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Unbothered by Thai Rivera Presents No - Thingness

Only nothingness can be infinite; somethingness is bound to be finite. Only out of nothingness is an infinite expanse of life, existence, possible - not out of somethingness. God is not somebody: He is nobody or, more correctly, nobodiness. God is not something: he is nothing or, even more correctly, no-thingness. He is a creative void. Never for a single moment think that nothingness is a negative state, an absence, no. Nothingness is simply no-thingness. Things disappear, only the ultimate...

Duration: 01:01:04

Unbothered by Thai Rivera "The Calm Before The Storm"

This episode I explain why me and Rye Silverman ain't homies.

Duration: 00:52:15

The Death of Quincy Jones

The Death of Quincy Jones by Unbothered by Thai Rivera

Duration: 01:26:06

Unbothered by Thai Rivera Presents ~ Special Talking Shit Edition 3rd In An Ongoing Series

Unbothered by Thai Rivera Presents ~ Special Talking Shit Edition 3rd In An Ongoing Series by Unbothered by Thai Rivera

Duration: 01:17:23

Unbothered by Thai Rivera PRESENTS ~ The One Year Anniversary Episode!!!!

It is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY and the FIRST TIME I've ever really wondered if it's coming across the right way.

Duration: 01:01:46

Unbothered by Thai Rivera ~ "My View Is So Wide That It's Hurting Your Muthafuckin' Eyes" Episode

Demar Randy's "view is so wide that it's hurting your muthafuckin' eyes." This is a comic I absolutely LOVE. Not only because he's funny but because he's real and he'll talk about stuff you won't get anywhere else and DEFINITELY won't get in the EXACT same way. One of the REALEST guys I know and not even a little bit afraid to tell you his opinion. Check it out and check HIM out!!!

Duration: 01:19:25

Unbothered by Thai Rivera ~ You Game of Thrones'd Me Episode

So apparently some of you wanted to hear audio from the Mom Party fiasco. Here you go....

Duration: 01:30:59

Unbothered by Thai Rivera ~ Special Talking Shit Edition, The second in an ongoing series

I got mad at Mom Party. I'm not mad anymore but I know where I'm at on everything. This is probably MOSTLY for comics to listen to.

Duration: 01:16:58

Unbothered by Thai Rivera Presents ~ I'm Back In the USA episode!!!!

I FINALLY made it back to the US and I'll tell you ALL ABOUT the end of the tour. SPOILER ALERT!!!! I got JACKED!!!!

Duration: 01:20:07

Unbothered by Thai Rivera Presents ~ Incense-itivity & Woohan-derful Times in China

Thai Rivera is currently in China and having a great but EXHAUSTING time. This episode Thai sits down with fellow comics and helpful friends Barney Rivera and Kurt Dunsing to let you all know about the craziness that has so far happened on the #Unbothered Comedy Tour CHINA!!!!

Duration: 02:02:48

Unbothered by Thai Rivera ~ Leaving for China

Quick update on what's happening in my life as I get ready to head back to China. Next week I'll be podcasting from China and I think it should be super interesting for my Botherinas. Gonna be a good guest I'm sure!

Duration: 00:59:21

Unbothered by Thai Rivera ~ "You Just Have To Look Into Their Heart" Episode with Guest Melissa J

This episode I have guest Melissa J. Melissa is a Transgender woman that I originally met in SF. At first I had misinformation about how she identified but she was cool about clearing it up. The way she handles herself and the patience she exhibits led me to believe she was a good person and would make for a GREAT guest, turns out I was RIGHT on BOTH counts. I hope this episode gets A LOT of listeners because I think it'll give people that may have some confusion a bit of REAL insight into...

Duration: 01:08:12

Unbothered by Thai Rivera - Banned from Facebook Edition!!!!

Find out all about how I got banned from facebook and exactly how I feel about it.

Duration: 00:54:46

EXPLOSIVE New Episode of Unbothered by Thai Rivera with guest Alex Elkin

My guest is Alex Elkin, WINNER of this year's San Francisco Comedy Competition. It's funny how on THIS EPISODE we were JUST talking about the way people try to silence you, then my Facebook gets disabled and a "fellow gay" tries to start a boycott of a PRIDE show I'm headlining. CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Duration: 01:09:56

Unbothered by Thai Rivera Presents Exhausted and Overexposed

I really need to plan what I'm going to say from now on because I talk too damn much. I'm my own guest on this episode and tell more about myself than I USUALLY do...which is already a lot. Hope you enjoy.

Duration: 01:06:10

Unbothered by Thai Rivera Presents Suicide Girl Lindsey Jennings

Lindsey Jennings is one of the MOST open people I know on the comedy scene and I love her for it. It's always gonna be a good time on #Unbothered when my guest is an unbothered as I am. We talk about family, sex, drugs, what a suicide girl is and I try to find out who the REAL Lindsey Jennings is. Listen to this episode and I'm sure you'll end up seeing why I think Lindsey is such a great girl. Like I said though she was VERY open so I'm sure some people will judge but I feel like I can...

Duration: 01:20:02

Unbothered by Thai Rivera Being Latino with Nick Guerra

Thai Rivera and comedian Nick Guerra talk about annoying people at the gym, being Latino in show business and the struggles of being Latino when you don't look like people think you're supposed to look and of course a bunch of other stuff. This is truly the best episode I've done with a guest and I figured it would go down like this

Duration: 01:39:58

Unbothered by Thai Rivera Presents Ep37 with guest Toby Muresianu

This episode we discuss everything from domestic violence to sexual harassment to muslim refugees. I like Toby and was happy we could finally figure this out.

Duration: 00:57:56

The Real Facebook Killer Episode

The Real Facebook Killer Episode by Unbothered by Thai Rivera

Duration: 01:17:03

Unbothered by Thai Rivera presents RIP Charlie Murphy

Unbothered by Thai Rivera presents RIP Charlie Murphy by Unbothered by Thai Rivera

Duration: 00:59:32

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