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At home in the world.

At home in the world.
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At home in the world.




How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Getaway

You can't cover a whole city in three days (but you can try). With that in mind, we dive into the anatomy of the perfect long weekend in this week's Travelogue podcast—sharing real stats (fact: more people are taking more long weekends) and lessons learned from our own trips.


Your Guide to South Korea (And the Olympics!)

Olympics or no Olympics, you should get there. Get your own winter games on in PyeongChang or explore one of the most exciting and varied cities in Asia: Seoul. Fair warning: If you're anything like us, you won't be able to get through the podcast without Googling your flight options. And we're emphatically not responsible for any impulse trips to Asia that might result.


How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

As airlines change the way they play the game—like adding basic economy seats and unbundling fares—travelers need a new set of hacks to feel a little more in control. Let's start with TSA PreCheck. Do you have it? Why not? No, seriously, tell us why: We debate its merits, along with Global Entry, Mobile Passport, and something called Clear, all of which can help you get through airport security or customs without having to wait in interminable lines. Plus, have you heard that some airlines...


Things You Should Never, Ever Do on an Airplane

Here at the Traveler office, we wholeheartedly agree on most things: that Summer Fridays should be taken full advantage of, that you shouldn't let fear get in the way of travel, and that Georgia is a country everyone should visit, like, now. But there are a few areas where the gloves come off and the disagreements fly—and admittedly, most of these are centered around air travel.


We Planned Your Next Trip to New Orleans

Grabbing a beer to-go while hopping from one venue to the next, where some of the world's best musicians are playing to intimate crowds; a sculpture garden all to yourself; a plate of jambalaya that tastes like it's been perfected over generations one day, modern Israeli fare that will make you question everything you know about hummus the next. If any of that sounds good to you, we've got you covered on this episode of Travelogue, in which we talk all things New Orleans. The Crescent City...


Why You Should Still Visit the Caribbean This Year

On this week's Travelogue podcast, we wanted to show the Caribbean—a region very close to our hearts—some much-needed love. Now that we're in the thick of winter, it's the perfect time to book tropical getaways, and we've got a guide for what's happening on each and every island. From post-hurricane updates to our favorite activities (cuddling sting rays in Cayman is a must), listen in for all the latest Caribbean intel.


This Is Where You Should Go in 2018

Looking for the next Iceland? We’ve got you covered. Because there its a new year, and there are plenty of new places to explore.


Everything You’ve Wanted to Ask About Solo Travel

This week, we're sharing the first episode of "Women Who Travel," a new podcast at Condé Nast Traveler by women, for everyone. You can listen to our other episodes and subscribe anywhere you find podcasts. Join the conversation as we dive into one of our favorite topics: solo travel.


The Future of the Road Trip

How does a Jetson's future—with autonomous cars, smart roads, and the cities of tomorrow—become a reality? We talk shop with Ford Motor's in-house futurist Sheryl Connelly on this week's episode.


Overtourism Doesn't Mean You Have to Avoid Venice

Scroll through the news on your phone, and it's likely you'll come across a story (or five) related to overtourism and how tourist-clogged destinations are cracking down on, well, tourists. But what exactly is overtourism? And is it a new problem, or just one getting more attention thanks to the prevalence of social media and the advent of the digital age? On this latest episode of Travelogue, we dive into those questions. Along the way, we discuss how places around the world are handling...


In Search of Adventure

In our latest episode of Travelogue, we dive deep into adventure in its many forms. We discuss how New Zealand basically invented extreme sports, share tales of rallies from the U.K. to Siberia that take two months, and try and parse what makes the best countries for adventure travel, well, the best. We also look closely at the evolution of extreme selfie-takers—in many ways, the new daredevils—and fold in a pretty good whale joke that actually is relevant to one editor's weekend of...


Flight Deals, Explained

It's been just over a year since we first sat down with Scott Keyes, the flight deal guru behind Scott's Cheap Flights, on the Travelogue podcast. Now, with more than one million subscribers to his weekly newsletter, we checked in to ask him all of our burning questions (and yours) about the ins and outs of flight deals, round two.


Secrets of a Pilot and a Flight Attendant

This is a rebroadcast of an episode originally released in August 2017. We sat down with a veteran pilot and former flight attendant to ask all our burning questions about what actually goes on at 30,000 feet.


Tourism Destinations That Have Changed Drastically in 30 Years

Tourism has changed dramatically since Condé Nast Traveler published its first issue thirty years ago: You can't light up a cigarette on a transatlantic flight anymore (great), and "Basic Economy" is now a thing (not so great). But there are also places that through forces beyond just the tourism industry—political shifts, economic cycles, and technological revolutions—have changed so much, that we wouldn't even recognize them 30 years ago. On this episode of Travelogue, we take a deep...


Making a Case to Spend the Holidays Abroad

We dive into all of the messiness—and, it can be said, magic—of spending the holidays abroad, whether as an expat or just on vacation. From Christmas in Marrakech to Thanksgiving in Sydney (and Copenhagen, Singapore, and Paris), we discuss the challenges of sourcing hard-to-come-by cranberries, new ways of honoring old traditions, and how the holidays can actually be a really good time to get a flight deal.


How Far We've Traveled for Music, Marathons, and Motorsports

Some of the best vacations are the aimless ones: when you go to a place with nothing but a hotel booked and a love of spontaneity. But there's a type of traveler who hits the road with purpose. We're not talking about business travel—it's more a passion pursuit, and this week on the Travelogue podcast we talk to four people who criss-cross the world for their obsessions.


What Annoys Us Most at 30,000 Feet

There are only so many things you can control at 30,000 feet—and unfortunately, the behavior of other passengers isn’t one of them. On this week’s episode of Travelogue, the podcast of Condé Nast Traveler, editors duke it out over what in-flight behavior irks them most, from the irritating (think unruly, pint-sized seat kickers) to the truly offensive (we’re looking at you, fast foodies).


The Joys and Trials of Living Overseas

The definition of "expat" is not as clear-cut as it may first appear—and that becomes, well, very clear in the opening minutes of this episode of Travelogue. What separates, for example, an expat from an immigrant? Is it all about transience versus permanence, or are there other, less straightforward distinctions at play? Whatever the difference, there is a common thread that unites anyone who has lived away from "home," a word that also has its own multiple layers of meaning. This week,...


How to Travel With Your Parents and Stay Sane

We love our parents—and some of us ARE parents—but it's not always easy traveling with your folks. It could be a matter of speed: You want to go heli-skiing in Alaska; they'd prefer to cruise there. Maybe it's a difference in price point, or a question of who pays for what. Should adult children take their parents on vacation, as a thank you for all those years of Disney trips? Or should you split the bill evenly? There's also the question of trip planning: Should one person be in charge,...


When You Should Hire a Local Guide

We'd like to think we can plan everything on our own: every hotel room, every cross-cultural interaction, every landmark tour, every local hole-in-the-wall dinner... But if we're really, really honest, even Condé Nast Traveler's editors can admit that sometimes we need some help.


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