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Trek News & Views is a casual Star Trek discussion show from hosted by Colin Higgins. Each week Colin and his guests bring British flavour as they explore all of the series as well as news.






106: Exploring Discovery

The view from the UK. There has been much rumor and speculation about the forthcoming Star Trek series. In this episode of Trek News and Views, host Colin Higgins is joined by Donya Abramo, Steve Roberts, and Paul Wright to bring a British viewpoint to the discussion. We explore into the tidbits Fuller has revealed about the show, share out thoughts on the newest ship to grace our screens, and discuss the rumors and hearsay—which may or may not be true. Trekkies are want to speculate, and...

Duration: 01:09:45

Trek News and Views 105: Snow Globe in Space

Snow Globe in Space. This week TNV is fashionably late. With deference to listeners and staggered release time, TNV waited before delving into the latest incarnation of the Kelvin universe. Joining Colin on the show this week are Steve and first time guest Richard Marquez. In the show we find out that Steve is not such a fan of "Wrath of Khan" as most people, We heap praise on a movie that a lot of people had trepidations about, while also talking about the Easter eggs and new aliens...

Duration: 01:10:15

104: Star Trek Hula

HawaiiCon. Star Trek is the focus of many conventions, but how many can claim to take place on a volcanic island? In this episode of Trek News and Views, we talk to HawaiiCon Chief Executive Officer and Convention Chair GB Hajim about the event's unique and intimate atmosphere. Whether zip-lining, snorkeling with Jonathan Frakes, beach-bumming with Walter Koenig, or just hanging at the bar with Nichelle Nichols, an experience like no other awaits you at HawaiiCon, which takes place...

103: Putting the TOS in STO

Star Trek Online’s Original Series Expansion. Fans of the 23rd century rejoiced at the recent announcement by Star Trek Online. Why? The game’s latest expansion is a playable story arc based on The Original Series. In this episode of Trek News and Views, hosts Colin Higgins and Steve Roberts are joined by Maria Rosseau of Cryptic Studios to discuss the new expansion. Launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, this new story gives players the chance to experience TOS first...

Duration: 01:11:18

102: Getting into Character

Cosplay. Part of the fun of fandom is feeling as if you actually live in that universe—if only for a moment. That's where cosplay comes in. Today, immersing yourself in the world that you love is not only more widely accepted than ever, it's also cool. In this episode of Trek News and Views, while host Colin Higgins takes his chances in sickbay with Dr. Crusher, co-hosts Steve Roberts and Drogyn welcome two cosplayers: Kat Sky and 10ant. Kat has a strong following and is well established...

101: The Return

TNV Relaunch. Just when you thought it was safe to put your headphones back on, Trek News & Views returns! In this, the first episode in nearly two and half years, we take a moment to share our vision for TNV 2.0. As part of the refit, the bridge of Trek News & Views will get a little more crowded as Colin Higgins introduces two co-hosts: Steve Roberts and Drogyn. Join us for this informal meet and greet—with a side order of Star Trek discussion—before we get down to our first full-on...

Duration: 00:56:25

Trek News & Views 100: That’s No Hat

Signing Off. This week we bring you the final episode ofTrek News & Viewswith voice messages, email, and the final discussion. Colin is joined by Daniel Proulx ofEarl Grey, Mike Schindler and Max Hegel ofCommentary: Trek Stars, and publisher and host ofThe Ready RoomChristopher Jones for one more trip through the world of Star Trek. True to all our previous shows we go off topic here and there, but in general it’s Trek. In general. Thanks for sharing the journey with us here onTrek...

Trek News & Views 100: That’s No Hat

Signing Off.This week we bring you the final episode of Trek News & Views with voice messages, email, and the final discussion. Colin is joined by Daniel Proulx of Earl Grey, Mike Schindler and Max Hegel of Commentary: Trek Stars, and publisher and host of The Ready Room Christopher Jones for one more trip through the world of Star Trek. True to all our previous shows we go off topic here and there, but in general it’s Trek. In general. Thanks for sharing the journey with us here...

Trek News & Views 99: Reflections and Imperfections

Looking Back at TNV. In the penultimate episode of Trek News & Views, Colin casts an eye back on the past two years and picks a few nuggets from the previous 98 shows. We go all the way back to the beginning, move forward with the first guests, and as the months pass the guests start to vary more with Robert Duncan McNeill popping up on episode 47 and the creation of the EAH. Colin also reflects on guests who are now friends and many who have become podcasters in their own right, such as...

Trek News & Views 98: Social Trek

The Data Network.In this episode of Trek News & Views we delve into the latest news from around the web, covering Star Trek hoodies, Star Trek Online, and a poll from Then in the feature we’re joined by Richard Evans who has created The Data Network, a new social hub akin to Twitter but aimed specifically at Trekkers. Richard tells us all about his vision for the network, what he hopes to achieve, and what users can expect from this exciting new social hub for like-minded...

Trek News & Views 97: All Hallows’ Trek

Spooky Treks.It’s that time of year once again when the ghosts, ghouls, and space things that go bump in the night come out to play with our crews. In this episode of Trek News & Views Colin is joined by Lorrie Sears from To The Journey, Daniel Proulx from Earl Grey, Mike and Max from Commentary: Trek Stars, and Shervin Sabeghi to discuss spooky or scary shows from across the Star Trek franchise. From “Catspaw” to “Night Terrors” and a few moments from the movies, we get you ready for...

Trek News & Views 96: Dinosaurs with Lasers!

Al Rivera, Star Trek Online Principal Designer.Trek News and Views likes to bring you a variety of things from the Star Trek universe and this week is no exception as we delve into the world of STO with Al Rivera, Principal Designer at Cryptic Studios and Star Trek Online. Al was kind enough to give up his Sunday afternoon and talk Dyson spheres, the Voth, and how he got dinosaurs with frigging lasers in game. We also get his views on Abramsverse and he drops hints on what's going to be...

Trek News & Views 95: Absorbent Red Shirts

The Naked Time.Unique outfits. Lack of outfits. Time travel. "The Naked Time" has it all. And in this episode of Trek News & Views we're joined by Drew Stewart and Charlynn Schmiedt to talk about the early TOS story in which the Enterprise crew becomes intoxicated by space germs. We delve into Spock's shower-curtain outfit, how we see his human side come to the fore, as well as how the loss of inhibition affects Kirk and how he divulges his two loves. Along the way we talk about topless...

Trek News & Views 94: One Long Root

Barge of the Dead.B'Elanna tried hard to distance herself from her Klingon side, but when she died in a shuttle accident she was forced to face her heritage in Gre'thor. In this episode of Trek News & Views we're joined by Mariel Keeran, Steve Roberts, and Michael J. Medeiros to discuss "Barge of the Dead," the probable sacrifice with which B'Elanna was faced, how much she came to embrace her Klingon background, and how she finally made peace with her mother. Plus, we discover that she is...

Trek News & Views 93: That's Two You Owe Me

Andorians.Something alien, something blue. If that's a must-have for you, then you've come to the right place as we discuss various aspects of Star Trek's antennae-donning Federation founders. In this episode of Trek News & Views Colin is joined by Miles McLoughlin and Michael Clark to look at the unique Andorian coupling system—which involves eight antennae (or four people if you prefer to count that way). We also discuss how Shran helped mould our current view of Andorians, whilst also...

Trek News & Views 92: Tea, Earl Grey with Ice

Who Watches the Watchers.It's proto-Vulcan week on Trek News & Views as Colin is joined by the crew of's newest podcast, Earl Grey. With the help of Darren Moser, Phillip Gilfus, and Daniel Proulx we delve into TNG's "Who Watches the Watchers" to find out just how much fun it is to hang out with Mintakans. We also discuss vodka ice cubes, how's publisher is really on Earl Grey, and of course take a few tangents into the Abramsverse, Insurrection, Kirkisms, and how...

Trek News & Views 91: Shaka

Darmok.This week Colin has been captured and placed on a planet with not one but two guests to discuss the legendary TNG episode “Darmok.” For once we pretty much stay on topic on Trek News & Views as we discuss the challenges of trying to talk to someone when the universal translator is taking the day off. We heap praise on the actors and also delve into the comparisons between the situation Picard finds himself in and the how language varies greatly here on our own planet. Finally, we...

Trek News & Views 90: Magical Nanoprobes

Seven of Nine Day.As its the seventh day of the ninth month, we decided to use this episode of Trek News & Views to mark Seven of Nine Day and talk all things Jeri Ryan. Colin is joined by Shervin Sabeghi and Laura Fawcett to discuss her work outside Star Trek, then delve into Seven—including her effect on Voyager, the outcome of Jeri joining the crew, and the amazing qualities of nanoprobes and their ability to heal and fix so many things. We also talk about the Borg children and how...

Trek News & Views 89: I Love an Apple In the Morning

A Taste of Armageddon.In this episode of Trek News & Views Colin is joined by Drew Stewart and Max Hegel for another trip into the worlds of TOS with “A Taste of Armageddon.” We talk about sonic weapons, Apple-product love, synthetic burgers, Drew and his love of fabric, how the Vulcans made ancient Earth monuments, and of course how Kirk yet again leaves a planet on the brink of annihilation.

Trek News & Views 88: Klingon Love Sounds

Someone to Watch Over Me.When you think of romance, you think of the holographic Doctor, right? In this episode of Trek News & Views Colin is joined by Laura Fawcett, Steve Roberts, and Shervin Sabeghi to delve into the world of Voyager and Seven of Nine’s education in mating rituals—thanks to the Doctor—as well as the five species that make up 8472. We also recall how Sisko’s mom didn’t recognise him without the beard, explore the need for soundproof walls, and how the Borg cure hangovers...
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