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It's three blokes talking about stuff. Look, we're not hurting anyone, just leave us be.

It's three blokes talking about stuff. Look, we're not hurting anyone, just leave us be.
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It's three blokes talking about stuff. Look, we're not hurting anyone, just leave us be.




Episode 115 – Echoes of Christopher

In which our heroes spoil the joke. Dan nerds out about spaceships, Adam rants about Twitter, and the long forgotten remnants of Chris echo throughout the podcast.

Duration: 00:54:23

Dungeons and Dickheads Episode 3

In Which Graham and Gemma share a microphone, Gemma has a sex dream, Daniel leaves our heroes to escape from prison and Christopher plays a secret game for the amusement of Christian from Scotland. Christopher then kills a guard in a very troubling way and then they all go to the pub. Bard music is … Continue reading Dungeons and Dickheads Episode 3 →

Duration: 01:40:12

Episode 114 – All filler no killer

In which our heroes contend with shitty internet, award twinkle points, mock Dan for crap content and dream wondrous dreams

Duration: 00:49:15

Dungeons & Dickheads Part II

In which our heroes are given their quest. Graham sweet-talks some guards, Dan begins a life of crime, Gemma swears a lot and Chris fails to shit himself.

Duration: 01:32:10

Dungeons & Dickheads part i

In which our heroes create their characters, which takes quite a long time and is quite boring. But we do some hilarious bants and that, so it’s defo worth listening.

Duration: 01:12:57

Episode 113 – Mostly admin

In which our heroes do a lot of admin and get the episode finished quickly to play DUNGEONS AND DICKHEADS, NEW FROM @TWOSTARPODCAST!!!

Duration: 00:36:20

Episode 112 – The Air Is Full Of Spices

In which our heroes once again speak ill of the dead. Graham sabotages Daniel’s next date, Adam plays XCOM, Daniel flings a poo on a roof and Chris is on holiday.

Duration: 01:10:41

Episode 111 – Dismembering The Dead

In which our heroes plan a funeral. Chris doesn’t pay attention, Adam talks nonsense about elves and Dan demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge about undertakers.

Duration: 00:46:41

Episode 110 – Why Did Dan Blush? Because the Seaweed (Gin)

In which our heroes do boring admin (on a beautiful spreadsheet), struggle at maths, plan Elton John’s Funeral and Disrespect the Wu Tang Clan (and Bruce Forsyth).

Duration: 00:59:04

Episode 109 – In Which Daniel Sneaks In Under The Deadline

Our heroes reveal the most hot sought after contest of the year and compare neo-Nazis to Cinderella for some daft reason.

Duration: 01:05:12

Episode 106 – This Is Dan’s Life

In which our heroes finally talk about cake. Adam talks about the Ready Player One trailer, Chris makes guinea pigs swim, Graham places everyone under citizen’s arrest and Dan prepares for fingering.

Duration: 01:20:53

Episode 108 – Who Doxes The Doxmen?

In which our heroes make amends and learn all about Neil Morrissey. Chris buys some furniture, Dan begins a career in esports and Adam becomes a disciple of Khorne.

Duration: 00:52:55

Episode 107 – Technical Difficulties

In which Adam abandons his duties as responsible adult and as a result the children suffer severe technical difficulties. They get their revenge by choosing a title that will annoy him and then stalk their newest superfan (JAMES FROM CRAWLEY) for about an hour. To be honest, this is probably more of interest to the … Continue reading Episode 107 – Technical Difficulties →

Duration: 01:18:47

Episode 104 – Dan Who

In which our heroes learn about opposites. Graham is befuddled by a Northern child, Chris bemoans the lack of West Country representation on TV and Adam is a racist. Dan is absent because he was fingerbanging a girl on a nightbus.

Duration: 01:21:05

Episode 105 – Russia By Gaslight

In which our heroes travel to far-away Nottingham. Adam can’t be bothered to edit out a washing machine, Chris colludes with the Russians and Dan definitely gets put in a bin.

Duration: 00:50:25

Episode 102 – Dirty Daniel and the Shoe Fetishists

In which our heroes plan a bespoke live episode for Dave from Birmingham, Chris seeks poo advice and remembers that he is friends with a pervert (not Graham!), Graham confesses to voyeurism and plagiarism and Daniel is a DIRTY, DIRTY BOY. Edit – He played Gethin.

Duration: 01:25:49

Episode 101 – One-way Wasp Valves

In which our heroes communicate with the dead and an actual, real-life AMERICAN. Also: Adam spends his life savings on Lego, Graham gets bummed by a ghost, Dan remains blissfully unaware of his forthcoming joyride and Chris ventures onto a roundabout.

Duration: 01:12:57

Episode 100 – Navel Gazing

In which our heroes disappear up their own bumholes for a bit, declare war on yet another podcast and add something wonderful to the whole Dan-in-a-bin situation

Duration: 01:34:32

Episode 99 ~ The Mild Exorcism of Christopher’s Lower Abdomen

In which Graham diagnoses what will kill Christopher to death, Adam tries to convince his animated corpse to go to a music festival and yet again they completely fail to record anything even remotely resembling a podcast. THERE ARE DEFINITELY NO WORMS IN CHRISTOPHER’S POO!

Duration: 03:23:31

Episode 98 – Moors Murders: Tokyo Drift

In which our heroes sing about Roger Moore. Dan invents some awful sex toys, Graham unveils his new business venture, Adam buys some drugs, and Chris starts self-harming.

Duration: 00:56:39

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