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077 | S6E10 | The Next World

Richonne. Richonne is what brings us together today. Richonne, that blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream… And love, true love, will follow them forever… So treasure their love. The time has come for The Walking Dead to finally make good on the carrot they've been dangling in front of us since season 3 in the form of a romantic relationship between Rick and Michonne. And boy, did they make good. We loved seeing these verbal and physical validations of everything we already knew...


071 | S6E4 | Here's Not Here

Hey, thanks, The Walking Dead! We always wanted to know how Morgan learned his Ninja Turtle ways, especially the week after Glenn's presumed death. And in an extended episode. Listen, spending an episode with Lennie James is never a bad idea, but finding out how he adopted his "All Life Is Precious" has us scratching our heads a little. All we're saying is that the very specific situation that Eastman found himself in doesn't seem like it should be applied that broadly. We discuss...


070 | S6E3 | Thank You

The Walking Dead, you are so disrespectful! This is how you're gonna do our sweet cinnamon bun, Glenn? We can't even right now! But let's talk about Michonne a little bit: we loved how she seems to be coming into her own here. She handled Heath's attitude and distrust firmly, but with finesse (almost like she's drippin' in it...), she was the one Glenn put his faith into, telling her that she was the one who could lead and she may have gotten a little bee in her bonnet about love and its...


069 | S6E2 | JSS

A kind of fun idea for an episode that takes place in real time; what a welcome departure. Looks like the Big Bad Wolves have come to huff and puff and blow Alexandria down, except they didn't know about Carol. Shoot, do we even really know about Carol? We talk about the unnecessary team drama, Deanna's leadership not standing up to the test and WTF is going on with Morgan. Subscribe to get the newest episodes: Apple | Stitcher | Google Play | wherever you get your...


Bonus: What Black Panther Means to Us

Happy Black Panther Release Week! To kick off Black Geek Week here in Nashville, Kia sat down with the ladies of Take Off Your Cool at The Lab to discuss what the release of this movie means to them, specifically as black women. The TOYC women also enlisted the opinions of several other black-led podcasts and put together a truly wonderful collaborative episode. We hope you enjoy and maybe even discover some of your new favorite podcasts. We know we did. Area 21 Podcast: IG:...


068 | S6E1 | First Time Again

It's an artsy-fartsy premiere episode of The Walking Dead's 6th season! *insert any Larry David gif here* Are we in the past or present? Black & white or color? What a crazy world we're living in! What a whole host of new characters were conveniently introduced in this episode! Would have been helpful to know of their existence before. A spare run team and a spare architect? What are the odds? Also, what are the odds that this cockamamie plan kinda maybe worked? Honestly, this whole...


107 | S8E8 | How It's Gotta Be

It's an interesting time to be a fan of The Walking Dead or "fan" or casual watcher or whatever you want to call yourself. We're actually a little sad at what the show has become and we talk a little of that at the top, along with the sense of foreboding we're getting. Are we sad about the shoddy writing? The loss of Carl as a character (the way it could be interesting and the kick in the pants the show needs and the way we're almost certain the writers will not be able to handle that)?...


106 | S8E7 | Time for After

Hmm. Tricky, tricky, The Walking Dead. First you give us a lot (a lot) of Eugene dialog, and we should hate you for that, but then you gave us a full on fight scene with Rick wrecking shop in. his. boxers. And it was at that point that we knew we weren't dreaming big enough. Eugene talks a big game and his actions even back it up, but secretly, he hates himself for his participation in the Saviors' reign of terror. Is it enough to make us care? No. So, there's that. Daryl, Daryl,...


105 | S8E6 | The King, The Widow, and Rick

Ah, yes. Episode 6 of The Walking Dead, also known as the annual reminder that these seasons should not be 16 episodes long. As Melissa put it, this episode was an actual dumpster fire for her, full of whys: As always, we dive into some listener feedback at the end, which includes theories, snark, spoilers and all manner of fun. Come join us, why don't ya? Subscribe to get the newest episodes: Apple | Stitcher | Google Play | wherever you get your podcasts Support: Rate and...


104 | S8E5 | The Big Scary U

Melissa hated it, Kia kinda may think it's interesting -- TBD. Either way, this episode of The Walking Dead broke the streak of great it was having for the past two episodes of season 8. We check back in with Gabriel, last seen crouching in a corner while Negan played the boogie man. He decides to use this bonding time to pop the ol' priest collar and get a confession out of Negan. We learn a couple of interesting tidbits: Negan staged a coup to get control of the Sanctuary, he's...


103 | S8E4 | Some Guy

Khary, Khary, Khary, Khary! The Kang knocked it out of the park on this week's episode of The Walking Dead (even though he had to spend a chunk of it with a horrible scene partner -- we're talking about you, knock off Jim Carrey). We talk about what this staggering defeat may mean for the Kang's leadership from now one, pour one out for a real one (RIP Shiva) and sweat a lot of places recalling Rick's Mission:Impossible stunt. You look great, baby. Don't let anyone tell you...


102 | S8E3 | Monsters

Well, while we can't say we're surprised that Eric shuffled off his mortal coil in this week's episode of The Walking Dead, we're sad. Who can Aaron call bae now? Maybe this actual baby that Rick conveniently orphaned for him the episode before? The less we say about this Morales trash, the better. But also, c'mon. We'd rather spend time talking about how impressed we are with Daryl. Kill. Them. All. None of this talky talky stuff. And when we say "all," we're including Jesus in the...


101 | S8E2 | The Damned [plus interview with Seth Gilliam]

Well, looks like we can officially say that it wasn't fatigue from Walker Stalker Con Atlanta that left us scratching our heads about this episode of The Walking Dead. While we love the multi-prong approach to total annihilation of the Saviors, we got a little bored with all of the gun action outside of the outpost. Inside, we were not impressed with the Morales reveal. STOP TRYING TO MAKE MORALES HAPPEN, TWD! We were even less impressed with Jesus taking that nickname a little too...


Bonus: Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2017

We prepared for this for months and the 3 days of Walker Stalker Atlanta 2017 literally flew by. We talk about our experiences, including meeting the winner of our scavenger hunt for #WSCAtlanta tickets, Danai Gurira's mishap with Kia's name and, of course, the unicorn photo op with Andy and Danai. We talk about some people here. Be sure to check out their work! msdoomandgloom (artist) cakebythepound (Richonne fanfiction writer) cranesinthesky (Richonne fanfiction...


100 | S8E1 | Mercy

The Walking Dead has made it to its landmark 100 episode and, ya know, that's kind of a big deal. There were a lot of things we liked about this episode, but honestly, it was also a bit puzzling and we're surprised THIS was the episode that had so much brouhaha surrounding it. Rick an 'em set the pieces in motion to end Negan once and for all (thank God), but is the show also trying to set us up with a bunch of misdirects regarding its future. Speaking of future, why does Rick's hair...


Season 8 Preview [with Peter Zimmerman, Sabrina Gennarino, Kerry Cahill and Jordan Woods-Robinson]

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is basically here and unlike season 7, we're actually not dreading it (and it's not just because we heard there was some Richonne goodness to be had in the premiere). In this preview 'cast, we talk to some supporting players from the different communities to get their take on what we're in store for in season 8. Peter Zimmerman (Eduardo from the Hilltop), Sabrina Gennarino (Tamiel of the Trash People), Kerry Cahill (Dianne from The Kangdom) and Jordan...


067 | S5E16 | Conquer

We finally get to see Morgan and, MAN, did he make some tracks! It’s a good thing, because he was able to save the day for Aaron and Daryl. We also finally meet a real life Unfair Wolf but we still don’t entirely understand what they’re all about. He did happen to find Aaron’s pack which had a picture of Rick and Carl in it. If those were the first faces we saw of Alexandria, we would want to go there too! Both Spencer and Sasha approach Father G for council, but he is currently closed...


066 | S5E15 | Try

Our girl Michonne is the Boss Lady on The Walking Dead and WE ARE HERE FOR IT! Good thing, because Rick is operating at a bit of a deficit right now. On this episode of Days of Our Lives, Messie Jessie remembered that she was married and her husband Pete is ready for a fight! But the real winner was Michonne when she clocked Rick upside the head during his very public meltdown. Sometimes you just need a high five to the face, Rick! We are still stumped on how nobody is talking about the...


065 | S5E14 | Spend

Why can’t Carol just mind her own? She is determined to appeal to Rick’s current instability by telling him that he needs to kill Pete. When have you ever had a problem killing people on your own, Carol? Why do you suddenly need Rick’s help? We’re pretty sure we heard Sam calling for you. Go bake some cookies. Meanwhile, The Walking Dead is continuing to force this Messie Jessie situation on us. Mel is less than thrilled with the timing of Rick considering removing his wedding band. She...


064 | S5E13 | Forget

We wish we could forget certain things about this episode of The Walking Dead. How could you forsake us? It's party time in Alexandria and we're introduced to a few more members of Deanna's family -- husband Reg and other son Spencer. We're also starting to be introduced to the fact that Deanna may kinda not know what the hell she's doing. She makes Rick and Michonne mall cops but doesn't actually have a lookout in the tower? She makes our one step up from feral group go to a dress up...


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