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True Crime Las Vegas

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Las Vegas based true crime podcast with three sin city smart asses. We dissect compelling murders and crimes, that also lead to interesting conversations, and the occasional drunk babbling.

Las Vegas based true crime podcast with three sin city smart asses. We dissect compelling murders and crimes, that also lead to interesting conversations, and the occasional drunk babbling.
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Las Vegas based true crime podcast with three sin city smart asses. We dissect compelling murders and crimes, that also lead to interesting conversations, and the occasional drunk babbling.






The I-5 Killer Randall Woodfield

Randall Woodfield started life with a much different form of fame in mind, one that included him playing wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, but when he was cut from the team in 1974, “things went awry”. In this episode we discuss the life and motives of a man who seemed to have all the right tools in life, and yet turned to a life of brutal murder, sexual assault, and robbery. If you’ve never heard of the I-5 Killer, then strap on your helmet and pads and get ready to meet the Vince...

Duration: 01:14:47

Paul John Knowles “The Casanova Killer”

Paul John Knowles, sounds like a movie star, right? Yea, he thought so too. During a four month long spree in 1974, Knowles killed 18 confirmed people and the total count is rumoured to be around 35! Nick-named the “Casanova Killer”, see how far Knowles was willing to go in the name of fame. . Facebook Social Media: @TrueCrimeGuys

Duration: 01:14:40

Peter Kürten “The Vampire of Düsseldorf”

This guy might be the sickest serial killer that we’ve covered. Peter Kürten a.k.a “The Vampire of Düsseldorf” robbed, raped, and killed people of all ages. A bizarre upbringing helped to create a monster that needed to inflict pain on others in order to achieve sexual gratification. Peter terrorized Düsseldorf, Germany on and off for years before finally being captured. We dive deep and discuss his childhood, his crimes, and his demise. . Facebook

Duration: 01:18:26


In the spirit of Halloween, Michael and I decided to release this Patreon Exclusive Episode on Slenderman. “Slenderman” is a fictional character with varying god-like abilities. First shared during an online photoshop contest, Slenderman has since taken on a life of its own, mainly on the internet. Who is Slenderman? and why would two twelve year old girls commit a despicable act of violence upon their classmate/friend to appease him? Be careful or you just might be one step closer to...

Duration: 01:09:20

The Philadelphia Mob

For this episode we read a book called “Last Don Standing: The Secret Life of Mob Boss Ralph Natale”. We initially planned to focus on Ralph’s life, however this ended up being the full story of the Philly mob during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. So grab a cheesesteak and check your backseat, cause this story is wild. Enjoy! .

Duration: 01:07:30

The Bloody Benders

The Benders were just your average family. Ok, they had a few quirks, like conning, killing, robbing, and not actually being related, but every family has their flaws, right? It’s our imperfections that make us unique or some shit. Anyway, grab the seat of honor, suspiciously located with your back to that sheet, and let’s explore the crazy, possibly too crazy life of The Bloody Benders. Hope you like it. . Faceboo [...]

Duration: 00:58:06

Bradford Bishop

On the surface William Bradford Bishop seemed to have it all. A degree from Yale, a beautiful family, and a job at the U.S. States Department. He could speak several different languages, and ski like a pro. Friends and co-workers knew Brad to be arrogant and even cold at times. But what he did on March 1st, 1976 came as a shock to everyone. The conspiracies surrounding Brad’s crimes and dissapearance know no boundaries. He has supposedly been spotted in Italy, Sweeden, and...

Duration: 01:06:52

The IHOP Killers

Dee Casteel was, according to friends and family, the nicest person you’d ever meet. She was intelligent, polite,and a real people person. So what caused this hard working mother of three to orchestrate two heartless murders? Was it the alchohol? Was it for selfish gain? Or was it forbidden, far-fetched love, and the dire need to please her friend (and fantasized lover), James Allen Bryant? . @TrueCrimeGuys Facebook

Duration: 01:46:53

Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road

Surely you’ve heard of The Silk Road, right? You know, that online market place for illegal drugs, firearms, and illegal services? No? What have you been doing? Living under a first gen iMac all-in-one!? In this episode we find out the true story behind Ross Ulbrecht, aka, “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Let’s get caught up in the dark web as we tackle the life and vision of the pioneer internet kingpin, who pushed back on “The War On Drugs” . Facebook

Duration: 01:49:43

Bonnie & Clyde: Part 2

The adventure continues! The dangerous duo are on the run, but the law is closing in. Several more exciting run-ins and a prison break would occur before the inevetable final shootout. . Facebook Social Media: @TrueCrimeGuys [...]

Duration: 01:00:49

Bonnie & Clyde: Part 1

Oh sure, you’ve heard of Bonnie and Clyde, you know how they were romantic outlaws that set the standard for an adventurous life in crime, and…you know nothing. The duo wasnt all lavish spending and freedom. In this first part, we discuss how the lovers met and what made them inseparable. You decide what has kept Bonnie and Clyde’s memory alive all these years. Was it luck, charisma, or a supernatural sixth sense?

Duration: 01:20:49

Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory is the world’s most prolific female serial killer according to The Guinness Book of World Records. She is said to have killed anywhere from 80 to 650 people during her time as Countess of Hungary (late 16th century). We dive deep into this story in an attempt to find the truth, and it wasn’t easy. In fact, we still don’t know the truth. But it’s fun to speculate, right? . Get $50 off any mattress

Duration: 01:18:26

The Colchester Murders

It was March of 2014, Colchester, Essex was a nice and quiet area of Britain, that was, until two seemingly random acts of murder put the city on edge. Were they dealing with a serial killer? Were these just random acts of violence? Or did the killer have a twisted explanation? And to top it all, the main person of interest….is a 15 year old boy. . Get $50 off any mattress purchase: Facebook

Duration: 01:03:06

Jesse “LJ” Matthew

Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham were both preyed upon while walking the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia. There was five years between the two murders (09 & 14). DNA would connect Jesse Matthew Jr to the victims, as well as a violent sexual assault in 2005. We discuss the investigation, and series of security camera footage that helped lead to Jesse’s arrest. We also go through Jesse’s past, and speculate on other potential victims. Was he a serial killer? . Hannah Graham...

Duration: 01:07:20

Robert Hansen “The Butcher Baker”

Robert Hansen had a frustrating childhood. As a teenager, he was skinny, had severe acne, and a stutter. Frequent rejection from girls and women built up a fierce resentment inside of him, he would use this as fuel for revenge. Between 1971 and 1983, Hansen abducted, raped and murdered at least 17, and possibly more than 30 women. He often took them to remote areas of the Alaskan wilderness in his personal plane, and hunted them down with a rifle. A disconnect between police and the...

Duration: 01:09:40

Patrick Kearney “The Trashbag Killer”

From 1962 to 1977, Patrick Kearney killed anywhere from 21 to 43 young men and boys. Kearney, much like Randy Kraft and William Bonin, primarily preyed on hitchikers in Southern California, leaving their bodies along the freeway. This episode is the third and final episode of our “Freeway Killer Series”. Enjoy! . @TrueCrimeGuys

Duration: 01:11:11

The Port Arthur Massacre

This week we cover Austrailia’s deadliest mass shooting; The Port Arthur Massacre. On April 28th, 1996, Martin Bryant went on a rampage that didn’t end until the next morning. Using assult rifles, he killed 35 people and injured many more. We discuss Bryant’s backstory, his crimes, and their fallout. Gun laws quickly changed forever in Austrailia after this event. . @TrueCrimeGuys on Twitter & Instagram Email:

Duration: 01:51:41

Carl Panzram

In 1928, while in jail awaiting trial for robbery and murder, Carl Panzram wrote a 20,000 word summary of his life, up to that point. His writings portray a life of abuse, imprisonment, and his own violent crimes against humanity. How much of his story was true? Was he the product of barbaric reform schools, jails, and prisons? We tell his story, and give our take on it. . Facebook Social Media: @TrueCrimeGuys

Duration: 01:29:36

Shanda Sharer

A small town, teenage girls, jealousy, and revenge lead to the torture and death of an innocent 12 year old girl. There weren’t many jokes in this one, just a really messed up story. Enjoy! . Facebook Social Media: @TrueCrimeGuys

Duration: 00:55:11

TalHotBlond and MarineSniper

This is a classic tale of deception and denial. A love triangle fueled by the internet that turned deadly. . Facebook Social Media: @TrueCrimeGuys STICKERS

Duration: 00:59:35

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