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At home in the world.




Tourism Destinations That Have Changed Drastically in 30 Years

Tourism has changed dramatically since Condé Nast Traveler published its first issue thirty years ago: You can't light up a cigarette on a transatlantic flight anymore (great), and "Basic Economy" is now a thing (not so great). But there are also places that through forces beyond just the tourism industry—political shifts, economic cycles, and technological revolutions—have changed so much, that we wouldn't even recognize them 30 years ago. On this episode of Travelogue, we take a deep dive...

Duration: 00:57:33

Making a Case to Spend the Holidays Abroad

We dive into all of the messiness—and, it can be said, magic—of spending the holidays abroad, whether as an expat or just on vacation. From Christmas in Marrakech to Thanksgiving in Sydney (and Copenhagen, Singapore, and Paris), we discuss the challenges of sourcing hard-to-come-by cranberries, new ways of honoring old traditions, and how the holidays can actually be a really good time to get a flight deal.

Duration: 00:33:40

How Far We've Traveled for Music, Marathons, and Motorsports

Some of the best vacations are the aimless ones: when you go to a place with nothing but a hotel booked and a love of spontaneity. But there's a type of traveler who hits the road with purpose. We're not talking about business travel—it's more a passion pursuit, and this week on the Travelogue podcast we talk to four people who criss-cross the world for their obsessions.

Duration: 01:05:13

What Annoys Us Most at 30,000 Feet

There are only so many things you can control at 30,000 feet—and unfortunately, the behavior of other passengers isn’t one of them. On this week’s episode of Travelogue, the podcast of Condé Nast Traveler, editors duke it out over what in-flight behavior irks them most, from the irritating (think unruly, pint-sized seat kickers) to the truly offensive (we’re looking at you, fast foodies).

Duration: 00:51:17

The Joys and Trials of Living Overseas

The definition of "expat" is not as clear-cut as it may first appear—and that becomes, well, very clear in the opening minutes of this episode of Travelogue. What separates, for example, an expat from an immigrant? Is it all about transience versus permanence, or are there other, less straightforward distinctions at play? Whatever the difference, there is a common thread that unites anyone who has lived away from "home," a word that also has its own multiple layers of meaning. This week,...

Duration: 00:58:19

How to Travel With Your Parents and Stay Sane

We love our parents—and some of us ARE parents—but it's not always easy traveling with your folks. It could be a matter of speed: You want to go heli-skiing in Alaska; they'd prefer to cruise there. Maybe it's a difference in price point, or a question of who pays for what. Should adult children take their parents on vacation, as a thank you for all those years of Disney trips? Or should you split the bill evenly? There's also the question of trip planning: Should one person be in charge,...

Duration: 00:48:51

When You Should Hire a Local Guide

We'd like to think we can plan everything on our own: every hotel room, every cross-cultural interaction, every landmark tour, every local hole-in-the-wall dinner... But if we're really, really honest, even Condé Nast Traveler's editors can admit that sometimes we need some help.

Duration: 00:52:30

Where We'd Have Our Last Meal

There's no doubt a single meal can make a vacation memorable—but what makes a meal unforgettable? Is it really just about what it does to your taste buds, or the quality of the ingredients? Or does greatness extend beyond the palate: Is it also the setting; the conversations you have; the newness of not only a taste, but also a sight, a sound, a smell? On this week's edition of Travelogue we dissect the role of food as a means of exploration—an entry point into new cultures and...

Duration: 00:59:16

Where to Travel This Fall

R.I.P. Summer 2017. We're chasing summer to the southern hemisphere and exploring America's greatest weekender cities this fall.

Duration: 00:49:57

Why Summer Vacations Are the Best Kind

While we'd never claim that you should only travel during a single season of the year, there's something especially alluring about summer vacations. Maybe it's grade-school nostalgia or the temptation of skipping town on a Summer Friday, but whatever the reason, the results speak for themselves. Just look at the *Condé Nast Traveler* team: This summer, we traveled a whole lot around the country and the world, and for this episode of our podcast we give you some itineraries to copy and file...

Duration: 01:06:15

Is It Ethical to Visit North Korea?

Should Western tourists visit North Korea? Is it an act of voyeurism, or can tourism actually help the country? Does cultural diplomacy outweigh the risk of life? Would you go, if given the opportunity? Listen to this week's podcast and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Duration: 00:43:14

Is Travel Better Now Than It Was 30 Years Ago?

In honor of Condé Nast Traveler's 30th anniversary, we're delving into some of the ways travel has changed over the last three decades.

Duration: 01:01:51

Why We Travel to Be Near Water

We dive deep into how water plays a part in our travel lives and the physical and psychological benefits of spending time around oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Duration: 00:32:31

Secrets of a Pilot and a Flight Attendant

We sat down with a veteran pilot and former flight attendant to ask all our burning questions about what actually goes on at 30,000 feet.

Duration: 00:38:12

Why Terrorism Won’t Stop Us from Traveling

In the past year, suicide bombers and terrorist groups have targeted specific areas—and arenas—that gave them a world stage and a chance to strike travel at its heart. But how does terrorism affect travel? And what do we do, as travelers, when it's a threat that's hard to ignore?

Duration: 00:50:08

The Evolution of Cruises

Nowadays, cruising can mean a week of fine dining on the high seas; a Disney-themed sailing along the Panama Canal; or even an opportunity to travel to the North Pole. It’s no wonder, then, that the number of people choosing to cruise has surged. It’s also the reason why we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s podcast—and a lot of this past month—to all things cruise-related.

Duration: 00:54:34

Travel Myths You’ve Been Tricked Into Believing

In addition to the there-is-one-best-time-to-book-a-flight fallacy, we dive into the other travel myths out there that can—and should—be put to rest.

Duration: 01:00:37

How to Make the Best of Solo Travel

Sorry, all you Eat, Pray, Love diehards out there—turns out, solo travel isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, earthshaking epiphanies, and whirlwind romances. On this week’s travelogue podcast, Traveler editors dish about their solo travel experiences—the good, the bad, and the very awkward—and whether the prospect of traveling by ourselves, whether for a business trip, or a reunion-gone-bust, killed the excitement around time spent away.

Duration: 00:47:09

Everything We Love and Hate About Home Shares

There are so many things to love about Airbnb and its competitors: the price point, the flexibility, the immediate access to a culture. But, there are a few things some frequent travelers take issue with—sleeping in a stranger's sheets to start. Our complicated feelings regarding Airbnb have been behind many a debate among Traveler's editors. But in a world where home shares are drawing many travelers away from hotels, we used this week's episode of Travelogue to dig in to who should be...

Duration: 00:46:01

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Travel?

We've said it before: Travel can be addicting. But, is there a point where travel becomes a competition for bragging rights and a life constantly on the move starts to eat away at any semblance of normalcy or stability—and, if so, is that a bad thing? This week, we talked with two of the world's most traveled men about their best trips, their scariest experiences (what would you do as a tourist in Tehran when the Iranian Revolution hit in 1979?), and why they continue to travel with such...

Duration: 00:59:39

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