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Two Jersey Kids isn’t your ordinary podcast. Unscripted, uncensored, and quirky, Two Jersey Kids is a discussion about video games, hosted by two best friends.




Fortnite Battle Royale, Doom & Wolfenstein on Switch, NES Classic 2018 return! - Episode 55

Episode 55 is here! Thank you all you beautiful Jersey Kids for listening each and every week. We appreciate you all so very much Gaming News this week:

Duration: 01:04:26

Destiny 2 impressions, Bethesda Unknown Game, South Park Difficulty - Episode 54

Episode 54 is here! Topics:

Duration: 01:25:00

Destiny PC Impressions, Obsidian passed on Game of Thrones - Episode 53

Episode 53 is here! News:

Duration: 00:58:21

Anniversary Episode of Two Jersey Kids! - Episode 52

It has been a year, we thank all you Jersey Kids for being with us for a year now and hopefully another year is ahead of us. We love you all so much! Sorry for the quick description, I'm trying to get it out quickly! News this week:

Duration: 01:05:49

Crackdown 3 Delay, No Man's Sky Story, PUBG Slow Updates - Episode 51

Episode 51 is here! Adam here writing this description and I'm tired as you'll hear in the episode so I'm just going to put the news we discussed below :) Love yah! News:

Duration: 00:57:38

Shadow of War Micro-Transactions, Valve's New Game, UFO 50 - Episode 50

Episode 50 is here! Wow we made it to 50, isn't that crazy! Thank you all for supporting us as we discuss the news in the video game industry. We hope to keep growing with your support. There was a decent amount of stuff to cover this week! Stupid Micro-Transactions, Valve has a new game (no not that one), 8-bit anthology pack & MORE! News: Questions: Follow us on Twitter @TwoJerseyKids

Duration: 01:04:20

Stardew Valley Multiplayer, Crash Bandicoot on Xbox, Midnight Club Return? -Episode 49

Episode 49 is here! Want video game news, wikipedia tips, research tips, internship tips all wrapped into one!? Well this episode is for you Jersey Kids! Adam and Gary break down the news in the video game industry (see list below). Hopefully you enjoy this episode enough to become an honorary Jersey Kids by hitting that subscribe button! News: Stardew Valley Multiplayer plansCrash N’Sane trilogy rumors of it coming to Xbox One heating up.Nintendo SNES Pre-orders start late...

Duration: 01:13:45

Nintendo Switch Sales, SNES Classic Pre-Orders, Evolution of Japanese Development - Episode 48

Episode 48 is here! It has been slim pickings when it comes to gaming news. Adam & Gary discuss Nintendo Sales in 4 months and compare it to previous consoles around the same mark. Games with Gold & PS Plus for the month of August have been announced and the line-up looks great for both! Unfortunately Walmart pre-orders of the SNES Classic have been cancelled and it just leads both of us to become frustrated w/ Nintendo even more. Finally, we answer some fan questions ranging from Call of...

Duration: 01:11:34

Destiny 2 Beta, Nintendo Online App, Kingdom Hearts 3, N64 Classic - Episode 47

Episode 47 is here all you beautiful Jersey Gamers! Adam & Gary love all your supports and listens. This week there are so many things to discuss as you can see from the news list below! Enjoy the episode, please subscribe & rate the podcast! News: Follow the podcast @TwoJerseyKids

Duration: 01:16:14

The Car episode - Episode 46

Gary hosts Two Jersey Kids in Episode 46, as Adam gives expert analysis and opinions from his car! For those that are unaware, Adam has been in the process of moving into a new home. Without internet, we had to improvise with the recording process. As always, Two Jersey Kids stops for nothing, and the show goes on! We hope you enjoy! Episode 46: - This Week In Gaming - News: No Man's Sky update Dota 2 prize pool reaches $20.8 million! Mario Kart VR Robert Kraft and Jeff Wilpon...

Duration: 01:02:50

Assassin's Creed Anime, Super Mario Odyssey, College a Scam? - Episode 45

Episode 45 is here, Adam & Gary go over the important video game questions. Are the elimination in game overs basically the same thing as a participation trophy? Are colleges a scam, and is it basically legally stealing (not a video game question but we still go into it)? So many more discussions to be had in this great episode! News: Follow the podcast @TwoJerseyKids

Duration: 01:05:38

SNES Classic Edition, New Dragon Age, Jade Empire 2 - Episode 44

Adam & Gary are back for Episode 44! We are happy to be back to recording it feels like forever since we talked to you Jersey Kids! Here is all the News that we will touching on:

Duration: 01:04:34

Evolution of Sports Video Games - Episode 43.5

Hey guys, due to scheduling issues Adam & Gary could not record together, but don't worry! Adam sat down last week to talk with Jeff Warren of the Philadelphia Sports table podcast to discuss the evolution of sports in video games. Adam touches on everything, Sports video games history, Sports in VR, Esports, are video games something parents should worry about for their children & more! It was a fun time and I think you all will enjoy it :) Follow the podcast @TwoJerseyKids

Duration: 00:28:53

Steam Sale, New Atari console, Uncharted Not Dead!? - Episode 43

Episode 43 is here! Has Gary finally put together his PC or is he one mouse pad away from completing it!? The Steam Sale is going on conveniently right at the time of Gary's birthday, and we talk about some of the game sales that are tickling his fancy. Additionally we talk about why some people have an affinity for Pirates & pirate games. Follow the Pod on twitter @TwoJerseyKids News covered: Sega wants to turn its classic catalogue into 'the Netflix of retro gaming' (Nick Statt, The...

Duration: 01:00:36

Killing Floor 2 PS Plus Club Discussion - Episode 42.5

Hello all you beautiful Jersey Kids out there, Adam & Gary are back to discuss Killing Floor 2. Every month we will choose a video game that is free on PS plus and by the middle or end of the month we will discuss our thoughts. Hopefully it'll give you all a way to interact with us more! Additionally Adam & Gary discuss the hype train and how it can be good or bad. Follow us on Twitter @TwoJerseyKids

Duration: 00:36:33

Our Top Games of E3 - Episode 42

Episode 42 is here and Adam & Gary are here to discuss their favorite games from E3. It is important to point out we didn't actually go to E3 and see these games. This is all based off of what we have read/seen online. What two games are going to become the armpit of E3 2017!? Listen to the end to find out! We also talk about some of the other non-E3 news happening:

Duration: 01:00:51

E3 Special Episode Part 2 - Sony & Nintendo

Adam and Gary are here to react to Sony & Nintendo's E3 conferences/spotlights. Just know that we love our communikey ;) We appreciate all you Jersey Kids so much!!!! We will keep trying to grow and get better each episode! Please follow the Podcast on twitter @TwoJerseyKids

Duration: 00:43:29

E3 Special Episode Part 1

Part 2 will be released tomorrow talking about Sony & Nintendo. Follow us on Twitter @TwoJerseyKids

Duration: 00:58:15

Xbox, Nintendo, Sony E3 Press Conference Predictions/Discussion - Episode 41

Episode 41 is here! Adam and Gary discuss all the gaming news that has taken place this past week. Also E3 is just around the corner and they go over what they expect from the major press conferences! Join in on the discussion by tweeting us @TwoJerseyKids News: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Teaser image of NabooE3 Press Conference Pet PeevesEpic's new game 'Fortnite' hits consoles and Steam July 25thNintendo's Universal Studios theme park land has a trailerLivestreaming Mobile Games?Nintendo...

Duration: 01:25:26

Episode 40.5- Remastered Video Games: Good or Bad?

Gary sits down and discusses the pros and cons of remastered video games, and whether or not they're ultimately good for the gaming industry. Episode 40.5: - Remaster Pros - Remaster Cons - Best/Worst Remasters - Final Verdict: Are remastered video games good, bad, or both?

Duration: 00:22:37

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