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TWB 172: Best Streaming Music Services, Flying Taxis, Drone Highways, Uploading Your Brain

What is your go to music streaming service? On today’s episode we discuss the variances between Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, I Heart Media and Google. One of the founders of Google is lending his support to Cora, a flying taxi in New Zealand. Switzerland is laying the groundwork for drone deliveries and virtual highways. A company called Nectome wants to save your brain for future upload. Today’s podcast cast includes: Jeremy Kaplan, Juan Garcia, Marie Pardo-Garber and Greg Nibler.


TWB 171: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus hands-on review, Amazon Alexa issue, Tesla Semitrucks

We have a hands-on review of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. What is your dream phone? On this week’s episode we’ll also delve in to the Amazon Alexa debacle that had the AI randomly laughing at people, Tesla’s latest autonomous semitrucks hit the road. Plus, Pizza Huts new Pie 2 pizza shoes are out. Combine that with the booze-ordering fridge magnet and you’ll never need to leave home. Today’s podcast cast includes: Juliana Jara, Nicole Raney, Rick Stella, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 170: MWC Recap, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, 5G, and Amazon buys Ring

What smartphone announcement were you most excited about from Mobile World Congress? On this week’s episode we’ll recap Mobile World Congress, Samsung vs. LG, the future of 5G, and DT’s Best of 2018 MWC. Amazon purchased Ring, giving it a clear advantage in Smart Home door locks and security. Also, a Chinese AI can emulate your voice, and the ISS gets a floating space brain. Today’s podcast cast includes: Kim Wetzel, Hanif Jackson, Ryan Waniata, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 169: Samsung Galaxy S9 and MWC preview, Apple AirPods updates, Hyperloop TT Chicago route

What features do you look for in a smartphone? On this week’s episode, we’ll preview the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and in particular, the anticipated unveiling of the Samsung S9. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has some big improvements planned for the next AirPods release. Hyperloop TT is looking at a Chicago to Cleveland route, and we’ll take a look at a unique VR experience. Today’s podcast cast includes: Rick Stella, Caleb Denison, Juliana Jara and Greg Nibler.


TWB 168: HomePod flops, 4K at Pebble Beach, Boston Dynamics robot, 3D printing your pet

This week’s episode features a review of the Apple HomePod with what it does and doesn’t do, when compared to the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Live sports are now finally being broadcast in 4K HDR. Boston Dynamics has a new robot that is more Black Mirror than ever before. Robot Skiers are being tested at the Olympics. 3D Printing goes to a new level with a company that will make a model of your pet. Today’s podcast cast includes: Jeremiah Coughlan (comedian), Caleb Denison, Adrien Warner...


TWB 167: SpaceX triumph, Spotify v. Apple Music, Apple Watch health

SpaceX has reinvigorated space exploration: There can be no doubt that putting a cherry red Tesla Roadster into space, as part of the Falcon Heavy X rocket launch on 2/ 5/18, captured the world's attention. It showcased what vision, ability, talent and a whole lot of money, can accomplish. The question now is what will Elon Musk do next? One would imagine that investors are clamoring to pour more money into future projects. This was also the world's greatest ad campaign for Tesla, for...


TWB 166: Amazon Echo v. Google Home v. Apple HomePod, Outdoor Retailer, Galaxy X

Amazon Echo v. Google Home. v. Apple HomePod: Home Assistant and smart speaker sales are expected to increase substantially in 2018, as more consumers adopt them in some way. On today's episode we are joined by Home Editor Kim Wetzel, to help us break down the advantages and disadvantages of each one of the big names. Many people jumped on the Amazon Alexa bandwagon early and they are attempting to keep that name in everyone's minds, with a big budget Super Bowl ad. However, it's hard to...


TWB 165: iPhone X discontinued?, Galaxy S9 first look, 50 Cent's Bitcoins

Apple iPhone X discontinued: After a week of rumors, it seems that Apple may indeed be discontinuing the current version of the[internal-link post_id="1306127"] iPhone X[/internal-link]. KGI Securities predicts that this will occur later this year, when potential replacements for the X make their way into the market. This would be the first outright discontinuation of an iPhone since the 5c. The speculation is based around less than stellar sales, combined with a general consumer...


TWB 164: Best TVs of CES; Emerging tech; Amazon/Apple 2nd HQ; Falcon X

Best TVs of CES: From the LG Roll-up OLED, to Sony’s 85-inch 8K, to the Samsung 146-inch MicroLED, there was no shortage of impressive televisions at CES 2018. Caleb Denison will give us a highlight of some of the most impressive ones he was able to see. Are you ready to buy an 8K television? Emerging tech: Our emerging tech editor, Drew Prindle got to spend some time with some of the more ‘fringe’ technology being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show, this year. While there is of...


Live at CES 2018: Rollup OLED TVs; MicroLED; Amazon v. Google

Live from the Digital Trends booth at #CES in Las Vegas we bring you our wrap up, some of the products we thought stood out and what we think some of these tech trends mean for the future. We'll talk the Sennheiser Speaker, Underglass Fingerprint Readers, LG Rollup Televisions, MicroLED, Amazon v. Google Home and much, much more! Each week, we gather a round table of tech experts from the Digital Trends staff, along with the occasional celebrity guest, to discuss all things tech. Topics...


TWB 162: CES preview; LG 8K television; Home assistant takeover

CES is almost here!: We look forward to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every year and we are never disappointed. With 170,000 attendees, this is the premier event for the world of technology and beyond. On this episode, we'll give a brief preview of what we expect from the event, what to expect from the exhibiting companies and what all of it means for you. From our live broadcasts through the event and our constantly updating reporting, Digital Trends is your hub for all that...


TWB 161: iPhone Price Cut Rumor; Smart Home Hack; Delivery Robot

How do you feel about Apple offering iPhone replacement batteries for $29? Also: Apple lawsuits and possible iPhone price cut; Smart home devices that are hackable; Autonomous delivery robot. This episode of Trends With Benefits features: Adrien Warner; Brandon Widder; Caleb Denison and Greg Nibler.


TWB 160: Apple slows down iPhones; Future of TVs; Magic Leap One

Apple slowing iPhones: It's been rumored for years, but is now finally confirmed; Apple is indeed slowing down your iPhone's performance, over time. However, it's not necessarily all a ploy to get you to purchase the latest and greatest smartphone from them. It actually has more to do with how poor batteries are in general. There is a solution though and we'll talk about what it means or you. Future of Televisions at CES: Digital Trends will have live coverage throughout CES this year,...


TWB 159: Net neutrality ends; Disney buys Fox; Star Wars tech

Net Neutrality is dead: With a 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially repealed the the 2015 internet regulations, commonly referred to as Net Neutrality. This change could fundamentally change how everyone from corporations, to small businesses, to the average consumer, accesses and interacts with the web. On today's episode we walk through where we're at now, what we think could happen and take live questions/comments regarding this landscape-changing...


TWB 158: Bitcoin; DT Best Tech Products of 2017; iPhone 2018 rumors

Bitcoin: The incredibly rising value of Bitcoin is causing some significant changes for some companies and what they will accept for payment. Drew Prindle also shares his tale of Bitcoin and what he could have right now. DT Products of the Year: The staff at Digital Trends had the arduous task of picking what they consider to the best tech products of the year, in a number of different categories. There debates and there were difficult decisions, but the list is now posted on the site....


TWB 157: Alexa at Work, Amazon's Disintegrating Drones, Bionic Arms

Alexa at Work: Amazon is already making a huge push to take over the digital assistant market place, with all of their Echo devices. Now, they have launched Alexa for Business, with the goal of having these placed all over offices. Are you ready to be around Alexa all hours of the day? Or would you prefer Siri, or Google? Disintegrating Drones: On the other end of Amazon's empire, delivery drones are sure to some day be a reality. One of the biggest worries, is what happens if they...


TWB 156: Amazon Key hack, iPhone X Face ID, Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds: Ryan has written up a full review of the new ear budsand will tell his thoughts on today's show. In particular, the unique feature of translate, could be something that truly sets them apart from their competitors. But, do they sound good? Amazon Key Hacked: Despite the convenience factor, there still seems to be overwhelming hesitation for general adoption of something like the Amazon Key home delivery system. Now, with news that there is a small, but real, chance the...


TWB 155: Driverless shuttle accident; Uber air taxis; A.I. citizens

Uber Flying Taxis: Announced at the Web Summit in Portugal, Uber has added Los Angeles as a test city for it's "Elevate" flying taxi program. The goal is to deploy the aircraft on top of buildings, so that they essentially never touch solid ground. Will you ride in a driver-less vehicle?: Las Vegas has been touting it's impending use of an autonomous shuttle for a while now. It's finally debuted into an accident within one hour. Digital Trends had a reporter riding in the...


TWB 154: iPhone X release is here; Roku Stick; Robotic Dog; AI Scary Stories

Are you getting an iPhone X?: Unless you pre-ordered, or plan to wait in line at an Apple Store all night, the chances of actually getting an iPhone X on the official launch date are pretty slim. However, plenty of reviews are out and we'll go over what we've seen and whether we think it's worth the $999 price tag for the base version. Roku Streaming Stick+: We're always looking for the next best way to stream the newest tv shows and movies. The Roku Streaming Stick+ may just be the best...


TWB 153: Amazon 'Key' delivery, Echo Plus, Noise-Canceling Noodle Fork

Amazon Key In-Home Delivery: At some point, I'm sure we've all had a package stolen. Amazon now hopes to keep this from happening to their home deliveries, with the Amazon Key. It's an all-in-one solution to allow secure access to your home, by delivery drivers, or service providers that you specify. However, "secure" is really the key word here. How can they verify that this system can't be hacked? Will you be purchasing an Amazon Key? Echo Plus: Amazon is continuing it's plan to...


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