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Episode 27: Grey Matter Art

Greetings Entreprenerds! My guests this week are Mike and Jared, co-founders of Grey Matter Art. Founded in New York in 2013, Grey Matter Art is a limited edition, studio licensed film and entertainment poster company with many new and exciting projects on the horizon. By working with amazing artists, securing the rights from some of...

Duration: 00:36:36

Episode 26: NthCast

Greetings entreprenerds! My guest this week is Josh Wade, co-creator of The NthCast, Fear the Nth Cast, and Once UpoNth a Time podcasts. As an experienced podcast engineer and producer, Josh has done panels at Comicpalooza to offer advice to other podcasters and shares some of that advice with us. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher. In this...

Duration: 00:51:19

Episode 25: Nerdy Curiosities

Greetings Entreprenerds! My guests this week are Roni, Jaime, and Rachel from Nerdy Curiosities. After coming together through the NerdHQ community at San Diego Comic Con; Roni, Jaime, Rachel and Jen started a blog to share their nerdy interests and hobbies. The blog covers Nerdy Reports with the latest headlines in pop culture and comic...

Duration: 00:59:56

Episode 24: New York Comic Con Interviews and Recap

Greetings Entreprenerds! This is a special Post-NYCC episode where I share quick interviews with some of the exhibitors and guests of New York Comic Con. I got to meet some great people this weekend and I’m excited to share them with you! In this episode I talk to: Super Power Beat Down Follow Super Power...

Duration: 00:33:30

Episode 23: Pre-NYCC with Past Guests

Greeting Entreprenerds! This is a special pre-NYCC episode with advice from bloggers, cosplayers, panelists, exhibitors and other past guests that will be at New York Comic Con this weekend. Hear from: Rob Salkowitz – @robsalk See his panel “Measuring the Social Impact of Geek Culture” Thurs 1:45 at the River Pavillion Listen to Episode 10: Rob Salkowitz NerdFu – @cssully @thenerdfu Visit Sully at Funko...

Duration: 00:25:25

Episode 22: Convention The Film

Greeting entreprenerds! My guest this week is Dan Nastro, the writer, director, cinematographer and editor of Convention. A young woman is introduced to the colorful, bewildering and often weird world of a NY comic convention by her new boyfriend, a convention-loving fanboy on the rebound from a recent break-up. The short film was shot on...

Duration: 01:11:09

Episode 21: Make Em Laugh Films and Viera Comics

Greetings Entreprenerds! My guests this week are Jason and Peter from Make ‘Em Laugh Films and Viera Comics. I first met Jason and Peter at Boston Comic Con last month where they interviewed me for their cosplay interview video and Peter agreed to be interviewed by me for my Boston Comic Con Recap Episode. Make...

Duration: 00:42:30

Episode 20: Khepera Cosplay

Greetings Entreprenerds! My guest this week is cosplayer Khepera Von Stitches. Khepera is an award winning cosplayer at many cosplay competitions, has judged competitions and has over 25 years of costume making experience. She is best known for her award-winning Evil Lyn. This weekend Khepera will be a cosplay guest at Granite State Comic Con!...

Duration: 01:17:21

Episode 19: Matthew Phillion Author of The Indestructibles

Greetings Entreprenerds! This week I talk to the author of The Indestructibles series, Matthew Phillion. The series has been described as the “Breakfast Club meets the JLA” and was listed as the best of 2014 and 2015 by SuperheroNovels.com. A solar powered girl. A ballerina vigilante. A boy with an alien living inside his brain....

Duration: 01:18:36

Episode 18: Second Union

Greetings Entreprenerds! My guests this week are Jeff and Karma from Second Union. Second Union is a website (and soon a podcast) devoted to pop culture and entertainment news, reviews and interviews! The various sections of their website include movies, television, video games, comic books & graphic novels, music, toys & collectibles. Their YouTube channel also offers collectibles unboxing videos,...

Duration: 00:49:57

Episode 17: Movers and Shakers Unlimited

What does it take to become an innovator and icon within an industry? That’s what the new series Movers and Shakers Unlimited will seek to answer. Created by Jerome Bourgeois and Brandon Troy, the goal of the series is to provide insight for aspiring entrepreneurs and artists to discover what it takes to join a...

Duration: 00:57:51

Episode 16: Boston Comic Con Interviews and Recap

Greetings Entreprenerds! This past weekend was Boston Comic Con! Over the weekend I interviewed some amazing artists, authors, cosplayers and business owners about their experience exhibiting at the con and growing their geek brand. In this episode I share those interviews and talk about my own experience at the con! You can look for interviews...

Duration: 00:41:34

Episode 14: Friends of Comic Con

Greetings Entreprenerds! This weekend is Boston Comic Con! My guest this week will be attending the convention (as will I). It’s Alyssa Franks from Friends of Comic Con. Friends of Comic Con started as an online forum and message board for attendees of San Diego Comic Con to share wisdom with newcomers and make friends...

Duration: 01:11:51

Episode 13: Nerd Chronic

Greetings entreprenerds! My guest this week is Kam and Eric from Nerd Chronic. The Nerd Chronic Nerdcast discusses movies, TV, video games, comic books and other geek and entertainment topics. They review movies and TV shows and cover a wide range of topics such as future Marvel movie predictions, comic book superpowers and dream casts...

Duration: 00:54:35

Episode 12: Special SDCC Recap Show

Greetings entreprenerds! I hope anyone that was able to make the trip had a great time at San Diego Comic-con! In this episode I’m joined again by Rob and Lee as we do a quick recap on our favorite parts of this year’s convention. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher. We discuss: Favorite Offsites Favorite Parties Favorite Panels Magic...

Duration: 00:50:36

Episode 11: Pre-San Diego Comic-con Special w/ Tips from Past Guests

This week’s episode is a special discussion about everything going on this week at San Diego Comic-con! I’m joined by my friends Lee and Rob as we break down our top choices for panels, booths, offsites, parties and more. You’ll also be treated to clips from all 10 past Under the Capes guests where they...

Duration: 01:20:58

Episode 9: Hero Within

My guest this week is Tony Kim aka Crazy4ComicCon, Founder and CEO of Hero Within. Founded in 2010, Crazy4ComicCon is a blog, podcast and resource for first-time and veteran attendees of San Diego Comic-Con. Founded only a year ago, Hero Within is on a mission to reshape men’s pop culture fashion with integrated, empowering and...

Duration: 00:51:17

Episode 8: The Nerdy Girlie

This week’s guest is Megan from The Nerdy Girlie! TheNerdyGirlie.com is a great resource for first time comic-con attendees and for nerdy girls in general. In addition to the comic con tips she provides ideas for everyday cosplay fashion and nerd crafts. If you’re a fellow blogger you’ll get a chance to meet Megan at...

Duration: 00:33:41

Episode 7: Geeks World Wide

This week our guest is Casey Walsh, Editor in Chief of Geeks World Wide. The GWW is a blog and podcast network with over 50 contributors adding news, editorials and podcasts to the show. Included in their network is the Capes Crew Podcast, Comic Noobs Show and Press Any Key. Casey joined The GWW as...

Duration: 01:11:01

Episode 6: Mulehorn Gaming

Greetings entreprenerds! This week’s guest is Wade, also known as Mulehorn117, from Mulehorn Gaming. He started the Mulehorn Gaming Podcast in 2015 and it has since evolved into a website and team of 15 providing a complete destination for gaming news, editorials, and general geekery! Wade and his team provide an honest take on the...

Duration: 00:45:10

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