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Two Dope Dads... Is two guys with 5 girls and a podcast, about stuff, in a garage. Davey and Shane are the Dads, they're two guys from Melbourne, Australia trying to navigate their way through an endless maze of parenting advice and ideas. Figuring out how to be the best dads they can be through an ongoing open conversation about #dadlife and everything in-between. They're surrounded by homes full of lovely ladies (including their dogs) and on occasion enjoy the wonder and soothing effects of the cannabis plant. Lets not forget having an ale or two on the side. We hope you enjoy #twodopedad






Episode #28.75: Update from Davey

Davey gives a quick update to let y'all know whats going on and why there has been no podcast the last fortnight. We have one just around the corner but everyones been a little crook of late...

Duration: 00:03:21

Episode 28.5 Update From Shane

A little update from Shane until we hit you with a full episode next week. Song by 'Spencer Jacob'

Duration: 00:07:14

Episode #28: Bulldoggin'

Davey & Shane sit down for a Dad chinwag and crack straight into a 2DD personal fave for BOTW, chat little lady updates, alcoholic lolly water, ditching on dinner bills and gravity taking hold down south. The boys also chow down on some fine ass Beef Jerky sent in by Jurkface Jerky, #followthejurk.

Duration: 01:47:17

Episode #27: Mum Juice

Davey & Shane are back in the bunker after a 2 week break. Fyfe has moved overseas and left the dads to steer the ship themselves but not before teaching them a few of his Jedi audio tricks to get the job done. The lads hit on May vs Mac, hiking, dogs & children, the zoo, artificial intelligence and say goodbye to Fyfe. Davey has entered full time Dad mode and talks some gibberish with his daughter whilst Shane brings in the beers for BOTW and also enters the world of vasectomies...

Duration: 01:43:06

Episode #26.5: Update

Quick little update from Davey to let you all know whats up... xox

Duration: 00:01:22

Episode #26: I Choose You, Pikachu

Davey, Shane & Fyfopolis are here, drinking beer and fighting back the tear-s for what might be Fyfe's last 2DD podcast as he gets ready to leave for Liverpool. The boys chat baby vomit, first teeth and BOTW. Tiny has a surprise waiting for Davey in her bath, Shane dreams a dream and Fyfe introduces us to "Naked Attraction".

Duration: 01:21:44

Episode #25: 2 Kebabs, 1 Punch

Davey, Shane & 3933 are in the dope dad dude ranch talking pop music, Chester Bennington, kids getting hurt and touch on a little mixed martial arts. Davey and Shane both jump into some "Weird" terrain whilst getting some good dad talk on the board, Fyfe (3933) brings in BOTW and the guys chat about some sweet chin music.

Duration: 01:28:38

Teething Vs Faeces Smell Dr Karl Response

Upload for Tweet @ Dr Karl

Duration: 00:02:25

Episode #24: If You're Hāpi and You Know It

Davey, Shane & Fyfenye West are busting gums once again in the 2DD studio. They crack straight into a "listeners choice" BOTW, Shane finally gets talking with Dr. Karl and does a little bit of homework. Davey talks Tinys new trick, syncing cycles and meeting idols whilst Fyfe gets a little weird and has some news to tell us all...

Duration: 01:16:52

Episode #23: Flippin' The Bird

With one leg of the tripod taking a hit due to illness, Davey & Shane take over the button pushing as Fyfe warms the bench with a fever. The boys get into a bit of back and forth with topics ranging from camping, teething and football to aliens, tattoos and horror movies! Davey dives into gearing up to be a stay at home dad for the coming months and figuring out sleep paralysis while Sane delivers with his most awkward moment and finds out that Charlie has learnt about the "Rude Finger".

Duration: 01:14:49

Episode #22: Plucked From The Mother

2DD plonk down for a meeting of the minds in this episode with Davey, Shane and Juan G. Fyfe of Fyfington manor as your hosts. Davey gets into Tinys first football game, going vegetarian and a self locking car that caused quite a disturbance. Shane pulls an "Alf Stuart" and hits a Galah, shares some man love and teases his most awkward moment in his life whilst Fyfe brings it home with a 3 way fave "Beer of the Week".

Duration: 01:32:52

Episode #21: Half Cocked

Davey, Shane and Geoffrey Fyfe Esquire are at it again for an express 2DD lip flap. The boys crack straight into BOTW and Shane gets weird. Davey talks Hiking, Aladdin and Mayweather vs McGregor whilst Shane dives into growing up in the middle of 2 brothers and how a cold shower can get the body firing.

Duration: 00:55:29

Episode #20: Four

Davey, Shane & Arnold Fyfenegger are back in the 2DD garage to fill your ear holes with wit and wisdoms. Shane goes for a swim, Davey airs a few annoyances and Fyfe confirms what is a "Binge". A ripping beer of the week and Shane hits a "highdea" with a hint of weird!

Duration: 01:47:08

Episode #19: Life Points

Davey, Shane & Lefyfe James are back in the dope bunker talking jujitsu classes, crossover podcasts, good parent/ bad parent, thieving children and smart phone etiquette. Davey brings "life points" to the highdea table, Shane gets weird and Fyfe tips back a powerful beer of the week...

Duration: 01:31:02

Episode #18: Grand Slammed

2DD is back this week with a proper dad chat about ice cream, toilet training and fist pumping. Davey has lost his beard and realised how to dad at party's. Shane dives into a "highdea" while smacking a few balls and sipping on a hemp latte. Fyfesaurus rex gives an all time story about Tiger woods, Robert Allenby, his dad and a golf ball.

Duration: 01:44:19

Episode #17: A Symphony Of Relaxation

Davey, Shane & Sir Fyfe-a-lot are back from a weeks break and crack straight into some commando crawling, toilet training and kids at the supermarket. Davey has a fire inside, Shane has a killer-roo of a time whilst Fyfe has an intimate experience with a set of bunk beds for a 3 way 'let's get weird' and... the segment we never forget 'beer of the week'

Duration: 01:38:38

Episode #16.5: Just A Quickie

No podcast this week, Davey & Shane thought it would be nice to put out a little message to show we still care xox

Duration: 00:01:45

Episode #16: A quick lick and a promise

The 2DD lads are back in the garage flapping their lips about quality bonding time, stroking egos, fears of public speaking and the almighty recess treat, the Le Snack. "Let's get weird" and a little "highdea" from Shane, with an almighty "beer of he week". Fyfe also puts an interesting question to Davey & Shane on other people kids...

Duration: 01:38:30

Episode #15: The Sword of Gryffindor

Davey, Shane &FyFe chat about Yoga with a side of Psychedelics, Starting swimming lessons whilst getting to the Gymbaroo. Tiny has a "Hulk Out", Shane hits on homework, Hemp and there is poop, lots of poop. Fyfe gets serious on "Beer of the week".

Duration: 01:47:00

Episode #14: Elemenopee

Davey, Shane and Fyfe4lyf, get into a serious dad chat, talk about the sacred date 4/20, aliens, DMT, Netflix, Easter ideas and touch on a big decision not to go on a holiday... Beer of the week as always and Davey gets lost inside a vending machine whilst Shane dives into a "perfect world".

Duration: 01:27:20

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