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Two Blokes Talking Tech #326 - Star Wars The Last Jedi is out now, plus a bit of tech news

Stephen has seen it three times already so for a spoiler-free assessment of the latest Star Wars plus a look at all the Star Wars Toys the boys have got you covered. Disney now owns 21st Century Fox movies and more so what's it mean for the future of streaming, Google looks back on the year in Search, Virgin advocates gifting DATA this Christmas, and Amazon's top buys in Australia - plus the Minute reviews....

Duration: 00:50:23

Two Blokes Talking Tech #325 - Amazon's launch, Voda's big week and a robot Vacuum

Now that Amazon has launched what does it mean, how is and might retail change in Australia? Vodafone has had a big week with NBN launching and WIFi calling plus Apple Watch Series 3 support. There's news for Apple TV owners with Amazon Prime and Foxtel Now streaming available from today, plus Roaming news from Telstra and the minute reviews

Duration: 00:47:18

Two Blokes Talking Tech #324 - Christmas tech, Smartphones for Kids, health, Apple and all the tech news this week

Lots of tech options for Christmas this year, Trevor and Stephen run through some ideas and hot items, plus eBay's new Google Home integration. Telstra's data on what age kids are getting smartphones and how to keep them safe. What Samsung is doing in the VR health space, Apple's new Melbourne store and the Bendigo Bank shock news. Netgear's WiFi solution for business - especially cafe's, and how to improve your Internet at home - all that, plus the minute reviews!

Duration: 01:05:58

Two Blokes Talking Tech #323 - On a windy day, your week in tech

Telstra is offering Unlimited Data home broadband - that's not a typo, yes they're catching up and offering what others are offering in a bid to keep up and retain NBN customers, plus they have already started offering customers refunds on the NBN speed deal they did with the ACCC. Fitness First is first to market in the world with Apple GymKit, Where are you watching Netflix folks? Toilet? Turns out plenty are - we discuss the Netflix user survey, knowing your rights in the sharing...

Duration: 00:47:56

Two Blokes Talking Tech #322 - Telstra in the Naughty Corner, Call of Duty is out and all the tech news this week

Why is Telstra in trouble, and are they just the first of many ISPs who might face ACCC action over their NBN sales techniques? What's Foxtel got in the box - just how big a deal is the "Foxtel Now Box", Call of Duty World War II is out - big game, big title, the boys have been playing it, RMIT offering Apple's SWIFT language learning course online, Google introduces Family Link a parental control system for ANdroid Devices, Stephen chats the future of energy and we've got the minute...

Duration: 01:08:28

Two Blokes Talking Tech #321 - Talking iPhone X

A day ahead of its public release, Trevor and Stephen discuss all there is to know about the iPhone X after several days use. How good is the screen, what is it like to not have the home button - how different are the cameras and just what is FaceID like? We've got you covered with everything you need to know about the iPhone X

Duration: 00:57:23

Two Blokes Talking Tech #320 - NBN Free zone? Sadly not, but lots of tech news this week!

We had to discuss it, it's been all the talk this week - the NBN - the ups the downs the politics and the drama, a comprehensive chat about where its at and what's next. Plus Telstra has updated their Telstra TV both for existing customers and a shiny new box coming at the end of the month, there's amazing developments in Cochlear Implants with a new Made for iPhone feature, Epson has a great new printer, DreamLab is available for iPhone so you can help cancer researchers while you sleep,...

Duration: 01:02:18

Two Blokes Talking Tech #319 - Complaints Complaints Complaints and a little bit of Krack

Complaints are up and we're NOT HAPPY with our Telcos, they are treating us like crap and we're telling the TIO - rightly so, discussing that this week, plus the KRACK issue which makes all WiFi connections vulnerable, the new entrants to Apple Pay with Woolies and Eftpos, Huawei's new smartphones at the top end and mid-range, Gran Turismo SPORT reviewed, and D-Link's new photo sharing app, plus the minute reviews!

Duration: 00:49:35

Two Blokes Talking Tech #318 - Security Warnings, Star Wars and SIT UP STRAIGHT YOU LAZY SOD!

This week Stephen is in South Korean visiting Samsung's headquarters so he joins us via FaceTime to tell us all about it, plus we discuss the Apple ID security risk, the stupid passwords people use highlighted this Stay Safe online week. Foxtel launches Cable NBN services finally, Star Wars gadgets and goodies plus guess who was first to see the new trailer? The Gadget to fix your posture woes, Arlo goes Solar and the portable charger for your laptop!

Duration: 00:51:58

Two Blokes Talking Tech #317 - Facial Recognition and your privacy and the all new Google devices

Trevor and Stephen discuss the new Government plan to combine the State and Federal ID databases to create a new level of possibilities for facial recognition for law enforcement - what is the impact on privacy? Do you agree? Google has a bunch of new product and their new phone isn't the standout one. Camera testing and the best smartphone camera on the market, the new Sonos with Voice assistance, Fox Vision companion app for those watching Bathurst this weekend and Dominos battery...

Duration: 01:05:30

Two Blokes Talking Tech #316 - Apple iPhone 8 reviews, Note 8 Selling well, Oppo's FCB phone and more

This week Trevor and Stephen look at the iPhone 8 and if it's worth the upgrade - the question most people are asking; plus the Samsung Note 8 performing well in pre-orders keeping Samsung happy. Comm Bank shuns Apple but launches Android Pay and Garmin Pay, Oppo release the R11 in FC Barcelona colours, Apple Watch Series 3 review and another speaker from Bose.

Duration: 00:44:24

Two Blokes Talking Tech #315 - Live from San Jose - all the news from Apple's iPhone event

Stephen and Trevor are in San Jose having just attended the Apple event at Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple Park. Tune in for all the news and views on the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X as well as the updates to the Apple Watch and Apple TV

Duration: 00:54:52

Two Blokes Talking Tech #314 - Final Apple Rumours, Data deals and the Note 8

The blokes are off to Apple Park in Cupertino next week for the Apple iPhone launch so what's planned? what's the final wash up, what's likely? A long discussion about that, plus what you need to know about Telstra's new plans, Kogan's extra data and the Note 8 - and of course, we digress:)

Duration: 01:05:25

Two Blokes Talking Tech #313 - Live from IFA Berlin with all the latest tech gadgets on Force Friday!

May the Force be with you folks - it's Force Friday and the boys are in Berlin for IFA and they're LIVE chatting all things Force Friday and Star Wars including new stuff from Sphero, new Augmented Reality from Lenovo and more - plus Samsung has announced a bunch of things including a new all-water sports watch. JBL's new gear including Headphones for kids, the rush in Google Home compatible speakers, LG's new V30 smartphone, plus Apple has just announced their September event taking place...

Duration: 00:39:44

Two Blokes Talking Tech #312 - Unplugged and unhinged in New York City for Samsung's Note 8 launch

Stephen and Trevor are in New York with Samsung for the Note 8 announcement and this week talk through all the features and benefits of the new device, and how it will be available in Australia - plus, after a week in China just how big is Huawei and how much effort do they go to in developing a new device. Officeworks has a stunning iPhone plan right now, Vodafone has a new approach to device plans and Stephen reviews the Oppo R11 and BeoPlay headphones

Duration: 00:49:38

Two Blokes Talking Tech #311 - Stephen wears a strap-on (torch), and all the latest tech news this week!

The rise of streaming media - Telsyte's latest data shows Stan and Netflix are booming while Free to Air could be suffering, Stephen and Trevor Discuss. Also, the latest in financial literacy apps for kids, Google WiFi and Trevor's thoughts on where it sits in the market, Glasses to relieve your eyes from all the digital strain, and a look at the future of cars with Electric and Autonomous continuing to be the topic of conversation - and - we jump the shark with Stephen's minute reviews

Duration: 01:06:59

Two Blokes Talking Tech #308 - TV Deals, Google Home, Foxtel Dramas and all the tech news of the week

Kogan has launched a crazy big TV for a crazy low price the boys discuss what it means and who it might suit. Foxtel had a rough week, so how can Foxtel Now recover, and what went wrong? Google Home has launched in Australia - what is it, what's it for and what is Google WiFi. Samsung have announced pricing and availability for the new Tab S3 and Galaxy Books, WiFi2Go to get internet around the world for $10 a day and how mobile obsessed are we?

Duration: 00:56:10

Two Blokes Talking Tech #306 - Droning on about Pauline Hanson, Free Electricity for your home and all the week's tech news

This week Trevor and Stephen discuss Pauline's little boo boo - flying a drone in the wrong place up in Townsville - should she, will she be fined? Plus the new Solar and Battery deal that will offer you free electricity to your home, Foxtel has upset Trev and its all about their highest paying customers, never been a better time to --- buy a 4K TV, the booming Aussie App Economy, Stan's prices go up, Nat Geo on Optus, a great fun family and friends game on Playstation and the minute...

Duration: 01:08:56

Two Blokes Talking Tech #299 - Live from Taiwan looking at the new HTC U11 and how a mobile phone is made

The blokes are in Taipei this week with HTC for the announcement of the new U11 smartphone, plus they go into the HTC factory to see how a mobile phone is actually made, much to their surprise it's very different to expectations.. The massive Cyber attack and the ramification for business and individuals, Audi is showcasing Google Android technology built into a concept car, Netgear has a new range of ORBI WiFi solutions, and we discuss the New York Times' NBN story in great detail.

Duration: 00:50:12

Two Blokes Talking Tech #297 - Facebook in the news for all the wrong reasons, Microsoft comes out swinging and all the week's tech news

Well well well - Facebook are in some strife so let us explain to you how the world works folks - Two Blokes Talking targeted advertising, plus Microsoft's stunning new Surface Laptop, Acorns the micro investment app gets an update with financial information about your spending, there's some value to be found in Smartphones with Huawei's P10 Pricing and Oppos A57 announced, Vodafone prepares to offer the NBN, HSBC joins Apple Pay in Australia and Stephen's minute reviews!

Duration: 01:00:21

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