many fans who are still trying to get their heads around this very new, very different Trek are also turned inside out. And we get. We get it. But we might also be... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 114: Why Star Trek: The Next Generation Still Matters, 30 Years Later

Happy birthday, Star Trek: The Next Generation! It's been 30 years since we first met the crew of the Enterprise-D, who in turn introduced us to Worf always getting his butt kicked (despite being head of security), Troi's only intermittently-helpful telepathic abilities, Q, the Ferengi, and -- of... Click on the title for the full episode.


Episode 113: Star Trek: Discovery Lives!

It’s finally here -- Star Trek’s return to TV. Scott and Phil dive deep into the series premiere of Star Trek: Discovery as only they can, with a review full of high praise, nerdy complaints, cheap shots, and more… Transporter Room 3, Episode... Click on the title for the full episode.


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