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The new dynamic duo discuss one of the most influential TV shows of all time. B has seen every episode, Money has seen none!






Something Blue/Hero

First, I'm sorry guys, I need to apologize for you being able to hear every car that drove by. My mic sensitivity was way too high. Second, I really liked this Buffy episode, not only because it was fun, lighthearted, and interesting, but also because I was right, Willow is headed down a dark path if she doesn't correct herself, and she doesn't seem disciplined enough to really control her witchcraft. I think this could be real trouble down the road. Also I don't know how I feel about Spike,...

Duration: 01:19:42

Pangs/I Will Remember You

I don't even want to write about these. Angel is just the worst. He is everything I hate about immature men with savior complexes. Buffy is dealing with shit and he shows up, and not only does he "protect" (she's fucking fine) but he tries to do it without her finding out, and he ropes all her friends into it. And that gets at the heart of what Angel wants. It's not that he wants to brood and suffer, he wants the world to see him brood and suffer and feel like he's such an amazing dude...

Duration: 01:20:27

The Initiative/Bachelor Party

YAAAAAAAASSSSS! So in Buffy we find out who is behind the scary dudes in ski masks. I didn't see Walsh and Riley coming. But it's so nice to see tht there's a broader world going on, and not everything revolves around Buffy. Spike is back, too, and he's got a big problem. His fangs don't work. I'm not sure I'm into the lazy boner-humor here, but whatever. And this episode doesn't wrap everything up, which is good, as this show needs to let its storylines breathe. As for Angel, we have an...

Duration: 01:12:02

Wild at Heart/Sense and Sensitivity

Sorry for the audio quality, y'all, I'm on the road. One good episode and one disappointing one. Let's face it, as much as I like Oz, his relationship with Willow is not satisfying on a narrative level. So this is actually a good way to get Oz off the show. And I totally called it. Veruca is a werewolf. The show also seems to have realized that you don't need everyone in the show to have something to do. Buffy, Xandar, and Giles make appearances that serve the plot, but they don't overstay...

Duration: 01:19:51

Beer Bad/ Rm w/a Vu

So, guys, I don't see why everyone hates this episode. Maybe it's because I'm just not down for attempts at pathos for Buffy getting dumped? The storyline with Parker was so nicely wrapped up- Willow calls him on his bullshit and Buffy punches him in the head. That's super satisfying. And yeah, it's stupid, but there's a lot of stupid stuff in this show that takes itself way too seriously and forgets to have fun. This was fun. Also Kal Penn was cute once. As for Angel, this was a good...

Duration: 01:11:54

Fear Itself/I Fall To Pieces

Gross things these episodes: 1. Giles' Halloween Costume 2. Oz shaking blood everywhere. 3. Spiders. 4. Willow getting hugged by 10,000 fireflies. 5. Squashing porn. 6. Stalkers. 7. Cordy dropping the R word. 8. Ronald with the worst superpower ever. 9. Angel's torture face.

Duration: 01:11:19

The Harsh Light of Day/In The Dark

So, two people from Buffy's past are back- Spike and (gasp) Harmony! They are looking for something, another MacGuffin, but this time, it makes Vampires invincible? Hard to see why this wasn't a priority for all the others who crawled around Sunnydale. I mean, I get it, they hadn't thought of it yet. Also Harmony is just as bad as an undead mean girl. Spike is not himself, though, and seems more abusive than entertaining. There's a showdown in broad daylight, and Buffy manages to snag the...

Duration: 01:37:11

Living Conditions/Lonely Hearts

I don't like Buffy in this episode. Seriously, she's passive aggressive and spoiled. Kathy is at least well-meaning at first, but this kind of roommate war is just too much. Kids, talk about boundaries and be rational about your living situation. I liked this episode, but I'm not big on the fact that Buffy was right about everything, so she doesn't have to examine her behavior to be more of an adult. As for Angel, he's hunting a serial killer, this time with the hurdle of Elisabeth Rohm in...

Duration: 00:56:08

The Freshmen/City Of

We're baaaaaaaaaccccckkkkk! It's been a few weeks since we covered Buffy, and Money gets back and finds there's a spinoff! Buffy and (most of) the gang are at UC Rancho Cucamonga, and the episode does a good job of conveying the angst and terror of being a kid away from home for the first time. Naturally there's a group of vampires hanging out on campus, because Buffy can never get a break. Also Sunday is my favorite vampire so far (suck it, Spike!). Angel, however, decides to start his...

Duration: 01:23:15

Graduation Day

It's time for the season Finale of Buffy! First off, I need to apologize for the audio quality. Crowdcast really screwed us, and we will not be using them in the future. Thanks to Austin for cleaning this up somewhat. The big day has arrived, and the mayor has to eat his spiders. Eww. Faith is doing what she can to fuck up the good guy's plans, and that means shooting Angel with a poisoned arrow. The only solution, however, is the blood of a slayer. Luckily they have a spare slayer on...

Duration: 01:31:51

Choices/The Prom

Roshawn joins us! We get Faith being terrible, as she tends to be, and a weird gambit for a box full of spiders. Why spiders? Because this is Buffy, that's why. Plus more flirtations between Weasel and Cordelia. The mayor is trying to Ascend, whatever that means, and that involves getting into Buffy and Angel's heads about the nfuture of their relationship. And not only is he not wrong, he's fucking right. These two are not good together. Break up already. Also, the prom comes along, and...

Duration: 01:54:22


Time for some more Buffy! I gotta be honest, this first episode pissed me off something fierce. I've said before how I'm not a fan of Faith's decent into evil, and despite all of Bitches trying to explain it to me, I'm not buying it. Her behavior seems forced and not consistent, and we get mologuing as exposition instead of character traits introduced earlier that would explain this. I like the idea of Faith going rogue. I don't like the execution. Add tot that the pseudo-reemergence of...

Duration: 01:26:46

Helpless/The Zeppo

Somehow this show made me enjoy a full episode of Xandar. Maggie Benzvi joins us for another round of Buffy! And we discuss vagina glue, fetishes, and ice skating. As for the episodes . . . Buffy is having Daddy issues because her father doesn't show for her birthday. Meanwhile Giles is preparing for a test for the Slayer- depowering her and tossing her in a walled-up house with a vampire who was a serial killer before he was turned. And I'm not a fan of what the watchers are up to- this...

Duration: 01:38:26


Ms. Calendar returns as an apparition, along with a couple of other victims from Angel's past. Also, there's a pitchfork mob. The first episode is pretty Meh. I was intrigued by the flashbacks to Angel's adventures, and wished we could have spent an entire episode int here, just learning what the hell went on during all those years. But Buffy is forced to share Angel's dreams/memories. I've said before that I'm not a fan of Angel at all, but that's mostly of brooding, mopey angel of the...

Duration: 01:13:00

Buffy: Lover's Walk/The Wish

This is what I'm here for! We get Spike returning because Drusilla has broken his heart. Which doesn't surprise me, as she's not really the monogamous type. Spike is your regular ridiculous boy who can't understand that the relationship is over, and he wants a love potion to make her love him again. And yet he still seems to be the most emotionally mature person here. His cunning plan involves kidnapping Willow and getting her to cast a love spell, and Xander because he happens to be in...

Duration: 01:43:09