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January 7 - Winter Chill

This week, we bring you another frozen episode of the Two Worst Dudes. The winter chill has frozen most of the country, covering us with inches (hey now) of snow, but the news doesn't stop. Today's episode consists of the world's hairiest teen, satanic rituals in Greece, Peeping Tom's history and more. Also, MarbleHood news, awful Logan Paul, and bad football coaches. Enjoy, stay warm, and if you're in a somewhere above 19 degrees, we're really jealous. Please go to ITunes and subscribe,...


2017 Yearly Wrap Up

Welcome to the first Worst Dudes 2017 Wrap Up of the year. In today's special, all 12 months of 2017 get their crime stories told. Also, we give out the top crimes of the year awards to Marblehood, Mass, the Worst way to order chips, and more. So pop the champagne and start off 2018 right - with the Two Worst Dudes. Enjoy and Happy New Year! Please go to ITunes and subscribe, rate and review! Also find us on Twitter and say hi: @TwoWorstDudes@StevenKoudanis@JoshuaDPlouffe


A Very Crimey Christmas

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone, and welcome back to another episode of the Two Worst Dudes. ‘Tis the season for family, gifts, and crime. This week’s Christmas Crimey episode includes a scenic trip to Marblehood Mass, weed giving grandparents, dirty lawyers, and a bad guy dubbed “Criminal Clause.” So, cozy up and keep warm with another crime-filled episode. And remember...if you’re in the news, we’ll talk about you! Please go to ITunes and subscribe, rate and review!...


Bangor...I hardly know her!

Welcome back everyone to The Two Worst Dudes. We're back from our week-long hiatus and better then ever! During our comeback episode, we discuss Keaton Jones' bullying, sky diving criminals, more Tinder crimes, and a guy who is named Homocide. Plus our Marblehood, Mass news and how sex criminals are using Sprite and Chicken Alfredo to lure kids. Please go to ITunes and subscribe, rate and review! Also find us on Twitter and say hi: @TwoWorstDudes@StevenKoudanis@JoshuaDPlouffe


"Asstoric" landmarks, serial killer coworkers, and sex creeps

Happy December everyone and welcome back to the Two Worst Dudes Discuss the News podcast. On this week's episode, the Tampa Bay serial killer is finally apprehended, more Matt Lauer sex creep revelations, and a married couple take photographs at beautiful historic landmarks...with their asses hanging out. Also Marblehood, Massachusetts news, Josh gets a bed on Tinder, and a Canadian prison is more drug den than a prison, plus much more. Listen and enjoy. Please go to ITunes and subscribe,...


Black Friday pain and teachers doing cocaine

Welcome back everybody from a wild week of food, family, and of course crime. This week the Dudes discuss coke sniffing teachers, bank robbing grandmas and bad jewelry deals. We also cover weekly MarbleHood crimes, Mass crime news, interesting audio clips, and the Quick show. Plus more fun and news. Also if you didn't have the chance go check out the Thanksgiving movie Special dropped by the Dudes, listen as they venture into the world of movie commentary and watch the cult horror classic,...


Thanksgiving Day Special

Welcome everybody and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. On this very special Turkey Day, the Two Worst Dudes are taking the holiday off from crime news and will be enjoying the classic holiday movie, "ThanksKilling" and giving their commentary. In this 2009 cult classic directed by Jordan Downey, a demonic and foul-mouthed turkey is back from the grave and as blood thirsty as ever. The turkey stalks a group of college students on break and leaves crumbs of destruction in its...


Santa Claus, comics, and the Green Ranger

Welcome back everybody to another crime filled episode of the Two Worst Dudes. On today's episode we have bad Santa's, Van Damme Vs the Green Power Ranger, a special 30 for 30 episode trailer ...and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Our special audio clips and much more. Please listen and enjoy. Subscribe , Rate & Review on iTunes! Find us and talk to us on twitter.... @TwoWorstDudes @StevenKoudanis @JoshuaDPlouffe


November...the crime continues

Hope everyone has a happy start to November and welcome back to the Two Worst Dudes. On today's fun filled episode, the Dudes discuss crimes at Starbucks, Tokyo body cutters, our popular Audio Clips, and much more. Please subscribe, rate, and review. Find us on Twitter @TwoWorstDudes, @JoshuaDPlouffe, @StevenKoudanis


Halloween Special - A Road Trip Through Hell

Happy Halloween and welcome to the Two Worst Dude's Halloween Special! On today's episode, the Dudes frighten your day with 50 urban legends and gruesome tales from all 50 North American states. Plus a bonus ghost story to make your day extra spooky. Enjoy and have a safe and fun Halloween. Please subscribe, rate, and review. @TwoWorstDudes, @JoshuaDPlouffe, @StevenKoudanis


Barista poisoners, magician crime tricks, and Bigfoot sightings

On this week's lovely fall weather episode, The Dudes discuss murdering coffee baristas, rock star killers, and Bigfoot sightings just to name a few. Plus more true crime news and audio clips from the week. Grab a pumpkin spiced treat and enjoy the show. Please Subscribe , Rate ,and Review TwoWorstDudes@Twitter


UFO's and baby showers don't mix

On this week's episode, the Dudes present you with some Halloween movie trivia, listen to some interesting audio clips, and of course more crazy crime news. Enjoy, review, and subscribe.


Friday the 13th Special

Happy Friday the 13th! On today's special episode, we discuss black widows and Russian Cannibals. Enjoy and be careful out there.


Fall...the perfect season for crime and murder

The Two Worst Dudes are back and SOUNDING off better then ever. After some much needed studio improvements, we are back to kick off October with more true crime stories. McDonald's drug dealers, Thailand serial killers and more.


Planet X, XXX Gym Issues and Dysfunctional Killers

On this week's Two Worst Dudes, the Dudes discuss celebrities being bad, predictions of the world ending...again, and the killer who waited decades to get revenge on the doctor who ruined him. Get your snacks and cola ready for some entertainment! Subscribe, review and give us 5 stars if you like the show.


Rapper crimes, Greeks shooting guns and the end of summer...

Before we start this week's fun we send our love out to Houston and all of Texas affected by Harvey. After another tough week for America, the Two Worst Dudes are back with more crime news, fun and jokes. This week we talk about meth filled penis candles, gun celebrations, and have special musical guests give us their weekly "wRap-up." So roll up and get ready to cruise through this weeks episode.


Conor Vs Floyd, the eclipse, and Josh guesses serial killers.

On today's episode, the 2 worst dudes discuss Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor as they finally get to beat on each other. North America sees its biggest Lottery winner...ever. Also, we talk about the dangers of the solar eclipse, crime stories, and Josh guesses if the serial killer names Steve gives him are real or fake.


Summer Slam, crime, and comedy

Hey there BROTHER!! A rough week in America with nazi scum, our crappy president, and The Nature Boy - Ric Flair hospitalized. The 2 Worst Dudes are here to cheer you up with a warm cup of comedy and true crime stories. We talk about SummerSlam and a special Royal Rumble, with our signature 2 Worst Dudes crime twist.


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