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A Look at UWM's Zilber School of Public Health

Throughout the past year, UWM Today has been celebrating the 60th anniversary of UWM with a closer look at the university’s 14 schools and colleges. As we head into the home stretch of our celebration, we focus today on one of the newest academic units – the Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health . And our timing for this program couldn’t be better. The Zilber School was recently notified that it has received national accreditation. That makes UWM’s public health school the only accredited...

Duration: 00:28:18

UWM Neuroscientists Receive Major Grant To Study Brain Function

It is one of the largest and most complex organs in the human body. With billions of nerves and trillions of connections, the human brain is a marvel. On this edition of UWM Today , we’re going to talk about the science of our brains and more specifically, the amazing circuitry that gives us our memory. In the studio with us are two UWM neuroscientists who have each received major grants from the National Institute of Health to study brain function. Fred Helmstetter is a Distinguished...

Duration: 00:28:11

UWM Chancellor On Role University Plays In Providing State With Skilled Graduates

Foxconn, one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, has signed a memo of understanding with Governor Walker for a $10 billion factory in southeastern Wisconsin. UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone says the university can play a major role in providing skilled graduates to that and other companies planning an expansion in the state. Also, the chancellor discusses how the leadership team has been working this summer to develop actions for strategic opportunities developed by...

Duration: 00:25:41

A Look at UWM's Community Design Solutions Center

One of the most remarkable pictures of economic development anywhere in the state of Wisconsin can be found in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. With the new Milwaukee Bucks arena taking shape, the Northwestern Mutual office building nearing completion and the sparkling Couture office and residential tower about to break ground, well over a billion dollars in real estate projects are underway. This is just the beginning of what some are calling the renaissance of urban Milwaukee. Where do...

Duration: 00:28:12

Sheddding Light On The Upcoming Eclipse

In a few weeks, the first total solar eclipse on America’s mainland in nearly 40 years will occur as the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. Anticipation of this amazing astronomical event is causing a lot of excitement and interest in the study of our stars. On this edition of UWM Today we have a special guest who – pardon the pun – can shed light on the upcoming eclipse and talk about a wonderful resource at UWM that attracts thousands of people each year who want to learn more...

Duration: 00:27:55

UWM's Role In Addressing Poverty In Milwaukee

As Wisconsin’s only public urban research university, UW- Milwaukee is deeply embedded in the community. Every year more than 5,000 students graduate from UWM and most stay right here in the region to begin their careers. The university also works closely with businesses throughout the state on research projects designed to make them more competitive. On this edition of UWM Today, we take a closer look at another key contribution of UWM – working with community partners to address the...

Duration: 00:28:28

UWM Chancellor Talks New Men's Basketball Coach & State Budget

UW-Milwaukee is getting a new men's basketball coach. Chancellor Mark Mone discusses the departure of LaVall Jordan and the hiring of Pat Baldwin. Also an update on how the state's budget will impact UWM and a review of the UW Board of Regents meeting which was held in Milwaukee during June.

Duration: 00:29:39

'Atari Age': A Look At The History of Video Games

If you’re one of those people who like to play video games, you have a lot of company. It’s estimated more than 150 million Americans play video games. Worldwide nearly 2 billion people make those games a part of their lives. How did it all start? On this edition of UWM Today , we’re going to look back at the history of video gaming. Michael Newman, an associate professor and the Chair of UWM’s department of journalism, advertising and media studies has written a book called Atari Age ,...

Duration: 00:28:21

Body & Mind: Two UWM Experts Share Insights Into Sports Psychology

How many times have you watched an athlete make an amazing play or turn in an unbelievable performance and ask yourself “How in the world do they do that?” Is it because the athlete is in superb condition or has practiced the routine over and over again? Or is it because of what’s going on in the mind of that athlete? On this edition of UWM Today , we’re going to get some answers to those questions as we discuss sports psychology with two experts from UWM’s College of Health Sciences....

Duration: 00:28:14

A Look At UWM's College of Nursing

On this edition of UWM Today , we are continuing our celebration of UWM’s 60th Anniversary with another spotlight on one of UWM 14 Schools and Colleges. Today our focus is on Nursing. Besides graduating more nurses than any other school in Wisconsin, the UWM College of Nursing does world class research on some of the big problems facing society and it has one of the university’s most active community engagement programs. Joining us in the studio to talk about all of this is Kim Litwack,...

Duration: 00:27:36

UWM Professor Works To Reduce Racine's Infant Mortality Rate

For many years, the City of Racine has struggled with a high rate of infant mortality. At one time Racine’s black infants died nearly 4 times more often than white infants. While there has been improvement, today if you are a black mother in that city - your infant is still 3 times more likely to die before their first birthday when compared to that of a white infant. To deal with those dire statistics, a UW-Milwaukee nursing professor has taken the lead in starting a program aimed at...

Duration: 00:27:54

UWM, MPS & MATC Come Together To Improve Student Success in Milwaukee

A collaboration between UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee Area Technical College and Milwaukee Public Schools is working to improve education opportunities for students in southeastern Wisconsin. WUWM's Dave Edwards talks with UWM Chancellor Dr. Mark Mone, MPS Superintendent Darienne Driver and MATC College President Vicki Martin about goals of the M-cubed program and projects already underway.

Duration: 00:29:37

Connecting Weather Forecasts With Darwin's Theory of Evolution

For many of us, checking the weather is the first thing we do in the morning and the last thing at night. And just as certain as our daily habit of listening to or looking at forecasts is our skepticism of whether the weather man or woman will get it right. On this edition of UWM Today , meet a UWM scientist who teaches how to forecast the weather. Paul Roebber is a distinguished professor of atmospheric sciences and a key member of the Mathematical Science department at UWM’s College of...

Duration: 00:27:42

A Look At UWM's College of Letters and Science

As UWM celebrates its 60th anniversary, UWM Today has been taking a closer look at each of UWM's 14 schools and colleges. Today, the spotlight is on the College of Letters and Science . The largest college at UWM is where many of the university's 26,000 call home. The college has majors and programs in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. It's a wide offering that keeps Dave Clark, the college's acting dean, busy. He's the guest on this edition of UWM Today .

Duration: 00:27:09

Meet Two UWM Drug Discovery Scientists

Every year there are important new medical discoveries that help people live longer and more productive lives. One of the big reasons is the constant development of new drugs to treat or help prevent diseases. On this edition of UWM Today , meet two scientists who are deeply involved in the discovery of new pharmaceuticals. Jim Cook is one of UWM’s Distinguished Professors in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Doug Stafford is the director of the Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery . Both have...

Duration: 00:27:53

UWM Chancellor Talks Peck School Fire Clean-Up

UW-Milwaukee Mark Mone discusses the clean-up following the fire in the Peck School of the Arts Theater building and how the community has rallied its support. Also, Mone talks about how UW-Milwaukee's role as the state's only public, urban, research university continues to be important as well as "cooking with the Chancellor."

Duration: 00:28:55

Research At UWM Working To Improve Access To Energy

The cost of energy has a profound impact on people everywhere. At UW-Milwaukee some of the top scientists in the world are working on ways to improve the ways in which we can access the energy we need to run our homes, our cars , our communication devices and industries. On this edition of UWM Today , meet a professor at the center of the university’s energy research efforts. Adel Nasir is associate dean for research in UWM’s College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Duration: 00:29:21

A Look At UWM's School of Education

On this edition of UWM Today , we are going to take a closer look at how we are preparing the next generation of teachers for our state’s school systems. With one of the largest Schools of Education in Wisconsin, UW-Milwaukee prepares an enormous number of teachers, principals and other administrative leaders for our schools each year As we continue to celebrate UWM’s 60th Anniversary, our focus today is on the UWM School of Education . Joining us in the studio is the School’s dean, Alan...

Duration: 00:27:58

UWM Professors Study The Long-Term Impacts of Toxic Stress

We all have bad days when things don’t go as planned and our stress level rises. But in some parts of our community, there are people who find themselves constantly under stress because of poverty, violence and other forms of abuse. What is the impact of that long-term, continuous pattern of adverse experiences? On this edition of UWM Today, we meet two researchers who are collaborating on projects designed to study what some call toxic stress. Today's guests are David Pate and James...

Duration: 00:27:28

UWM's Budget Message to Joint Finance Committee

UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone talks about the message he shared with members of the Wisconsin Legislature's Joint Finance Committee regarding future funding. He makes the case for urban access institutions as well as funds for remodeling the Northwest Quad, wage increases and the impact of federal funding on UWM.

Duration: 00:28:03

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