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#049: Building business and selling local with Michael Jankie

For show notes and links: Michael Jankie ( @jankie ) is an entrepreneur who’s built multiple companies in completely different industries, that have shown a nous for operating with small-medium businesses. It’s funny that I’m reading Small Giants by Bo Burlingham at the same time I’m tasked with writing an apt introduction for Michael’s episode. So often you’re told that you must grow at all costs, raise massive amounts of capital, only ever serve the institutional...

Duration: 01:19:12

#048: Tasting notes and inspirational quotes, with Justin Dry of Vinomofo

For show notes and links: Justin Dry ( @justinldry ) is the Co-Founder and Joint CEO of Vinomofo, an online platform focused on sourcing, selling, and creating community over a love for wine. Justin is the greatest example of an entrepreneur (that I’ve met so far) who has pursued something he loves to do, integrating his occupation into his life - rather than the other way around. By doing so, you’re able to grab a sense of the passion and credibility Vinomofo...

Duration: 00:53:47

#047: Creating The Startup Playbook - Rohit Bhargava

For show notes and links: Rohit Bhargava ( @RohitBhargava7 ) is an entrepreneur and fellow podcaster, hosting one of Australia’s top startup and tech shows - The Startup Playbook. There are incredible lessons to be learned from Rohit’s interviews, for any budding entrepreneur and business owner. But I think the greatest lessons are in Rohit’s own experience. A failed startup will always teach you grit, while entering the content media business will teach you...

Duration: 01:03:33

#046: Learning how to write with Oliver Phisher

For show notes and links: Oliver Phisher (@OPhisher) aka Michael Crinall, is an author, and good friend of mine currently residing in the beautiful city of Belfast. From the early stages of our friendship, I had always known that Oliver, with his introspectiveness, was going to be a writer in some form. His experience of toiling away in self-publishing is invaluable to any wannabe author and novice writer out there, who struggles to make movement on their...

Duration: 01:11:26

#045: Being a good journalist is harder than you think - Claire Connelly

For show notes and links: Claire Connelly ( @_ClaireConnelly ) is an award winning freelance journalist, Founder of Hello Humans, Editor-in-Chief of Renegade Inc and soon-to-be author. To me, Claire underlines the importance of the Fourth Estate, and what their role in society is - to make you think. My recent discussion with Dr James Martin illuminated this more than any interview, with his example being the mainstream media’s treatment of drugs busts. More...

Duration: 01:29:37

#044: Flying like a millionaire with The Points Whisperer - Steve Hui

For show notes and links: Steve Hui ( @iflyflat ) or “The Points Whisperer” as he’s affectionately known, is the Founder and CEO of iFLYflat - a rewards points specialist service based in Australia. If you’ve ever wondered how to create a level of luxury and access through your spending, then Steve is your man. There’s no doubt that at some stage in your life, you’ve endeavoured to use your frequent flyer points, aimed for an upgrade or maybe just dreamed about a...

Duration: 00:59:10

#043: Criminology: its not just Law & Order - Dr James Martin

For show notes and links: Dr James Martin ( @jamomartin ) is a Senior Lecturer and Criminology Program Coordinator at the Department of Security Studies and Criminology at Macquarie University. He has specific expertise in cryptomarkets, online drug distribution, organised crime and vigilantism. James (like our previous guest Dr Stephen Bright ) has an exceptional ability to highlight the intricacies and misconceptions of the way in which the general public...

Duration: 00:49:21

#042: Looking to the sky with VC Elaine Stead

For show notes and links: Elaine Stead ( @elainestead ) is a Venture Capitalist, and is the Head of Blue Sky’s VC division. Elaine is not your traditional VC (the Patagonia vest wearing kind), but an embodiment of the new generation of young VC’s entering the game - former entrepreneurs with a nous and passion for technology and teams. You’ll discover that Elaine is unique in her understanding of the “game” that is venture capitalism, and has built an offering at...

Duration: 01:11:37

#041: Making hay with short stays - Seb Lindner

For show notes and links: Seb Lindner ( @buckleupapp ) is an entrepreneur who’s built an incredible lifestyle off the back of Airbnb - with some indirect guidance from lifestyle entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss. Originally starting out with Short Stays Victoria, Seb has since branched out into multiple projects including urban agriculture, and most recently, his ride sharing app, Buckle Up. You’ve no doubt heard people like Gary Vaynerchuk highlight how...

Duration: 01:50:49

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