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Ultra Stories By The Human Potential Running Series

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Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 13: Andy Jones-Wilkins

Take a run with Andy Jones-Wilkins. AJW has been involved in the sport of ultrarunning since the mid-90s and in this episode we talk about his journey through our sport over time. We reminisce about his 10 finishes at the Western States 100, and the changes he's witnessed the event go through. We talk about his 5 finishes, and love, for the Vermont 100; and reminisce about one year in particular where he drank beers with "the commoners" the night before he ultimately won the race. We round...


Season 1 Episode 12: Kevin Sayers

[cherry_row] [cherry_col size_md="12"] Take a run with Kevin Sayers. Kevin has been the race director of the Catoctin 50k for nearly 20 years, Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 for 8, and has just created his own series in the Northern Virginia area. He is also a long time member of the Virginia Happy Trails Run Club. Kevin is perhaps most known for his how-to of ultrarunning website, In this eposide we touch on a wide rang of topics beyond how Kevin got into ultra. We...


Season 1 Episode 11: Mark Gilligan and

Take a run with Ultra Stories and the creator and owner of Mark Gilligan. Join us as we explore how and why Mark got into ultra running in the early 2000s, and the impetus for creating ultrasignup. We touch on a number of topics including ultra lotteries, the growth of our sport, common issues with the website that tend to frustrate us runners, and frustrations that tend to frustrate us race directors. An awesome episode that gives you a tiny glimpse into the backend of how...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 10: The History of The 200-Mile Ultra

Take a run with Ultra Stories as we discuss the history of the 200-mile ultra. Human Potential's Director of Human Experience Hollis Lyman sits down with Sherpa John as he tells the in-depth story of how the first 200-mile ultra in the world came to be. From there, we discuss path of the 200-miler, the current 200-mile scene, how the distance has grown and where we see it going moving forward. If you're intrigued by the 200-mile distance, this is your history lesson.


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 9: The True Story of How the Leadville 100 Run Was Founded

Take a run with Ultra Stories as we discuss the true story of how the Leadville Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run was founded. In Part 2 of our interview with Dale "Sasquatch" Perry, we discuss Jim Butera.. the founder and original Race Director of the LT100. Jim was a well known Colorado race director in the early 1980s. He created the now defunct Colorado Ultra Club and the Moosejaw Ultra; and was the man who's dream and vision for a 100-mile race in Colorado's mountains got Leadville off the...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 8: Katherine Welle and Sam Wagner, and Dale "Sasquatch" Perry

Take a run with a running couple from Golden, CO; 30 year old Katherine Welle and 31 year old Sam Wagner. They both completed their first ultramarathon at HPRS' 2017 Sawmill Trail Runs and we caught up with them post race at Holidaily Brewery to discuss how their day went and what they walked away with. Then, join us as we get down to brass tacks with the Sasquatch Curmudgeon. Dale Perry is a 60 year old ultrarunner from Loveland, CO and he's been running ultras for 25 years! Join us as we...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 7

Take a run with "Sherpa" John Lacroix, of Castle Rock, CO. HPRS' Director of Human Experience, Hollis Lyman, sits down to interview Sherpa John for this special edition of Ultra Stories. Through their talk, Sherpa talks openly about who he is, his vision and mission for the future, and the adversity he's faced. They talk more in depth about HPRS, recent rebranding and changes, and what's to come in the future for the company. It wouldn't be a Sherpa John interview with the raw, honest,...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 6: Adam Popp

[cherry_row] [cherry_col size_md="12"] Take a run with Adam Popp, of Arlington, VA. Adam sits down with Sherpa John to share his amazing story of overcoming adversity for a more purposeful life. Adam was injured by a road side bomb while serving in Afganastan. Years later.. he was able to run 100-miles thanks to the marvels of modern science. One of the more inspirational stories from the sport of ultrarunning, Adam shares with us his journey to Ultra, and also tips on how we can best...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 5: Ravi Raman

Take a run with Ravi Raman, of Morrison, CO. Ravi sits down with Sherpa John to share his story about how he got into ultrarunning, and stories from "out there." His chance meeting with Scott Jurek, and running a leg of the White River 50-Mile course. His running his first ultra in Copper Canyon Mexico with the Tarahumara. And some really amazing advice for life, as Ravi takes us on a bonus stroll to talk about what he does for a living.


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 4: Trena Chellino

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Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 3: Rob Goyen and Trail Racing Over Texas

Take a run with Rob Goyen, Race Director, of Trail Racing Over Texas (TROT). Rob sits down with Sherpa John to share some of their more entertaining race directing stories. If you've ever wondered what RDs talk about around the campfire, this episode is for you. Also, personal insights from TROT Runners, Volunteers, and Ambassadors from the 2017 Franklin Mountain Trail Runs held this past weekend in El Paso, TX.


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 2: An Exclusively XX Chromosome Episode

Take a run with three amazing women within the sport of ultrarunning. Kim Inge tells us her Ultra Story of becoming an Ultrarunner, being diagnosed with Lupus, not being able to run.. only to come all the way back to ultra once again. Bailee Mulholland talks to us about growing up in Boulder, CO; and her recent summer journey to try and run in all of the lower 48-states. Hollis Lyman wraps it up with an inspiring story of perseverance, overcoming the odds and showing others what is...


Ultra Stories - Season 1 Episode 1: Joshua Moran & Jamie Reichler

Take a run with Joshua Moran of Denver, CO; as he tells us about his epic DNF story from the 2017 Rocky Raccoon 50-Miler in Hunstville, TX. Through his story, Joshua explains how the trials of arriving to a race with a cocky attitude, destroying your nutrition and pacing plan, and wearing the wrong footwear can all contribute to one amazing DNF story. Our second story comes from Jamie Reichler of Parker, CO who takes the time to tell us about his ultra mentor, and hero, Sheryl Wheeler. We...