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The Uncomplication Podcast is a no-holds barred exploration of life's joys, sorrows, adventures and mysteries. Join hosts Ryan Stover and Kyle Henderson as they navigate to the farthest reaches of human experience to bring you the ideas and stories of lives lived here and now.




Rabbit Hole: Treading Water in Hot Spaghetti

Have you also been waiting patiently for life to sort itself out and offer the opportunity to do the things you want to do? You'd think this day to day life would be easier by now. This episode is about finding acceptance of a world that is moving too fast.

Duration: 00:07:44

Rabbit Hole: Farewell Golden Spirals

What do spiral galaxies, pinecones, and your body have in common? They all display a "golden ratio" of fundamental universal harmony. The only problem is: they don't. Visit http://uncomplication.com for the links mentioned. Thanks for listening : )

Duration: 00:25:44

Rabbit Hole: Your Election Day Uncomplication

Happy Election Day! If I had a dime each time someone said "I can't wait for this shit to be over" I could afford to run for office. In this rabbit hole I attempt to uncomplicate the thoughts, feelings and fears that grip us as we fill in these little black bubbles that seem to determine the fate of the free world...

Duration: 00:16:22

Rabbit Hole: Mama, Dada, OM

"Mama" and "Dada" are among the first wordlike noises babies make. But is there more to these simple sounds than meets the ear? In this rabbit hole, we take a short trip down to the roots of our first feminine and masculine monikers. Is your baby saying "dada"? Don't flatter yourself...

Rabbit Hole: The Tower of This & That

Why would anyone want to step out of their comfort zone when they have something good going on? In this little rabbit hole we peer down from atop our life-long stack of concepts and wonder what it's all sitting on. Maybe the danger we fear in "breaking down" is only an opportunity to realize how fluidly creative our lives really are.

Rabbit Hole: The Infinite Hourglass - Time is an Illusion

"Time" is the most commonly used noun in the english language, but if you start looking into the "reality" of time you’ll find a galaxy of speculation, theory and rejection of this most basic of common sense experiences. This "rabbit hole" muses through three of my favorite ideas about time: relativity, orientation and the creative power we have to alter past, present and future.

Rabbit Hole: Anticipation, Experience & Meaning -

These are the rough notes recored in the creation of the essay "Anticipation, Experience and Meaning" on uncomplication.com. Author Ryan Stover digs into a recent skydiving experience, reflecting on how we anticipate, experience and assimilate the events of our lives… glorifying some, overlooking others, and forever grasping at “the meaning” of it all.

Duration: 00:36:28

Rabbit Hole : Ten Things I Learned From Yoga

This is a "Rabbit Hole"... a rough recording of notes that lead to a finished work on Uncomplication.com. Down this hole are ideas relating to life lessons learned from yoga. Recorded 2/20/15, immediately following a very difficult yoga class. Good stuff. Enjoy.

Daily Un - Dandilion Meditation (4-25-15)

A "daily uncomplication" meditation on the tranquility and violence of the gardner's weed-pulling pastime.

Duration: 00:04:38

Daily Un - Uncomplication Meditation 2/27/15

Recorded on the side of a mountain, in the trees in waist deep powder, this short "Daily Uncomplication" is a musing on digging down to the moment to find simplicity and space in our otherwise hectic lives.

Rabbit Hole: The Rockstar's Journey

Human’s are story tellers. We have been sending imagined characters on epic journeys since the dawn of time, using well-worn patterns of events to overcome adversity, turning zeros into heroes and providing the template for living a life of meaning. However, in the almost-unimaginable world of today, where our thoughts and symbols are dominated by corporate interests and the consumer is the base unit of culture, we witness new spins on the ancient “hero’s journey.” Presented here is a...

Stephen Hatch & The Power of Silence - Podcast

It was my pleasure to spend an afternoon with the brilliant and provocative Stephen Hatch, a "worldly monk" who has spent his life in the purist of truth and the sharing of life's wonders through photography, philosophy and community. In this uncomplication.com podcast Stephen and I explore a wide field of topics ranging from his upbringing amidst the diverse spiritual traditions of Southeastern Pennsylvania, to the beauty and wisdom of the natural world, to the practice of observing...

Duration: 01:11:12

Dropping the Ball – The Art of Juggling Life

This is a reading of Droping the Ball – The Art of Juggling by Ryan Stover on Uncomplication.com. We often think we’re juggling life’s responsibilities when we are actually carrying more things than we can count, contorting into bizarre positions for fear of something touching the ground. How can we bring the playful spirit of juggling back into the performance of our daily lives?

Duration: 00:05:54

Beautiful Hypocrisy - Uncomplication AudioPost

Beautiful Hypocrisy is an essay by Ryan Stover exploring the quote, "Those who know, do not speak. Those who speak, do not know." What is true authority? This is the AudioPost version, for those too lazy to read : )

Duration: 00:02:44

Unwrapping The Present - Uncomplication Audiopost

This is a reading of "Unwrapping the Present", an essay by Ryan Stover on Uncomplication.com. In this post, Ryan explores his motivation and the mystery that has brought him to share uncomplication with the world. Music is by Maxwell Hughes, one of the most talented guitarists on the planet. Find more of his music at http://maxwellhughesmusic.com

Duration: 00:05:03

Uncomplication S1.E1.Part2

Join hosts Kyle Henderson and Ryan Stover as they continue exploring what uncomplication is, what it means, and why they are so excited to be bringing it to the world. Pop in those headphones, get yourself somewhere lovely and take a load off. The time for uncomplication is now.

Duration: 00:48:39

Uncomplication Podcast S1.E1.Part1

In this two-part episode of the uncomplication.com podcast we jump rump-over-teakettle into the uncharted waters of uncomplication to introduce ourselves and the core ideas driving us to share uncomplication with the world. Sit back, (unless you’re standing), relax (unless you’re caffeinated) and enjoy (or else) the chatter!

Duration: 00:49:33