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New York City, NY


Trust Us We're Hot is a hosted by a Sexy Hair dresser, gorgeous Make-up Artist and Beautiful Nurse discuss how not to be fat, ugly, stupid, or unhealthy. Adding to beauty in other ways is how to keep our men big, strong (pun intended), and attractive. This show can cover the hottest clothing trends & diet trends all the way to feeling and acting sexy in your big skin if you are one of those girls too. Whether you have questions about how to smooth out your crater face, how to manage your murderous PMS naturally, or how to get over bedroom anxiety. We even get inside the mind of a man, interviewing various styles of the MAN-GUY, or even SHE-GUY, and help us ladies make them happier, and we also clue these one-track minded men on how the woman really works.





This program will be available today at 7PM.