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Amazing stories from seasoned travellers. Let the music, sounds and emotions inspire you! With entertaining travel stories like TED and Rolf Potts, interview sections like Tim Ferriss and John Lee Dumas, and guests like Jackie Nourse (Laulainen) and Michael O'Neal, we talk to travelers and digital nomads about their lifestyle design, entrepreneurship and amazing stories from the road, complete with musical accompaniment and environmental soundscapes. Let's dive in!




Unpacking Season Five

Cody and Nicole are back to help Hayden as he unpacks season five, discusses his favorite overarching travel themes, highlights his favorite moments of the season, and looks forward to the epic upcoming changes of season six. [link] In this unpacking and season five finale of the Travel Stories Podcast, Hayden is joined again by Cody and Nicole to reflect on the past season of episodes. They discuss their highlights from the past few months and what they thought of their guests and the...

Duration: 01:30:39

S5E13: The Gates of Hell - Rolf Potts: Author | Vagabonder | Traveler

How do you become the traveler you know you can be? What is the first step on the road to travel? Rolf Potts has the answers to these questions in his back pocket, and he’s more than willing to share; in fact, he’s been giving people this advice for years. Rolf is also one of the reasons Hayden himself got into travel, as Rolf and his book, Vagabonding, crystallized what Hayden had been thinking about travel for his whole life until that point. It gave him the push to become the traveler...

Duration: 00:39:38

S5E12: When You’ve Gotta Go - Mark Wolters: YouTuber | Professor | Traveler

When should one travel? When they are young, while they are unattached and have all the time in the world? When they are middle-aged, and in the thick of their “normal” lives? When they are old, and it seems that all things have passed them by? The answer, of course, is “yes.” An honest “yes” to all of the above, and Mark Wolters knows better than anybody how important it is to be honest. He believes that you should truly travel right now, because you never know what can happen later. If...

Duration: 00:40:55

S5E11: Grazing with Camels - Eric Trules: Performance Artist | Podcaster | Traveler

What is there awaiting travelers in the desert? What is there out in nature, waiting to reconnect with man? Eric Trules has discovered it, he thinks. That nothingness that means something: a nomadic way of life, a connection to nature, a cooperation with the land, a lack of civilization that means an increase in humanity. Eric Trules has been a professional in the performing, literary, and filmic arts for almost five decades. He’s worked as a dancer, in the theater, as an actor, and even...

Duration: 00:57:56

S5E10: The Big Move - Dana Newman: YouTuber | Expat | Traveler

Cultural differences are impossible not to notice once you have traveled as much as Dana Newman has. Language and these differences Dana has found between Germany and America have helped her make a home out of Munich, and to find herself in her surroundings. Dana Newman is an American expatriate, originally from Florida, in the United States, now living in Munich, Germany. Her YouTube channel, Wanted Adventure, explores the cultural differences between the U.S. and Germany and talks about...

Duration: 00:48:21

S5E9: Finding Fatherhood in Kenya - Taylor Zajonc: Shipwreck Expert | Author | Traveler

Knowing why you want to do something is half the way to achieving that something. Understanding and developing your passion is the drive a person needs to becoming who they truly want to be. Taylor Zajonc, a writer, father, maritime historian, Explorers Club member, and shipwreck explorer who has literally been to the bottom of the ocean and back again, has endless pearls of wisdom just like these. He knows that approaching your own life with an “open heart, a lack of cynicism, and as...

Duration: 00:47:45

S5E8: The Ya Fish - Kristin Addis: Dreamer | Hitchhicker | Traveler

Kristin Addis trusts the world, and she trusts her truest self, the one who hides inside and waits until she is alone to reveal herself. She knows a great deal about solo female travel, having adventured around the world since 2012, and she believes wholeheartedly in talking to strangers and in taking leaps. She offers support to anyone who will listen: if you don’t feel as though you’re understood, or if you don’t know where to look, there are people all around the world who will offer...

Duration: 00:45:22

S5E7: Somewhere, Sometime - Yann Ilunga: Polyglot | Podcaster | Traveler

How can I connect with the world around me when I travel? How can I immerse myself in a culture? How can I share my experiences with the world? Yann Ilunga has the answer to each of these questions, and can help guide travelers to their own unique solutions. Yann Ilunga is an entrepreneur, podcaster, consultant, and all-around legendarily cool guy, in Hayden’s own words. He is the person Hayden trusts most with helping start blogs and podcasts, and he visits the Travel Stories Podcast to...

Duration: 00:36:21

S5E6: How WiFi Sprung Me from a Russian Prison - Juliana Dever: Actress | Russophile | Traveler

Can a person sustain their life on their passions? Can you do what you love and live off of it, too? It’s the perfect road to go down, and one that travelers often find themselves seeking. Juliana Dever has found the path. A travel blogger and an actress from the television series Castle, Juliana has thrown herself into world traveling and drawing experiences from her fears. When she’s not acting, she’s traveling, testing her limits. A self-proclaimed Russophile, Juliana Dever has had a...

Duration: 00:51:26

S5E5: Lessons from Japanese Vegetables - Amanda Kendle: Not A Ballerina | Thinker | Traveler

Travel changes a person. Adapting to an entirely new culture and people not only alters the traveler while they live in that culture, but also changes them irrevocably when they return home. Getting used to the world around you is an important travel step, and one Amanda Kendle is intimately familiar with. Amanda lived in three foreign countries during her twenties, and is the master of slow travel. During her lifetime, she’s developed a travel mentality that can be summed up in one word:...

Duration: 00:44:05

S5E4: The Magic Tree - Derek Loudermilk: Father | Digital Nomad | Traveler

Can a traveler have a home base? What does stability mean to an adventurer? Is the push-pull siren call of the two different traveling worlds surmountable? Derek Loudermilk, host of The Art of Adventure, answers all of these questions and more, unprompted and in depth. Derek is a father, a digital nomad, and a traveler who believes in the power of dichotomy and travels with his infant son, Axel. An adventurer and a businessman, Derek seeks to help others who have the elusive dream of...

Duration: 00:52:54

S5E3: Michoacán: Don't Go There (You'll Die) - Amie & Matt Leichtfuss: Vloggers | Surfers | Travelers

Letting the path ahead of you lead the way is a degree of control that some people struggle to let go of. Amie and Matt Leichtfuss encourage this degree of trial-and-error, though. On any adventure, letting the details reveal themselves as your journey unfolds can bring the most authentic experiences a traveler can experience. In telling their story, Michoacán: Don't Go There (You'll Die), they prove just how valuable that can be. Traveling with their dog, six surfboards, and a travel...

Duration: 00:38:51

S5E2: Secret Havana - Rachel Rudwall: Explorer | Motivator | Traveler

Are you enough? The answer, no matter how you feel in any particular moment, is always a resounding “yes.” Rachel Rudwall believes that every person is “enough” to start an adventure, that stories are born from the unexpected, and that childlike wonder has a place in the life of a traveler. Her optimistic outlook on life and her love of worldwide connections are a breath of fresh air in the travel world. With a travel story from Cuba and a bright personality, Rachel gives us a story and an...

Duration: 00:46:54

Kinga Philipps - Adventurer | Shark Lover | Traveler

What does it mean to explore your senses? What does a sense do for a person when they travel? Can you bottle your experiences and bring them home with you? Kinga Philipps, an adventurer currently living in Malibu with a passion for all things aquatic, discusses these points and more with Hayden. The host of The Wild Side with Kinga Philipps on the Travel Channel, Kinga talks mystery, senses, history, and sharks, the last of which she touches on with love and anger. Why Do Humans...

Duration: 00:43:17

Unpacking Season Four

In this season four finale of the Travel Stories Podcast, Hayden is joined by Nicole (his writer) and Cody (his composer) to look back over the season, share outtakes, and talk about the upcoming fifth season. They weave through every episode and discuss what they thought about the guests and the stories, bringing in recaps and flashbacks to the highlights of each episode. You’ll remember this season featured Tom Butler, Sarah Miduski, Tania Aebi, Nate Buchanan, Britany Felix, Frank...

Duration: 00:58:38

S4E12: Tom Butler - ‘On the Right Track’

Once upon a time, a wise old Jedi claimed that “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.” He stopped after suffering, though, so we have to wonder: what does suffering lead to? Is there a chance that suffering can lead to new possibilities? From suffering, there are opportunities for growth, for change, and for evolution. Suffering can be the catalyst for so many qualities necessary in a travel, and, sometimes, all that you need to do to obtain those...

Duration: 00:36:28

S4E11: Sarah Miduski - ‘Unexpected Wildlife’

Knowing that you’re able to travel - able to afford it, able to hop on a plane and end up halfway across the world only hours later - can grant you a kind of appreciation you never realized before. Living in a place where travel is possible, where going on unprecedented journeys is possible, where listening to travel story podcasts is possible, is the ideal travel situation. How can you live a life of possibility, and how can you utilize the life of possibility that you have been given?...

Duration: 00:35:00

S4E10: Tania Aebi - ‘The Fisherman’

Solitude, uncertainty, and unpredictable storms (both physical and metaphorical) are circumstances that every single human being experiences during their lifetime. When you have only yourself and a steadfast belief in luck to rely on, it can be difficult to throw yourself into a situation. If you keep moving forward, though, even the impossible can become possible - and this is especially true when you decide to trust in others and let them help you along your path. Tania Aebi is a...

Duration: 00:26:08

S4E9: Nate Buchanan - ‘The Cave’

Learning how to trust is something only you can teach yourself how to do. It can be one of the most important things that you will encounter during travel, but encounter it you must. Who do you trust in this world, though? Can you trust someone you’ve only known for a matter of seconds? How can you trust that you’re going to make the right decision? Hayden introduces Nate Buchanan of Kara and Nate to help him answer these questions and more. Nate Buchanan is famously from the travel vlog...

Duration: 00:48:41

S4E8: Charlotte Ahern - 'Cheating Death in Lao'

Charlotte Ahern joins Hayden from her current home base in Vancouver to talk travel, life, Justin Bieber and Terminator 2. They deep dive into some of the more interesting aspects of life, such as why it's a good thing to be rebellious, living somewhere full time and whether it's a good idea to sometimes not take the road less traveled. Charlotte Ahern also brings her story, entitled 'Cheating Death in Lao', documenting the time she had a crystallising epiphany about life and death alike....

Duration: 00:37:38

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