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The world’s first, best, only and last talkback-enabled interactive audio podblast with Kris Straub and David Malki !

The world’s first, best, only and last talkback-enabled interactive audio podblast with Kris Straub and David Malki !
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Los Angeles, CA


The world’s first, best, only and last talkback-enabled interactive audio podblast with Kris Straub and David Malki !






Tweet Me Harder 76: Truck Toilet Horn

Kris and David endorse cereals, hack the Twitter character set, explore euphemisms on television shows, speak the language of adulthood, and plumb the meanings of names.

Duration: 01:02:23

Tweet Me Harder 75: A Receding Horizon of Perfection

In the series finale of Tweet Me Harder, Kris and David revitalize the -trix suffix for all professions, explain their own fathers' podcast catastrophes, explain what keeps corpses from floating off into the atmosphere, and finally close the causality loop.

Duration: 01:17:49

Tweet Me Harder BONUS: Cutting Room Floor

In this collection of deleted bits from prior Tweet Me Harder episodes, Kris and David make the perfect sound effect, defend their parking preferences, comment on the President, and flee from the law.

Duration: 00:35:32

Tweet Me Harder 74: Great Grand-Doctor

Kris and David raise children in a webcam-equipped dungeon, make every snapshot a prize-winning piece of journalism, abandon soap for good, learn what makes the best rodeo clowns so good, and grow dinosaurs in their sinuses.

Tweet Me Harder 72: Shout the Lights On

Kris and David try for the full sensory cycle with this rousing discussion of smell-tuba concerts, advances in home illumination, the best way to sneak out of jail, incredibly intuitive explanations for global warming, and how to get to know your neighbors. Plus, David describes his past as an art forger.

Tweet Me Harder 71: Unfrozen Caveman Vampire

Kris and David reveal the elaborate plots of the undead, spend time alone in their room with carpet samples, write a bestselling book to blow the minds of tweens, and endure relationship problems stemming from being a fish-man and a werewolf respectively.

Tweet Me Harder 70: Why Are You So Problem

Kris and David compare products to their marketing, make everything out of potatoes, and in Ask Me Harder, determine the best joint for macaroni, probe the sleep of the genders, and isolate the Dorito spice.

Tweet Me Harder 65: Lord of Greentown

David turns to European drilling-platform sovereign John Allison for clues to Kris's whereabouts. The two debate the fashion choices of dictators, the sometime necessity of proxy hugging, the importance of choosing one's stamp-mate, and how many watts of music power TMH can muster.

Duration: 01:05:33

Tweet Me Harder 62: Future-Pangaea

David and guest-host Dave Kellett explain the weather inside a blimp hangar, the hidden hazards of working with Post-It glue, the joy of being a hobbyist actuary, how the Slavs do the Amber Alert, and where the heck Kris got off to.

Duration: 00:47:12

Tweet Me Harder 60: Knife-Wielding Duck

Kris and David flee hazardous weather, consider sustainable ways to melt frozen blood, become modern equivalents to swordsmen, use drill-bits as their sigil, and John Allison's TMH fanfic reaches its nail-biting conclusion.

Tweet Me Harder 59: Largest Sheep Heap

Kris and David consider commissioning a TMH mascot, marvel at the Dry-Erase Guild Society's inventive goings-on, hear listener tales of Forgettable Adventures, and John Allison's TMH fanfic reaches a fever pitch.

Tweet Me Harder 58: The Knowledge Hummingbird

Kris and David spar off on big-city values, consider a world in which glass was never invented, get Facebook to predict their moods, and John Allison's TMH fan-fiction epic takes a dark turn.

Tweet Me Harder 57: Snowman Scarecrow

Kris and David get rid of product packaging, throw a salad-dressing party, run in terror from the wild zamboni, tell tales of problems with sports, and famous fan-fiction author John Allison continues his TMH epic.

Tweet Me Harder 56: Bad Machinery

Kris and David stare down the promise of immortality, defer their physical pain, hear tales of machinery gone awry, and world-famous fanfic author John Allison has a rare treat for the fellas.

Tweet Me Harder 55: An Appreciation of Tubes

Kris and David expand their tube-delivery business, get vaccinated against health, give an infant the 55-year-old arms of a murderer, and David quests after a free haircut.

Tweet Me Harder 54: Bargain Sod

Kris and David investigate the fluid content of books, probe the mysteries of a sinister housing development, commit crimes to promote movies, sell illicit beverages from their treehouse and make an enemy of R.L. Stine.

Tweet Me Harder 53: School-Bus Surgery

Kris and David solve the problem of chronic lateness, make major breakthroughs in self-administered internal medicine, uncover the bird conspiracy to murder old ladies, and finally win The Game.

Tweet Me Harder 52: A Carrier for Handsomeness

Kris and David unearth the history of modern card games, analyze David’s obsession with frugality, and discover the truth behind the male-pattern butt-chin.

Tweet Me Harder 51: Helpful Damage

Kris and David hijack celebrity Twitter feeds, ponder the saga of Weird Old Doctor vs. Young Kurt Straub, dig into listeners’ irrational fears, and reunite the United States.

Tweet Me Harder 50: The Most Disgusting Astronaut

Kris and David report live from the TMH book release party in Portland, Oregon, going the extra mile to insulate your attic from ghosts, incinerate your childhood keepsakes, sell you a bat on a pizza and eat spoiled foreign food for your amusement.
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