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EP017 Love & Facebook... Chicago!

This Episode is long but filled with laughs and information. Kwak, Yogi, Ava, Courtney, Roshawn, Sean, and Marlea discuss "Social Media Love", and How others go about starting such relationships, sliding into inboxes, and lot more. Once the alcohol kicks in things get hilarious. Plus we get a few call in guest also. Check it the audio here and also check for the youtube page as well where you can see the video footage! NSFW at all!!

Duration: 01:56:28

EP016 Hurt Men that Hurt Women

On this episode Kwaku speaks for all the men of the world (lol) about the genesis of the hurt cycle that many women feel from men in relationships. Jerika and Ava cross examine Kwak and get some pretty insightful answers. And we also find out that women are apparently going to Plenty of Fish Dating App to find these "damaged" men!

Duration: 01:38:50

EP015 The Week That: Remy Dissed Nicki and more

This episode is the first installment of a weekly wrap up segment we will be doing from now on. This week, Kwak, Ava London, and later on Jerika, talk about Chance The Rapper's meeting with the governor of Illinois to discuss education, the picture of the young woman JessHillarious (naked with her son on her lap smh) that had everyone talking, and of course we talk about Ms. Remy Ma's diss to Nicki Minaj.

Duration: 01:23:17

EP014 Mid Life Crisis Views and Opinions Part 2

This is a slightly inebriated version/continuation of EP013's Mid Life Crisis conversation. We cover a lot of topics from Tinder, Kanye's influence on men's clothing, Valentines Day Hate, Beyoncé and her hive and a lot more.. oral sex talk lol. Funny stuff!

Duration: 01:32:43

EP013 Is This A Mid Life Crisis?!

This episode covers the phenomenon know as the "Mid Life Crisis". Late thirties and and Black... yes... this episode is about you! We have a little fun with this otherwise serious topic and somehow we get to oral sex SMH. Either way its a pretty good convo. Stay tuned for part two.

Duration: 01:23:05

EP012 The Trump Effect Pt1

This Episode covers the new Trump Regime/Administration. Feelings on Steve Harvey and others meeting with the Trump. How racism is a part of the administration, How we view some of is first actions, Chrissiette Michelle's right to, some thoughts on the Women’s March, Fake news phenomenon, and more. This is part 1 of this conversation. Stay tuned for more.

Duration: 01:16:00

EP011 "Terms of Endearment"

No intro here... straight to the convo! This episode covers our views on some all to commonly used catch fire words like "Coon" and "Nigga". This is actually part of a larger upcoming conversation regarding Trump and his regime... errrr I mean administration. Listen to Kwak, Ava London, Justin, Kat, and Nick tackle this subject and check for the follow up episode. I'm sure you "Terms of Endearments" will enjoy it!

Duration: 00:21:48

EP007 Black Lies Matter

This Episode was a party! Drinks, Music, Good People, Good Conversation. Kwak, Yogi, G Sinister, and Ava London speak on Umar Johnson and his recent altercations with social media, views on black leadership, Polygamy, Infidelity, some loose talk on religion, depictions of blacks in media/movies, black history, and black on black violence.

Duration: 01:18:13

EP006 Being Single... Again! "(Part 2)

This is the last installment of this Relationship conversation that took place. This episode covers Black women "doing better" than black men, the cost of dating, what is considered a good date, what men expect from a date, when is the right time to have sex, the consequences of having sex, what are women looking for, the benefits of Marriage, what men are doing wrong, why men tell lies, and open marriage situations. Yeah... That much in an hour!

Duration: 01:21:01

EP005 Being Single... Again! (Part 1)

This episode takes on the issue of being single and middle aged with all the baggage you've accumulatted over the years of dating and failed relationships. It's a lot! How to show interest, Expectations, Commitment issues, How long before you get married, What women are looking for, Dating after failed Marriage, Polyamorous Relationships (lol), sexual identity issues, STD's, affects on children and more. I have my sister (Kat) in on the shenanigans bringing in more of her Far Left views...

Duration: 01:07:19

EP004 Rape Culture: Bonus Episode

Its 2017 and time to get this podcast ball back rolling. Been working on some sound issues (that Im still working on although its getting better) and scheduling issues as well. Im learning though! Here is a quick episode just to warm up before a few more episodes drop this week. It's actually an excerpt of a larger convo that was had. Me (Kwak), My guy Adrian, Ava London, and my "Far Left" Sister cover the topics related to what is called Rape Culture these days. We cover some real stories...

Duration: 00:17:53

EP003 Insecure...Reality or Fiction (audio fixed)

Breaking down Issa Rae's HBO show "Insecure" This weeks episode includes myself and "Ava London". Over the course of 2 hours we cover the relationships between the show's characters in relation to real life situations.

Duration: 02:36:50

EP002 About Everything BUT That Election!

This podcast includes my homegirl Roshawn and Jessica with her BF. We made a point to avoid the Politics and deal with various "Black" issues. Black women's hair, Dating BBW, Atlanta "Lifestyles", and much more. Check us out!

Duration: 01:37:17

EP001 Soooo..... How about that election!

This is the first episode. Kinda shaky on the sound and sticking to the subject. Apologies about that, but hey... We have to start from somewhere. You will see improvements over the next few episodes. But with so much to think about the day after the election I guess we just need somewhere to vent. This episode includes Justin, Nick, Devin, Dilla and my homegirl Jessica. Nick claims to be a Black Republican and Justin has brought the facts/statistics to the table. Interesting conversation...

Duration: 02:22:12