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How Podcasting can Turn Your Life Around

Can podcasting turn your life around? I was recently a guest on WMAP Radio. There I gave my story. I talk about how I got into podcasting, and the pivitol role it played in my own personal development. I list out some of my personal favorite podcasts, and detail the best and easiest way aspiring podcasters can break into the business. Click the play button above and listen to the show. Get my free communication handbook, "Turning Arguments Into Discussions,"...


The Principles of Nutrition

Do you feel like shit, and not realize it? What if you've always felt like shit, so feeling like shit is normal for you? Today's show is the latest in my "Principles" series. These podcasts cover the fundamental strategies I recommend to my coaching clients. These strategies help them to be successful in all areas of their lives. Good health is foundational to personal development. The biological machine that is your body will not be operating at peak levels without good health. And...


Your Circle of Friends is Holding You Back with Corine La Font

Have you surrounded yourself with people who support your growth? Do they give you energy or steal your energy? I was recently a guest on the radio show Between the Lines with host Corine La Font. We discussed the importance of personal development. Our conversation quickly went in the direction of other people's reaction to you. How do they respond when they discover you are on a personal development journey? Why is their response often "negative?" And why is it important to surround...


Parenting Without Punishment or Rewards with Alfie Kohn

What if rewarding your child psychologically damaged them? Best Selling author, Alfie Kohn, joins Stephen Patterson and I for a discussion about parenting and education. For some people, it's a hard sell that punishment is bad for children. Don't they need discipline? Plus, the whole spare the rod spoil the child thing. Others are on board with not punishing, but surely praise and gold stars are a good thing, right? Isn't positive reinforcement good? Alfie presents the case, using...


How to Have It All with Rob Aguilar

Can you have it all? Wealth, a great spouse, kids, house with a white picket fence, etc. You often hear people talk about wanting it all. But is that realistic? I was recently a guest on the Life is Good Podcast with Rob Aguilar. We talked about this in detail, and covered a few strategies for obtaining work life balance. Topics covered include: Click the play button above and give the show a listen. Find more from Rob here: Get my new free ebook,...


Unlock Your Productivity in Two Simple Steps

Do you often put off import tasks until the last minute? I have the solution! In today's show, I share a simple strategy that will increase your productivity. Also, it has several other benefits. Here is a full list: increase productivity overcome procrastination lower stress provide a sense of accomplishment improve self-confidence and self-esteem improve mood All this is only 2 steps away. Click the play button above and listen to the show. Find me on...


The Principles of Habit Formation

Have you tried to make positive changes in your life, only to not be able to stick to them? Chances are you're relying on will power. Will power is a limited resouce. It runs out. So don't rely on it. The key to sustained, lasting change is forming good habits. Habits are things you do automatically. They don't need will power. Thus they are easy to stick to. Today's show is the first in my new "Principles" series. These podcasts will cover the fundamental precepts I...


Taking Life to the Next Level with Kevin Geary

Is a truly great life out of reach? Kevin Geary says absolutely not! This is a replay of a conversation I had with Kevin Geary back in the spring of 2014. In the first half of our discussion, we talk about his approach to helping people down a healthier path as an integrative health coach. In the second half, we dive into the "Chasing Greatness" series he has on his podcast, detailing the steps required to free yourself from the chains of society and become truly great. Topics covered...


How to Get the Life You've Always Dreamed of Today, Surviving to Thriving part 6

Are you looking forward to what your life will be like somewhere down the road? Perhaps you can't wait until you get that big promotion? Or you're waiting for retirement? What if you could have the life you dream about now? Antony Sammeroff joins me for part six of a new series, where we review the lessons within his personal development course, Surviving to Thriving. In today's episode, we talk about lesson 6 in the course, "Making Life Awesome." In this lesson, Antony shows you how to...


The Best New Year's Resolution for 2018

In 2008, the economy was crashing, and so was my life. While I watched the value of my investments plummeting, my marriage was falling apart, I hated my job, and I was completely miserable. Then I discovered personal development books. They turned my life around. In today's podcast, I present to you my personal development reading challenge: a New Year's resolution guaranteed to improve your life! Topis covered in the show include: Click the play button above and listen to the...


A Simple Trick to Stop Procrastinating

Got something you've been putting off? I have a simple trick to get you to stop procrastinating. The pomodoro technique is a time management strategy created by Francesco Cirillo. It's well known as a productivity tool that can help you to maintain focus and flow while getting things done. But I get more out of it than that! Listen to this podcast, and learn how I use the pomodoro technique to conquer procrastination. And as if that weren't enough, I also use it to fight bad posture,...


The Five Pillars of Health

Being healthy means more than just not being sick. Health is directly linked with success in the work place, success in relationships, in achieving higher levels of happiness, and pretty much everything else. But health is more than just diet and exercise. I was recently a guest on the Valiant Growth podcast with Philip Frey. We talked about how to unleash your full potential by taking full responsibility for your health. Topics covered include: We talk about all of this and more. You...


Gain the Benefits of Meditation Without Sinking a Bunch of Time

Studies have shown mindful meditation to alleviate pain, cancer, heart disease, depression, and anxiety. It is routinely one of the top remedies doctors prescribe to their patients to relieve stress. But who has time to meditate? Our lives are so jam packed, we can't afford to sit around and "do nothing," right? In today's show, I discuss how you can get the benefits of meditation without sinking a a bunch of time. These meditation practices are measured not in hours. Heck, not even in...


How to Play to Win, Survivng to Thriving part 5

Shit happens. Life throws curve balls at everyone. We often have little control over our circumstances. We do, however, have 100% control over how we *respond* to our circumstances. Antony Sammeroff joins me for part five of a new series, where we review the lessons within his personal development course, Surviving to Thriving. In today's episode, you talk about: In addition, Antony get into a fun battle of who can make the most quotes. You can take responsibility for your life and...


Five Ways to Avoid Divorce

What would you give for a great marriage and a happy home? How much is it worth to avoid divorce? In this podcast, I'm replaying a conversation I had with Pete Gerlach back in the spring of 2013. Pete uncovered in his therapy practice five hazards that will ruin your marriage and destroy your happy home. Some of the key points from today's show: We go over all of this and more. Click the purple play button above and listen to our discussion. Get Pete's book...


Using Brain Science to Get the Life You Want with Mary Shores

Is your brain working for you or against you? Our brains are complex organs. Sadly, they often work against us. If you don't understand how and why your brain does what it does, chances are it's working against you. In today's episode, I have a conversation with Mary Shores, entrepreneur and author of Conscious Communications, Your Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life. Mary is a brain science junky. She's delved through...


Emotional Well Being, Surviving to Thriving Part 4

Can emotional well being determine your success in work, relationships, and even your physical health? In a word, yes! Antony Sammeroff joins me for part four of a new series, where we review the lessons within his personal development course, Surviving to Thriving. In today's episode, you will learn: You can improve your emotional well being and super charge your life. Antony will show you how. Get Antony's course...


Be the You You've Always Wanted to Be, Surviving To Thriving part 3

You can stop pretending. You can stop worrying about what others think. You can be the you that you've always wanted to be. Antony Sammeroff joins me for part three of a new series, where we review the lessons within his powerful personal development course, Surviving to Thriving. In today's episode, you will learn: Antony will show you how to be yourself. But not just how to be yourself. How to be yourself and love it. Get Antony's course...


Surviving to Thriving with Antony Sammeroff Part 2

Are you dissatisfied in some areas of your life? Antony Sammeroff will show you how to turn it around! Antony Sammeroff joins me for part two of a new series, Surviving to Thriving. In today's episode, you will learn: the importance of taking care of yourself before taking care of others why this is not selfish (or at least not in a bad way) how there are some needs you have that you don't even realize are needs and how to satisfy those needs as well as possible Antony will show you...


Business, Romance, and Persuasion with Jordan Harbinger

Would you like to be more succesful in the business world? Or maybe you would like better friendships or more romance? Jordan Harbinger is your man! In today's show, I have a fun, informative conversation with Jordan Harbinger. He comes to us from the popular social skills podcast The Art of Charm. Here are some of the points we cover: The discussion is entertaining and informative. Click the purple play button above and give it a listen! Find more from Jordan...


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