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Surviving to Thriving with Antony Sammeroff Part 2

Are you dissatisfied in some areas of your life? Antony Sammeroff will show you how to turn it around! Antony Sammeroff joins me for part two of a new series, Surviving to Thriving. In today's episode, you will learn: the importance of taking care of yourself before taking care of others why this is not selfish (or at least not in a bad way) how there are some needs you have that you don't even realize are needs and how to satisfy those needs as well as possible Antony will show you...

Duration: 00:53:57

Business, Romance, and Persuasion with Jordan Harbinger

Would you like to be more succesful in the business world? Or maybe you would like better friendships or more romance? Jordan Harbinger is your man! In today's show, I have a fun, informative conversation with Jordan Harbinger. He comes to us from the popular social skills podcast The Art of Charm. Here are some of the points we cover: The discussion is entertaining and informative. Click the purple play button above and give it a listen! Find more from Jordan...

Duration: 01:24:15

Surviving to Thriving with Antony Sammeroff Part 1

Do you dream of a better life? Antony Sammeroff will make your dreams a reality! Antony joins me for part one of a new series, Surviving to Thriving. We discuss the differences between surviving and thriving, and explore the origins of survival behaviors. From there, we look at exercises that can help you change these behaviors into thriving ones. Antony will literally turn your day dreams into reality! Get the course...

Duration: 00:45:51

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World Book Review

Ever say to yourself if only??? If only I could get out of debt... If only I'd chosen a different career path... If only I hadn't gotten married Then I have just the book for you! Kevin Koskella joins me, as we discuss the powerful book from Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World. The book is a practical guide to having more freedom in your life. It gives a lot of pragmatic advice on how to have the life you want, and how to start living it today. How I Found Freedom in...

Duration: 01:23:16

Escaping the Rat Race with Drew Sample

Would you like to escape the rat race and work for yourself? In today's show, Drew Sample tells us about his path to financial freedom; how he went from getting laid off to having a profitable urban farm. Drew used a combination of people skills, networking, and out of the box thinking. This positioned him to be ready to pounce on some unique opportunities that arose, which led directly to the profitable, lifestyle business he has today. Click on the purple play button above to hear this...

Duration: 03:03:16

The Five Love Languages Book Review

Do you want more love in your life? Do you want to improve your relationships? Then The Five Love Languages is the book for you! In today's episode, I give a review of Gary Chapman's best seller The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts. There are four concepts presented in the book that are super important to understand. That there are five languages of love is only one of the concepts. Find out about all four concepts in this podcast. If you want fill your life with love,...

Duration: 01:18:29

Why I Don't Worry About Politics Anymore

Do you worry about politics? Do you spend a lot of time arguing about it? How is that working out for you? In today's episode, you'll find an appearance I made on the Flagship Freedom podcast. Within, I discuss how I use to be very concerned with politics, but was disappointed in what I was getting out it. A lot of time and emotional energy spent, with nothing in return. If anything, it was making my life worse! I had anxiety over things I had no control over, and was getting in arguments...

Duration: 01:53:19

The Secret of Polyphasic Sleep - My Life Series part 8

Ever wish you could spend less time sleeping but still feel alert, refreshed, and energized? In this episode, I discuss my experiment with polyphasic sleep. What is polyphasic sleep? Can it really deliver on the promis of less sleep, more waking hours, while still being well rested, refreshed, alert, and energized? How do you do it? What are some of the problems? What lessons did I learn from the experiment? I cover all of this and more in this latest episode of the My Life series, the...

Duration: 01:53:42

How to Love Your Body with Andreea Harimuri

How much happier would you be if you loved your body? Andreea Harimuri joins me for a wonderful discussion about loving your body, growth and healing. She tells us about her journey, from being locked in a toxic relationship to creating her own successful business. In addition, we talk about conquering food addiction, overcoming fears, gaining freedom, and she introduced a concept with intriguing potential: your body loves you unconditionally. You'll find all this and more in this...

Duration: 01:47:04

Persuasion Secrets of a High Paid Propagandist

Do you have trouble getting people to see your point of view? Most people lack the ability to persuade others. The vast majority result to manipulation or coercion to get their way. Many others are willing to lay down and take it, living life like a Debby Doormat. This is just as bad. But a few people seem to have that gift of gab. They seem to be able to talk anybody into anything. As a copywriter, this gift is your life blood. Nathan Fraser is a professional copywriter. This means...

Duration: 02:40:48

Healing Psychological Wounds Without Expensive Therapist Bills

Are you in pain? Do you know you have some issues to work through, but can't afford paying for expensive sessions with a therapist? Jay Earley has the solution! Today, I'm replaying an interview I originally recorded back in early 2015 with author and therapist Jay Earley. Jay's book, Self Therapy, details a methodology you can use for healing psychological wounds, and you can do it on your own, without an expensive therapist! I use his method, and it has been hugely effective. I can...

Duration: 01:53:55

Starting a New Career Even at 70 Years of Age with Jeanne Litt

Have you ever considered switching careers, but then thought "Well it's too late now." ??? Today's guest recently changed careers, and she did it at seventy years of age! It's never too late. In today's conversation, Jeanne Litt shares her touching journey, which led her to becoming a life coach at seventy years old. We talk about the strategies that have helped her to find success in her own life, along with the strategies she uses with her clients. Talking points include the...

Duration: 01:28:22

The Four Agreements Book Review with Gary Van Warmerdam

Are you suffering? Do you ever get the feeling you might be the one getting in the way of your happiness? Guess what? You're right! Gary Van Warmerdam joins me for a book review of the best seller from Don Miguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements, A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. In this wonderful book, Ruiz provides a code of conduct that will enable you to overcome self-limiting beliefs and take control over your life. Using Native American wisdom, Ruiz shows us the power of choice. You...

Duration: 01:44:18

Podcasting for Self Expression and Financial Success with Joshua Rivers

Are you questing for financial freedom down entrepreneurial paths? If so, a podcast is one of the best tools to help you get there! And Joshua Rivers will help to make sure that your podcast is successful. In today's show, Joshua Rivers, founder of Creative Studios Academy and Podcast Guy Media LLC, tells how to maximize your results from online media. Be it podcasts, blogs, or vlogs, he can help. Online media, and podcasts in particular, are probably the best tools available to any...

Duration: 01:55:14

Hitchhiking Across Europe on Six Dollars a Day with Phlip Frey

Would you like to travel, but think you can't afford it? Think again! Philip Frey joins me to discuss how he hitchhiked across Europe on just $6 per day! (We say $7/day during the podcast, but our math was bad. It was actually $6/day.) He shares how he was able to visit 10 countries in 40 days, embracing the philosophies of minimalism, frugality, and stoicism. Learn the ins and outs of hitchhiking and couch surfing. Learn the importance of networking. Learn frugality hacks, like how to...

Duration: 01:46:05

Being the Best Dad You Can Be with Chris Lewis

Want to be the best dad you can be? Chris Lewis joins me today to discuss just that! Chris is all about being a dad. He is a blogger and podcaster, with both mediums dedicated to exploring his journey into fatherhood. In today's show, he shares his story as a parent. How has his life changed? What has he learned along the way? How have his blog and podcast impacted his parenting? We cover all of this and more. Even moms will find value. Give it a listen! Find more from Chris...

Duration: 01:24:47

Making It All Work, A David Allen Book Review

Want to be more productive, achieve your long term goals, have work-life balance, and find meaning and purpose in your life? These things can be yours! David Allen's books are the tools you've been waiting for. In today's show, Jake Desyllas joins me as we do a book review of Making It All Work, the best seller from David Allen. Allen is the creator of the time management/productivity system called Getting Things Done (GTD for short). Making It All Work is a companion book to GTD. Where...

Duration: 01:52:22

Retire Early and Travel the World with Mike and Lauren

Would you like to retire early? How about traveling? Do you want to travel more? Then you won't want to miss today's show! Mike and Lauren Moyer join me to discuss their perpetual traveler life style. Here are some of the topics discussed: We discuss all of this and more in this fun, informative interview. Give it a listen! Find more from Mike and Lauren here: Enjoy great bonus content on...

Duration: 01:52:03

Supplements for Optimal Health with Dr. Phil Carson

Are you searching for natural solutions to what ails you? Or maybe you are passionate about longevity and want to make sure you don't have any deficiencies in your diet? Dr. Phil Carson is your man! In today's show, Dr. Phil and I have a great discussion about supplements. Why might you need supplements? What are some tests you can run to determine what supplements would be helpful? What are the best companies who provide supplements? What supplements are in Chris's medicine cabinet?...

Duration: 00:48:18

Becoming an Effective Leader with Steve Crandall

Steve Crandall joins me to discuss Leader Effectiveness Training, as developed by Thomas Gordon. LET is a method of communication and conflict resolution that enables anyone who has been placed in a leadership position to get better results and to do it in a manner that is pleasant for both the leader and their followers. It is based on the same principals as Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training, which of course has been mentioned numerous times on the show. To find out more from...

Duration: 00:45:32

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