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Tune In Next Week January 2017 Update - We’re Coming Back!

Ease those fears and wipe away those tears, your favorite TV co-hosts are coming back and changing things up a bit! Head over to youtube.tuneinnextweek.com and subscribe for a special video anouncement talking about what’s coming in the near future… trust me, this is big news!

Duration: 00:01:23

Tune In Next Week S02E01: Roseanne - April Fool’s Day

Tune In Next Week is Back for Season 2 with more laughs, completely over-analyzed breakdowns of episodes, and of course… a complete lack of fact checking. We’re kicking off this season with an episode of Roseanne - we get to find out what happens when she and Dan have to conquer the age-old boon of yearly taxes. We see the annoying side of Jackie, Dan’s beast-side, and as always the quick wit and unforgettable laughter from the woman herself. Definitely, not one to be missed.

Duration: 00:40:36

Tune In Next Week S01E33: Season 1 Finale!

Season 1 Finale? Wha??? That’s right, folks. Tune In Next Week is wrapping up our first of many Seasons! We’re taking a little time off and will be back in the Fall with more new shows, some revisits, and who knows what else? Give a quick listen to this episode and stay tuned to our social media for when we’ll be coming back. Have a safe rest of your summer!

Duration: 00:03:51

Tune In Next Week Episode 32: Frasier - Ham Radio

Set your dials for goosebumps… well, more like disorganized shenanigans. We’re hanging with the gang at KACL in Seattle this week, and doing a revisit of “Frasier.” Find out what happens when Frasier tries his hand at directing… or, over-directing when he takes on a new project at the station. Bulldog being inappropriate, a little dyslexia, and Roz shot up with novocaine. This episode really does have it all.

Duration: 00:40:27

Tune In Next Week Episode 28: MacGyver - The Human Factor

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Random objects to us are the makings of this man’s next life-saving creation. This man, of course, is the one and only MacGyver. In this episode we find out when this not-so-ordinary man goes up against a computer. Who will win? It’s obvious, but listen to the episode because there’s a lot of other fun stuff you won’t want to miss… like bad acting and annoying voices. You can’t MacGyver your way out of this one!

Duration: 01:04:09