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Come Chat with Tom Cratsley about Spiritual Healing, and Restructuring Method

Tom is a dynamic healer and teacher. He has developed innovative methods of healing which achieve consistent results. His joyful approach opens the hearts of all who work with him. Tom has worked in the fields of counseling, spiritual healing and teaching for over 30 years and is the creator and developer of the Restructuring method of accessing, releasing, and transforming unconscious resistance patterns. He is an ordained minister with Fellowships of the Spirit and for the past 10 years he...

Duration: 01:22:22

Two Mediums From The United Kingdom

Come join us as we talk to two Mediums from the United Kingdom about Spirituallism. And things associated with Spiritualism. They will also be doing on line readings for anyone who wants to call in. Elaine Bevan is a Registered Nurse with 42 years of experience and has worked as a Spiritualist Medium for 30 years. She is Scottish by birth and remembers having psychic experiences as a very young child when with her maternal Grandmother who came from the Highlands. Elaine serves local groups...

Duration: 00:26:09


Lisa Smartt, MA, is the author of Words at the Threshold. A linguist, educator, and poet, she founded the Final Words Project, an ongoing study devoted to collecting and interpreting the mysterious language at the end of lives. She co-facilitates workshops about language and consciousness with Raymond Moody at universities, hospices, and conferences and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit her online at You’ll find her on social media here: Facebook...

Duration: 01:58:34

How To Attract The Life You Dream Of Using Intuition

Angela Artemis is a speaker, best-selling author of the “Intuition Principle,” founder of the award winning website Powered by and a Sales & Intuitive Client Acquisition Strategist. Angela has a background in personal financial planning and previously worked in the field of personal finance for 25+ years where she was a regional manager in the private banking, wealth and investment management division managing, coaching and training several teams of financial sales...

Duration: 01:52:44

The Magical Place Of Lily Dale NY. With Rev. Lynne Forget

Lynne Forget attended her first Spiritualist church in Hamilton, Ontario in 1987 and was totally fascinated with the demonstration of Mediumship she saw there. After that she wanted to gobble up everything she could that had to do with Spiritualism. Lynne is now a graduate of the Ministerial Program at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale NY, and has also completed the Morris Pratt Institute course on the History of Modern Spiritualism. Lynne says that what has KEPT her a Spiritualist...

Duration: 01:58:55

Curtis Childs shares the visions of Emanuel Swedenborg

Curtis Childs is the host and producer of the weekly program Swedenborg and Life on the offthelefteye, which has accumulated more than 7.5 million views and nearly 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. Curtis has appeared on numerous spirituality-themed talk shows and has had his content featured on the Dr. Oz show. He works with his team at the non-profit Swedenborg Foundation to create simple, effective inquiries into life’s biggest questions. He’s appeared on many international radio shows,...

Duration: 01:09:47

New Insights Into the Power of Love From Near Death Experiences.

Dr. Ann Frances Ellis, PhD, MDiv, will discuss the different aspects of love commonly found in NDEs. The uplifting insights shared by experiencers include these and more. We don't die. The nature of love is greater than we ever imagined. Love has higher qualities. Love emanates from many sources. We are all one and love is our essence. There is a reason and purpose for everything. In life, love is most important. Dr. Ellis, is the Author of Revelations Of Profound Love: New Insights into...

Duration: 01:44:13