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Episode 102: EMG - Expect The Unexpected

I talk to Allan Ritter (Drums) and Adam Smith(Bass) the architects of the band EMG. They are a two-person writing team and recruit other musicians to help their music come to life on stage. You may be asking yourself what does EMG stand for? It turns out that the only people who know the answer to that question is them, and they are keeping the meaning under lock and key. However, they do enjoy hearing your guesses. With the element of mystery behind their name it is only to be expected...


Episode 101 - IMERICJONES - Books Vs Beats

This Week on Uncontained I talk to rapper IMERICJONES. We talk about his dilemma between going to college to make his family happy despite not finding fulfillment in college or pursue his asperation of becoming a rapper. With the philosophy that he could always go back to school but only had the present to chase after his dream of performing. This decision was reached by never wanting to have to ask himself “What if?” His clothing line of Books VS. Beats was born and helped to go viral by...


Episode 100: Tom Garland Returns - Rather Be Lucky Than Good.

Welcome to episode 100 of Uncontained! We made it to triple digits, and what better way to celebrate than to revisit the first ever guest of Uncontained a guest that I had interview a couple times back when I was doing radio at 94.1 KRNA and preformed stand up with. Tom Garland returns for episode 100 of Uncontained. Since we talked on episode 001 Tom has left the Mid-West and moved to Sin City, Las Vegas, and is now the resident opener for Tom Green in The Backroom at Bally’s. We also...


Episode 099 : John Koah - Write What You Feel

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2018, I welcome musicianj and songwriter John Koah to Uncontained. Join the conversation as we talk about John’s song writing process, and why Lyrics are his biggest challenges in completing a song. We also talk about the importance of finding a good mentor that you can learn from. In addition to performing and recording music John has launched “The Songwriter Channel” https://www.songwriterchannel.com/. A recourse for musicians to find alternative ways to get...


Episode 098 - Alia Zin : Exercised

Alia Zin West coast MC Alia Zin hangs out with me on Uncontined. We discuss how she developed her lyrical focused style of rapping, how she put a message out that mentors and Inspire young girls and women. Alia started out in Portland and Recently moved down to LA working with Pakk Music Group. Alia released the album “Wiccan” in 2016 and is now getting ready to release her new album in early 2018 titled “Sage My Soul” this is how Alia Zin lives Uncontained....


Episode 97: Granison Crawford -The League

Comedian, Granison Crawford hangs out on Uncontained. Granison has been doing stand-up for about 1 and a half years, but when you see him on stage you may get the feeling that he has been doing stand-up for years because he has a strong comedic voice and is able to bring himself in to his comedy by pulling his material from real life experiences. In addition to comedy Granison is also an actor, writer, creator, and voiceover artist. Granison has appeared on Discovery Channel, The Learning...


Episode 096: Sidney B - Join The Revolution

Legendary Record promoter Ron Herbert calls this week's guest on Uncontained the future of pop music. Sidney B is a French born singer who has turned his focus to the U.S. Sidney combines influences ranging from From the house beats of Europe through the funk of Latin America, to rap from the US. Sidney B. gives his fans two distinctly different experiences between his studio work and live show with his band The Truth. After the new year you will be able to check out a few new singles...


Episode 095: Sarah Dashew - About Last Night

Singer songwriter, Sarah Dashew is my guest on Uncontained. Recent guest, Danny T. Levin highly recommended that I have Sarah on the show. We talk about her music and how as a child her exposure to music from all around the world helped shape her musical style today. Here is an interesting fact about her childhood, Sarah spent 7 years of her at sea sailing around the world. Now she tours the world playing music preforming with acts like Cowboy Junkies, Michelle Shocked, Suzanne Vega, and...


Episode 094: Eddie Towner, John Silas, Abraham Castañeda - Dragon Ball Z Light Of Hope

I had the privilege of sitting down with Eddie Towner, John Silas, Abraham Castañeda 3 of the 4 musicians behind creating the score for Dragon Ball Z Light of hope, A live action version of the anime classic. Light of Hope is on the way to full blown viral status receiving 2.3 million plays in just 2 weeks. We talk about some of the challenges that they had to work through, including staying true to the original Dragon Ball Z to not alienate the loyal fan base, and writing the score to...


Episode 093: Chris Luecke - Craft Your Own Life

It is always exciting to talk to another podcaster about their show, where They came up with the concept, and how they got started. This week the host of Pubcast Worldwide, Chris Luecke stops by Uncontained to talk and share some stories from Pubcast Worldwide, and the travels he has been on for the show. When you listen to Pubcast you will hear guests like Erin Sullivan AKA Erin Outdoors and Traveling Jackie of Instagram fame. You will also hear a healthy dose of Pop Punk music between...


Episode 092: Rocky Peter - Passion Driven

This episode of Uncontained happened completely by chance. It is not that often that that you run in to an American Idol contestant standing in line at the local grocery store, but that is exactly how I met Rocky Peter. Rocky made it to the group rounds of American Idol, spoke and performed on the Nobel Peace Prize Forum and the 2016 Rio Olympics, but he had to overcome a lot to achieve what he has so far. Born in America, he was abandoned by his father at the age of 2 in Nigeria and...


Episode 091: Danny T. Levin - Horn For Hire

This week I talk to musician Danny T. Levin. Chances are that you have heard Danny playing trumpet and not even known it, because he does a lot of studio work. He has been a horn for hire on the CD's of artists like Snoop Lion AKA Snoop Dogg doing his Reggae thing, Gwen Stefani, 21Pilots, Iggy Pop and Josh Homme, and the new release from Gwar "The Blood Of Gods" Danny also is working on a solo album and has hooked me up with a track to share with you called a Magic Kind of Thing. Danny...


Episode 090: Justin Beahm Returns - Halloween Part II

Justin Beahm is back on Uncontained for another Halloween. Justin is a writer for horror magazines, and the K.I.S.S. magazine. Yeah, the band with Gene Simmons the guy with the surgically enhanced tongue, and just wants to rock n roll all night and party every day...if you don't know who K.I.S.S. is I don't know what to tell you except check out the magazine. Justin is also a horror movie/ documentary producer. If you listen to the commentary on movies like the Halloween franchise and most...


Episode 089: Dave Mussen - Fat Ass Zombies

Dave Mussen is on Uncontained to kick of Halloween, and talk about his movie Fat Ass Zombies. Think Shaun of the Dead, Tucker and Dale VS. Evil, mixed with Team America. A horror movie that doesn't take its self too seriously blended with an aspect of satire. We also talk about his movie that primed shortly after we talked called Trafficked starring Ashley Judd, Anne Archer, Elisabeth Röhm, Sean Patrick Flanery, Madison Wolfe, and Patrick Duffy. Trafficked is about a whole different kind...


Episode 088: Innerwaves - Nick Swardson Approved

This week on Uncontained I talk to Reggae Alternative Rock band Innerwaves. They are promoting their new self-titled album they released at the end of September. During the interview you may hear some coughing in the background, I think they may have been coming down with a cold. Don't worry though, I know they got the medication that every Reggae band needs. Come to think of it, the medication could have actually started the coughing. Make sure you listen to Can’t Help Myself before we...


Episode 087: Laura Lee Botsacos - Unchained And Uncontained

This week I talk to actress/comedian Laura Lee Botsacos. You may know her from Law and Order or As The World Turns, Laura Lee has been working on a couple more projects that we talk about in this episode. She has been busy supporting her pilot for Lost and Found in film festivals including the Tribeca Film Festival. You will be able to see her in Season 2 of Living in Exile on amazon prime. At the time this was recorded Laura Lee was getting ready to head to Las Vegas to compete in the...


Episode 086: Eddie Bower - Ghetto Composer

Self-Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer, Eddie Bower stops by Uncontained to talk about some exciting projects that he is working on including co-writing the score to the new Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope. We also talk about the road he took to get to where he is now. Eddie Bower (BMI) began his music industry career in 1999 as a Traffic Manager for radio station WABB-FM in Mobile, Alabama. After 3 years; he was let go and left to ponder if his career was over before it started. While living...


Episode 085: Keldamuzik - Uncontained Diva

Model, actress, recording artist and TV personality, Keldamuzik, is on Uncontained to talk about her late-night TV show Diva Talk Tonight, and how she got into entertainment. We also talk about Keldamuzik self-producing her first short film, Love the Original Way—you can watch it on Amazon. In addition to producing, Kelda also performs a couple of songs on the soundtrack Boo Thang and the track you hear at the beginning of the episode, Wind Blow. Another project that Kelda is involved in...


Episode 084: Chloe Brown - Authentic To Your Art

Actress and singer, Chloe Brown stops by Uncontained. Chloe and I talk about Class Act a film she just finished shooting Produced by Hugo Alonzo, what it was like working on a horror movie at the age of 5. We also have a sneak peek at of new track she wrote and recorded for the sound track for the movie Boost. Here is the link to Class Act’s Indiegogo campaign that is raising money to enter film festivals https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/classacts-movie-post-production-phase#/. This is...


Episode 083: Kabir Singh - Smile At Fear

Voice Actor, Poet, and Philosopher, Kabir Singh is my guest this week on Uncontained If you recognize Kabir's Voice it may be because his voice is just about everywhere, including Advertisements for Under Armour, Samuel Adams, The Memphis Grizzlies and even T-Mobile. Kabir Singh's voice is in many places and now he is on Uncontained. Kabir shares some great advice and out looks on life and the business of voice over. We talk about his journey to get where he is today and where he plan to...


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