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A Bloody Shambles

Join US Defense Watch Radio host, Ray Starmann, as he discusses a new video ad campaign by the British Army. The series, titled, 'This is Belonging' is a PC, SJW fiasco and a celebration of Islam, gay rights, the wussification of males, Millennial wimps, while continuing the feminist fantasy dream of women in the combat arms. Ray will also discuss the latest news. Join US Defense Watch Radio for another non-stop, action-packed, politically incorrect program!

Duration: 00:54:04

In the Army, the PC Madness Keeps Rolling Along

Join US Defense Watch Radio host, Ray Starmann, as he discusses the recent case of Major General Ryan Gonsalves, the commander of the 4th Infantry Division, who was denied a third star after he referred to a congressional staffer as 'sweetheart.' Gonsalves story is the story of thousands of warriors who have been forced out or fled the military because of the feminist/PC culture. After one year of the Trump administration in office, it appears General Mattis is doing nothing to stop the...

Duration: 00:57:16

The Wrath of Trump

Join US Defense Watch Radio host, Ray Starmann, as he discusses how 2018 will be the year President Trump takes the fight to the Clintons and the morass of Deep State criminals who have taken over the DOJ, the FBI and other government agencies. Ray will also discuss how the President will continue to repair Obama's broken economy and recap the day's biggest news events. Tune in to US Defense Watch Radio for another politically incorrect, no holds barred demolition of liberal policies and...

Duration: 01:01:18

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Join US Defense Watch Radio host, Ray Starmann as he discusses the Pentagon's successes and failures in 2017; in what is certain to be another action packed, no holds barred, politically incorrect show! Grab a cup of java, take a seat and turn on US Defense Watch Radio!

Duration: 01:01:08

What's Merry About All This?

Join US Defense Watch Radio host, Ray Starmann, as he dicusses the heroic stand of the 101st Airborne Division in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge and the many victories of the Trump Administration in 2017. There is indeed much to be merry about!

Duration: 00:22:40

The Rise and Fall of the US Army

Join US Defense Watch Radio host, Ray Starmann, on Friday, December 22nd at 1200 PM, PST, as he discusses “The Rise and Fall of the US Army.” Ray will discuss how the army was rebuilt after the Vietnam War, its incredible victory in the Gulf War 20 years later and the subsequent and gradual decay the army has experienced in leadership, discipline and training standards since 1991. Tune in to US Defense Watch Radio for another honest, hard hitting, politically incorrect show!

Duration: 01:01:07

A Good Supply of Body Bags

Today, on US Defense Watch Radio, host Ray Starmann continues his discussion on the complete erosion of standards at the Special Forces Qualification Course, while also discussing the social engineering that has eaten away at the army's very soul. Ray will also cover the latest news. Tune in for another no holds barred, politically incorrect, US Defense Watch Radio program!

Duration: 01:00:43


US Defense Watch Radio host, Ray Starmann, will discuss the recent explosive letter written by Green Beret training cadre, who have accused the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School of lowering training standards, in order to allow women to become Green Berets. Ray will be joined by CW4 (Retired) Henry 'Hank' Hunt, a former Green Beret, as they outline in detail the politically correct agenda which is decimating not only the famous Green Berets, but the entire US military as...

Duration: 01:01:14

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand - A Legend in Her Own Mind

Join host Ray Starmann in the premiere broadcast of US Defense Watch Radio, as he discusses Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's war on Donald Trump and the US military. Gillibrand has no military qualifications, but she is an ardent advocate of pushing women into the combat arms and special operations forces of the US military. Starmann will also discuss the Pentagon's decision to allow transgenders to serve as of Jan 1st, the ongoing social engineering running amok in the Pentagon, Secretary...

Duration: 00:30:54