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Two Big Mouths is a weekly 60-Minute satirical news podcast performed by a droll duo of media personalities/drinking buddies with lots of opinions and little in common.




Two Big Mouths the Big Finale!

Hello Mouthy friends. We are back live this week. Gasparilla week here in the Tampa bay area by the way. On the big show this week. First it was one side of the bay trying to dupe residents into funding a light rail system, now it’s the other side trying to do the same. In […]

Duration: 01:14:57

Two Big Mouths, How It All Started Now Live

Hello Mouthy friends and welcome back. This week we are going back to when it all started: Two Big Mouths NUMBER ONE. The show that started it all way back in May of 2010. The Main Mouths were cutting their teeth on this whole radio podcast thingy, and have come a long way since. With […]

Duration: 00:59:14

Two Big Mouths: Goodbye 2012

Hello Mouthyfriends and we hope your Christmas or Chanukahor Kwanza was a memorable one. Speaking of memories, how about taking a listen to the best bits from the Main Mouths this year? We scanned the archives far and wide and put together our “Best Of 2012″ show. All the bickering, some really good music, and […]

Duration: 00:57:48

Two Big Mouths-A Retro Christmas

Hello again friends, and happy whatever you celebrate this time of year. The Main Mouths celebrate Christmas. Lots of celebrating in fact what with office parties, happy hours, Pajama Jammie Jams and such, but the holidays are a time of reflection, so lets take a listen to what the Mouths were yakking about last Christmas. […]

Duration: 01:04:11

Two Big Mouths, A Recollection of Past Events

Hello mouthyfriends and Happy Holiday and all that. The Main Mouths are indulging in all the holidaycheer and gearing up for a new year of Two Big Mouths frivolity. Till then, lets take a listen to what the Mouths were talking about last year at this time. It’s the same show from this week last […]

Duration: 01:02:51

Two Big Mouths #117 A Retrospective

Time to brush up on the Christmas shopping strategy, so the Main Mouths are going to lock themselves behind closed doors and get to planning. Till then, take a listen to all the fun we had last week. Have fun and we’ll chat with you later.

Duration: 01:00:17

Two Big Mouths Pre Halloween Show #116 Redux

Hello ghosts and ghouls and sexy vampires and nurses. The Main Mouths are gearing up for All Hallows Eve, so here’s our Halloween that includes our costume choices and a Really Random Report about the House of Edgar Allen Poe. Stay safe and we’ll be lurking for you….

Duration: 01:00:54

Two Big Mouths #108 Rewind Now Live!

Yes friends, the Main Mouths are gearing up for July 4th and starting crazy early. So enjoy the ramp up to Independence Day with a rewind of the calamity that was Two Big Mouths Show #108. Peace and see you soon.

Duration: 00:57:04

Two Big Mouths #107 Now Live

Hello friends and welcome back. On the big show this week, the Centers for Disease Control has something to say about all this zombie nonsense. You can nowhave 5 Wives in Idaho. And NASA scientists with a really big telescope say our galaxy is doomed. More new music from bay area songstress Deserie. We’re talking [...]

Duration: 00:58:54

Two Big Mouths #106 Now Live

We’re back Mouthyfriends, and we’re raring to go. On this weeks big show. The zombie apocalypsehas started right here in our own back yard. We’ve got some radioactive fish off the coast in the Pacific Northwest, a byproduct of the nuclear meltdown in Japan. And a Utah spirit maker offends the Mormons. New music this [...]

Duration: 00:52:31

Two Big Mouths #105 Now Live “Best Of”

Yes Mouthy friends, the Main Mouths are taking a week off to enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend. They’ll be back next week with some fresh stuff. Till then, enjoy a “Best Of” show to get you through. Talk to ya later.

Duration: 00:57:09

Two Big Mouths #103 Now Live!

We’re continuing into the tripledigits here with show number 103 and this week, the Main Mouths are going to tell you that living in Florida isn’t all the glamour and glitz you might think it is. The Summer Olympics are right around the corner. The torch is lit and on its wayto London. And the [...]

Duration: 00:58:21

Two Big Mouths #102 Now Live!

Hello and welcome back friends. After a week off, the Main Mouths are back and ready to rock your brain. Abunch more of the Japanese tsunami debrisis washing up on North American shores. In Tennessee schools, no touching of any kind that could lead to sex. And bad news when it comes to the number [...]

Duration: 00:53:46