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Two teachers in Texas teaching school, raising their kids and going to church.

Two teachers in Texas teaching school, raising their kids and going to church.
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Two teachers in Texas teaching school, raising their kids and going to church.








President’s Trivia, A New Truck, A New House, and we Love Chris Stapleton, all on TTIT 095

Happy President’s Day, A President Day Quiz, My New Truck and My Kid’s New House and Chris Stapleton, all on TTIT 095 Happy President’s Day Presidential Trivia, Lots of it A New Truck!!!! Todd and Meg got a New House!!! Love XM Radio Teach like an NFL Coach BASEBALL! Lent – Just Do It Check out our... [read more]


Happy Valentines and Ash Wednesday, Google Slides are Cool and Get Some Entertainment, all on TTIT 094

Happy Valentines Day, Happy Ash Wednesday and Google Slides are Great and we Love Pizza, all on TTIT 094 Walking is Great – STRESS RELIEF Ash Wednesday Talk Happy Valentine’s Day How to use Google Slides Collaboratively Missy Explains “Scoot” a Great Education Game Fasting during Lent Playing for Pizza Check out our marriage blog Links... [read more]


Smokin’ Meat is Confusing, Lent is Close and We Love Texas, Civil War Lecture, all on TTIT 093

We Love Texas, Eagles Win, No Politics, Smoke It, Civil War Made Easy and Ground Hog Day, all on TTIT 093 Jeremy is In Puerto Rico, or is he? We talk politics, not really Super Bowl – GO Eagles! Todd is Coaching Baseball Planning our new Homestead Smokin’ Meat Ash Wednesday and the Church Calendar Todd missed... [read more]


Missy Takes Over the Show, Good & Bad Teaching, Clothes Matter, all on TTIT 092

Missy Takes Over, Clothes Matter, Positive and Negative Teaching, Get Off Your Phone, all on TTIT 092 Jeremy is In Puerto Rico, or is he? Missy Takes Over the Show Todd Talks Clothes Students as Clients Tori Takes Over TTIT Become an Expert in your Field A Great Movie: Teachers Are you on your Cellphone Teachers? Ask... [read more]


Special Guest Talks Teaching From a Student Perspective on TTIT 091

Special Guest: Tori Freese, all on TTIT 091 Tori Good and Bad Teaching Top Three 1. Positivity 2. Knowledge of Discipline 3. Meaningful Work that is Explained Bottom Three: 1. Low Energy 2. Negativity (and don’t use your phone teachers) 3. Don’t give Clear Instructions Mom Interviews Tori on Parenting and Life! These are the Important Things:... [read more]


Dr. Eggerichs, Lebron James, New Land and Grading, All on, TTIT 090

Jeremy is Home, I went to San Antonio, Is Everyone in School Sick?, How do you Grade and Dr. Eggerichs, all on TTIT 090 Jeremy is Home!!! We bought more land! Thank you, Justin San Antonio Trip Lebron James Scores 30,000 Sickness in School Grading – How to do it We saw Emmerson Eggerichs Check out... [read more]


Happy Birthday MLK, R.I.P. Doug Harvey, Google Certification, Ephesians and Mindhunters all on, TTIT 089

Happy MLK Day, Rest Well Doug Harvey, all on TTIT 089 Happy Martin Luther King Day R.I.P. Doug Harvey, National League Umpire King’s Birmingham Jail Letter Another Diet – Low Carb for us (kind of) Get Google Certified Teaching and Ethics at an Inservice What is Appropriate Contact with Students? Love versus Respec in Marriage Watch... [read more]


Free Coaching, Stolen Truck, Land and more all on, TTIT 088

You Should Blog, Todd’s Truck was Stolen, New Land in Missouri and Midland, all on TTIT 088 You should BLOG! Someone Stole Todd’s Truck A Look Back Todd Buys Land in Missouri and meets Ira Hyperdoc Todd’s Civil War Site for School Todd’s Podcast to his Students Be a “Creator” for your Students Todd’s Youtube Lesson... [read more]


Rest Well Chad, A Sad Farewell to My Brother Chad all on TTIT 093

See You Soon Chad, a Sad Farewell, all on TTIT 093 My Brother Chad passed away at the age of 44, I will miss you! Links My Book: Teaching Isn’t for Wimps TTIT on Facebook Two Teachers in Texas Youtube Channel Visit Todds’ blog and get his take on everything from education to football to food to politics and... [read more]


Happy Patriot’s Day, The NFL and Sausage Making all on TTIT 092

NFL Football is back, Happy Patriot’s Day, Todd is the “Chosen One”, We Made Sausage, all on TTIT 092 Show Notes NFL Football Begins Happy Patriot’s Day! Prayers for those in the way of Hurricane Irma, Jeremy is on the way Todd does presentation to class on 9/11 Todd and Melissa join a church group House... [read more]


School’s Back, Digital Pictures v Printed Pictures, A New Church and House of Cards, all on TTIT 089

School’s Back, Digital Pictures v Printed Pictures, A New Church and House of Cards, all on TTIT 089 Show Notes School Starts School Prayer Pictures – Printed vs. Digital Digitizing old video What are some time traps for teachers? Our old church may become our new church! House of Cards!!! Links Purposeful Marriage My Book: Teaching Isn’t... [read more]


Todd takes a Civil War Trip, A Great Email and Tips for Marriage, all on TTIT 082

Civil War Lecture, Kind Words and Marriage Tips, all on TITT 082 Phoenix Trip for Graduation Math Camp Civil War Trip Want a Lecture on the Civil War? Marriage Tips Love and Respect More Entertainment Later Show Notes and Links Go Fund Me Civil War Trip Purposeful Marriage My Book: Teaching Isn’t for Wimps TTIT on... [read more]


Schools Out! Do Something Fun This Summer and a New Church, all on TTIT 081

Schools OUT! Do Something to Recharge, teachig is tough, Brad Thor and Our Megan is a GREAT SINGER All on TIT 081 School’s Out Summer Plans Math Camp Civil War Ft. Davis Illinois Guadalupe State Park South Padre Island Are Teachers “Lucky”? I drove 4,176 miles on the Civil War trip We are attending a... [read more]


TTIT 080

The RV Show, an Inspiring Man, Happy Valentine’s Day, Three Keys to Marriage, Life on the Farm, all on TTIT 080 TheRV Show Buy the cheap wine, says an expert Is Valentine’s Day real? Have you the the Parent from Hades? Tips on how to handle it effectively. Education vouchers, do they work? Three keys... [read more]


TTIT 079

Don Wharton Visits Todd & Missy, all on TTIT 079 Don Wharton is here! Don Wharton Website Don’s Facebook Page Become a PATRON! Download the Marriage Guide for free! Show Notes My Book: Teaching Isn’t for Wimps TTIT on Facebook Two Teachers in Texas Youtube Channel Visit Todds’ blog and get his take on everything from education... [read more]


TTIT 078

Missy’s Mom Turns 80, Money Free Ideas, A Talk on Honesty and Divorce Rates Drop, all on TTIT 078 A trip to Conroe Money free weekend ideas We are going to Trimesters! Use technology sparingly!! How do you evaluate test scores? The Divorce rate is down! Become a PATRON! Download the Marriage Guide for free!... [read more]


TTIT 077

A Look Back and a Look Ahead, A Year of Health, A Book and New Church all on TTIT 077 A look at the year that was . . . Todd’s Teaching Philosophy Wall Drug is COOL! Mount Rushmore moves Missy to tears! A new car for Missy! We are getting out of DEBT –... [read more]


TTIT 076

Donald Trump wins! Melissa Crashes & Karen Kingsbury all on TTIT 076 Donald Trump wins! He will be number 45! Melissa and Taylor have a car accident on the way to a Karen Kingsbury event We talk with a former student who wants to become a teacher! Lecture is the way! Karen Kingsbury Calls!!!! Show... [read more]


Our Diamond Jubilee Episode and Matt Miller all here on TTIT 075

Ditch That Textbook Author, Matt Miller, an Email from a Former Student and more all on TTIT 075 Congratulations to us on our 75th show! – The Diamond Jubilee! Todd gets a great email from a former student! Matt Miller Interview Purposeful Marriage is up and running Take our Marriage Course! Become a PATRON! Download... [read more]


Trucks, Camping, Altar Calls and Great Books all on TTIT 074

TTIT 074 Golf Tournament turns into Truck trouble Does your car have more trouble after you take it in than before? The Denver Broncos are experiencing some – issues. We went to South Llano River State Park The Holiday season is upon us!!! Ugh, Long Division Matt Miller to come speak at school from, Ditch... [read more]


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