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Underground Real Sports Episode 45

On this episode of Underground Real Sports, Dame, Keazy, and Taji discuss the recent report of Doug Pederson internally interviewing candidates for the Offensive Coordinator and if the Eagles will give Deuce Staley? The team also discussed All Star Weekend for the NBA, the good the bad and the ugly. All this and much more! Follow us on Instagram: @tajiaqib @damonjg @ugkeazy @ugrsports This is a IIIrd Floor Country Production! Become a citizen


Underground Real Sports Episode 44

On this edition of Underground Real Sports Podcast, Taji, Dame, and Keazy discuss the aftermath of the Super Bowl as it has been only a week ago. Keazy brings up the Lane Johnson comments and the reactions to it. Keazy goes into a rant about the Eagles paying too much attention to other teams and not acting like Champions. The crew also talked about the upcoming off season for the Eagles and how they are over the cap and going to have to let players go in order to keep important people...


Underground Real Road Episode43

On this edition of the Underground Real Road Podcast, the crew discussed the Super Bowl 52 win by the Philadelphia Eagles over the Patriots. Damon and Taji got into a heated discussion when it came to the benching of Malcom Butler and why he was not playing. The crew also discussed how bad both defenses played and the amount of yards given up. What will the Eagles do with Foles. Only Time will tell. Please join us live on Facebook live as we record the Podcast Every Monday from 7-9pm EST...


Underground Real Sports Episode 41

On this episode of Underground Real Sports, the panel discussed the big Eagles win over the Falcons this past weekend. Keazy went on a rant about the Eagles and how they should not have been and underdog to a 6th seed at home. Taji gave Nick Foles credit for being a good back up but handing the game ball to the defense and Doug Pederson. Dame discussed the emergence of the Jaguars and the defense possibly given the Pats trouble in the AFC championship. The crew then discussed the ongoing...


Underground Real Sports Episode 40

Dame, Keazy, and Taji make their comeback after the holidays discussing the Eagles and the wildcard weekend results. Can Nick Foles and the birds beat the red hot Falcons? With the Sixers winning streak, are you confident they can make the playoffs under Brett Brown? Eagles predictions and much much more. Enjoy


Underground Real Sports Episode 39

On this episode of Underground Real Sports, The crew discussed the #Eagles loss and #Sixers problems with special guest, philly's own Jimmy Jump. Check of his instagram @54desperado. Dame and Keazy brought up the Russell Wilson topic that was spoken about on First Take on Monday. Taji brought up how he doesnt get the credit he deserve in the MVP conversation. Keazy brought up the mistakes Carson Wentz had in contributing to the loss and discussed how the #Eagles could be in trouble with a...


Underground Real Sports Episode 38

Dame and Keazy hold it down for the panel in Taji's absence on this episode of Underground Real Sports. The panel talked about the #Eagles win against the the #Bears. Keazy again stated that he does not like the #Eagles showboating so much and thinks the Electric Side was a little overboard while the game was still going on. Dame and Keazy talked about the #Sixers game against the #Cavs as the game was on while the show occurred. Caller James fromYeadon checked in about the #freejah...


Underground Real Sports Episode 37

On this episode of Underground Real Sports, Dame and Keazy hold it down in while Taji was out. The panel discussed the Eagles win over the Cowboys and if anyone can still be Eagleeee. Keazy goes off on rant about the Sixers lost to Golden State having a 24 point lead. Keazy also went off on a rant about Markell Fultz liking a picture of Steph Curry having a 20 point quarter. Dame asked the audience about whats your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving. Music by Jimmy Jump follow him on...


Underground Real Sports 36

Taji, Dame, and Keazy discuss the upcoming game between the Cowboys and Eagles. Taji goes on a rant about Eagles fans hoping other players are out to make the road to the superbowl easier. Caller Will From Horsham a cowboys fan discussed the play calling from the offense and how its affects Dak Prescott. The panel also discussed the biggest threat the Eagles might have during this seasons run and also ranked the confidence picks of the QB's currently in playoff picture. Keazy goes on a...


Underground Real Sports Episode 35

On this episode of Underground Real Sports, Keazy, Dame, and Taji dicussed the Eagles vs Broncos game and how lopsided it was. The Eagles are 8-1 heading into the bye and the crew does not want fans to be too Eagle-eee. Damon gave the three levels of being a Eagles fan right now which are regular, Eagle-eee, and Ganggreenery. Which level are you. Keazy gets mad ad all the love for the Dallas Cowboys for winning three straight compared to the Eagles 6. The Sixers have decided to rest Joel...


Underground Real Sports Episode 34

On this episode, the crew Taji, Damon, and Keazy dicussed the Eagles win against the 49ers. Taji and Keazy still have reservations about the offense line with Jason Peters missing. Damon and Keazy discussed Deshaun Watson's performance in Seattle and great it was. The Crew discussed how the african american quarterback are treated in the NFL and will there be more to come with Lamar Jackson. The crew talked about the mishandling of the shoulder injury of Markel Fultz and how the team...


Underground Real Sports Episode 33

In this edition of Underground Real Sports, The crew discussed the big Eagles win on Monday night against the Redskins. Taji and Keazy was really impressed with Carson Wentz and his control of the offensive, especially from the line of scrimmage. Damon chimed in with the new word of Eagley with all the hype around the team. Taji and Keazy discussed the state of the Sixers and the whole Markell Fultz drama. The crew also spoke about the inconsistent rotations of Brett Brown and the...


UGRS Episode 32

In this edition of Underground Real Sports Episode 32, The hosts, Taji Aqib, Damon G, Keazy and special guest host CEO of WJMS Radio Jaymie Jam talked about the Eagles big win over the Carolina Panthers, The Sixers getting ready for the Season Opener Against the Washington Wizards. The crew also talked about the emergences of males start to receive treatments for the hair including sow-in beards and fake hair. All this and much much more. Underground Real Sports air live on WJMS Radio on...